Dark Souls Remastered How to Defeat Gravelord Nito Boss

There are now so many players who, thanks to Dark Souls Remastered ...are trying for the first time ever with the saga created by the mind of Hidetaka Miyazaki. If making your way through the various stages in the game won't exactly be a walk in the park, it's precisely with the various boss fights that you can touch the qualitative apex of the title. However, because the level of challenge is always quite high, some bosses could definitely give you a hard time. This series of guides was born, in fact, with the aim of suggesting the best strategies to get the best in the most challenging boss fights. This new "episode" is dedicated to the fight against Nito, the Gravelord.

Dark Souls Remastered : how to bring down Nito, the Gravelord

Let's start this guide of ours by saying that even just reaching this boss will not be an easy task. To face him you will have to go through the area of the Tomb of the Giants, from one extreme to the other. The feature of this game area is that it is immersed in total darkness and, precisely for this reason, you will need to take a lantern to shed light on your path, as well as the many enemies that you will face. As some may have understood, the monsters that we will encounter in this area are almost all skeletons, of various shapes and sizes. Given the darkness that envelops the whole area, you'll have to be very careful: if you see two small lights, know that those are the eyes of your opponents.

Once you've reached the area where Nito is located, don't go on the adventure, but wait for the boss to reach you, but don't forget to heal the damage you suffered due to the inevitable fall to enter the combat area. The explanation for this choice is soon given: the stage is teeming with giant skeletons, already quite challenging in itself, but almost lethal if faced together with Nito, precisely for this reason, avoid ending up in their field of vision. Just before the boss makes his appearance, you'll notice that some smaller skeletons are threateningly heading against you; be very careful: you won't just have to defeat them, but you'll have to use a divine weapon. Only in this way, in fact, you will avoid the resurrection of these enemies that, otherwise, would complicate our plans in the boss fight that will follow shortly.

The keys to success: light equipment and the fire element

One of the most disturbing bosses in the game from Software.

If to keep the skeletons at bay you have to aim at a divine weapon, against Nito you'd do well to prefer a weapon with the attribute fire. The boss has a weakness particularly accentuated to this element and, precisely for this reason, in this way you will inflict a lot of damage. As you'll have immediately made, Nito is not a particularly difficult boss to deal with; his attack with the blade that will emerge from the ground can be parried, and will not do any particular damage, the same goes for his attacks in close combat, all particularly slow and predictable.

If you manage not to "disturb" the giant skeletons present not far away, you will be able to get the better of them in no time. According to what has now been written, the advice we have to give you is to always stay in the entrance area, without ever going beyond the large rock face in front of you. Take out the small skeletons as quickly as possible, so that you don't have to suffer unexpected and annoying attacks.

The only Nito's technique you'll have to pay attention to is his area attack. You'll realize that he's about to launch it the moment the boss flexes his torso forward; at that precise moment, you'll have to try to get as far away as possible or, at most, raise the shield to parry. In the event that you are unable to defend yourself, this attack will inflict a lot of damage to your health, or to your stamina, if you were able to parry the blow. Another thing you should be careful not to activate any light sources: if you have the Light Wizardry active, or the Sun Larva or the Skull Lantern in operation, in fact, Nito will begin to target you with an attack that will knock a blade out of the ground. This attack will kill you, not so much for the damage inflicted, but for its toxicity.

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