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Diamonds are the premium currency in Dead Island: Survivors the game. If you can get more Diamonds in Dead Island: Survivors , you can use them to speed up weapon upgrades, character upgrades and more. You'll need to acquire quite a few of these items if you don't want to face the long cooldown timers to perform an action that needs diamonds to be unlocked right away. In this guide we will show you different ways to get more Diamonds in Dead Island: Survivors , which will make your life in the game much easier.

Guide Dead Island: Survivors

How to get more diamonds

There are several ways in Dead Island: Survivors which you can get your hands on more diamonds. One of them is to buy them outright for real money. If you're trying not to spend your hard-earned money in the game, however, you can use other ways that are less expensive and closer to the game concept.

Open the briefcases

One of the main ways to get more Diamonds is to open briefcases that contain loot and that are given as a reward after completing objectives, battles and other events in Dead Island Survivors. These items contain not only Diamonds, but also traps and weapons for your characters. They are the main loot of the game, and although they don't have a very high probability of giving away Diamonds, there's usually a good chance of getting at least 5-10 Diamonds per case you open.

Completing Goals

In addition to opening briefcases, you can also complete various objectives, which will reward you with various items such as Diamonds. You can find these items by clicking on the small yellow icon below the "Survivors Rescue" notification on the main screen at the top left corner. Click here, then open the Targets window by clicking the Trophy icon. Here you can see the different achievements that you can complete. They range from things like:

Push 1 Zombie into a hole.

Things like:

Kill 50 Zombies using a cutting weapon.

You can complete these objectives in the desired order. Each one will track your progress and show you how many diamonds you can expect from the completion of each goal. Make sure you always work on these goals if you want to unlock more diamonds to use. Keep in mind, however, that most of these goals won't reward you with many diamonds, so you'll need to make several to get a good amount of gems to spend on upgrades.

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