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To begin, we invite you to view our complete Trophies Guide of Detroit: Become Human . This guide will guide you step by step to one of the most complicated trophies to take: "I'll be back". To get the 'I will be back' trophy Detroit: Become Human , you have to make sure that Connor dies on every possible occasion before you see the end credits.

General guidelines

Connor has to die 10 times in a single run. You must start a new story to get the trophy. You can't just jump into one chapter to get Connor to die and then move on to the next - this won't update your progress between chapters and won't earn you the trophy. All chapters must be repeated one after the other, without skipping any intermediate chapters. Some chapters have more than one way to kill Connor. You also have to be hostile to Hank so that he shoots Connor in chapter "The Bridge". Always be disobedient to him, speak ill of androids, be cold, kill the two Thracians in the Eden Club to make him really angry. When you visit Amanda, you can check the cemetery in the back of her garden to see where you stand with the deaths.

A tip is to play Expert difficulty, because it is easier to make some characters die. Once again, we stress that it must be a new game. Go to MAIN MENU> NEW HISTORY> EXPERT DIFFICULTY.

How to get the "I'll be back" trophy - All the deaths of Connor

  • 1) The hostage: Daniel (the deviant holding the girl on the balcony) shoots Connor in the face. Alternative: Connor jumps after Emma and falls to his death.
  • 2) The interrogation: Connor must have found the deviant in the chapter: "Partner". So you have to do the interrogation. This chapter is optional but necessary for the trophy. If you have not found the deviant in the chapter "Partner", you will not do the interrogation and you will lose the trophy! During the interrogation, select Circle: PROBE THE MEMORY, then use the right stick to perform the operation. Then talk to the deviant before leaving the room: select X COLD> LEAVE THE ROOM, then Circle again. Now the deviant will grab a cop's gun and shoot Connor in the face.
  • 3) On the run (Kara level): Connor chases Kara and climbs the fence to cross the highway, gets hit by a car and dies. For this to work, Kara and Alice must still be alive when they cross the highway. Only then can Connor jump over the fence. Don't press any buttons with Connor and he'll get hit by a truck.
    -> (Optional, but Highly recommended) when Kara and Alice cross the second highway, don't press any buttons with them. They will die (but at this point we don't care anymore) and you won't have to play their chapters anymore, thus drastically reducing the time to finish this game! It only works on expert difficulty.
  • 4) The Nest: When chasing the deviant over the rooftops, Connor falls down (he makes a mistake in the button sequence after slipping off the roof over the first greenhouse).-> (Optional, but highly recommended) The Eden Club: Connor shoots the two Thracians. You lose the fight against them (don't press any buttons) and then shoot them in the back. This will greatly diminish your reputation with Hank, so you are more likely to get shot in the chapter of "The Bridge".
  • 5) The bridge: Hank shoots Connor. You must have a very low reputation with Hank (hostile) and if you shot the two Thracians in the chapter "The Eden Club" it will be very likely. If you're Hank's friend, he won't shoot you.
  • 6) Public Enemy: Connor interrogates androids in the kitchen. The android on the left is the deviant. He will rip Connor's heart out. Let time run out, that way Connor will die (death).

-> (Optional but recommended) Meet Kamski: don't shoot Chloe. So Kamski doesn't give you Jericho's location and you have to go to the evidence locker where the next death will take place.

  • 7) Last chance: Find out where Jericho is. When Gavin (FBI guy) arrives, you lose the battle against him, don't press any buttons. Then Gavin shoots Connor. Note: If you skip the evidence locker section it's because you shot Chloe in 'Meet Kamski' and took Jericho's key from Kamski or because you don't have enough evidence to find Jericho's location.
  • 8) Crossroads: Option 1 - Kara and Markus dead: Connor stays in the car. Then he chases North (the female android leader). On his way he is stopped by a cop. Choose Circle during the dialogue to fight. Lose him. The cop shoots Connor in the head. Option 2 - Kara and Markus live: If Kara and Markus are still alive in your game, ask Connor to stay a car. Later in the chapter where Connor fights Markus (in the room where Markus wants to place an explosive timer), you lose the fight against Markus. Just don't press any buttons.
  • 9) Battle for Detroit: When Connor is on the roof with his sniper rifle, Captain Allen and his SWAT team will find you. They order you to stay down. Choose the X CONTINUE dialogues > FIGHT Circle.
  • 10) Battle for Detroit: Right after the last death, you'll see a movie of North running away in a CyberLife store. She is the only survivor of his revolution. A new Connor is after her. You are faced with the final choice of the game, SHOOT or SAVE. Do neither. Let the timer run and North will kill Connor.
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