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There are many players who, thanks to Dark Souls Remastered They had their first approach to this saga. If the gameplay of this first chapter of Dark Souls is known to be as challenging as it is satisfying, a special mention should be made of the bosses in it; each of them will give you a hard time, testing your reflexes, your strategic skills and, above all, your patience. For this very reason, it is possible that many newbies may find themselves in difficulty with some of the more challenging bosses. One of these is undoubtedly Ceaseless Discharge, the huge monster that you will face at the Ruins of the Demon. In this guide, we'll tell you how to take this boss down without too much trouble and move on to the next stage.

Dark Souls Remastered How to take down Ceaseless Discharge

Download Infinita is the first boss you'll encounter in the Ruins of the Demon, in Queelag's domain, and defeating it will be indispensable for at least two good reasons. First, once you defeat this fire demon, the lava pool below will solidify, effectively unlocking a new area of the game, though, it must be said, it will be full of deadly monsters. In addition, in the new area now described, you'll find the Chaos Flame Fiend, essential to upgrade your arsenal. We advise you, just according to what was written before, to search for this fire only when you are at an appropriate level, given the large presence of Bull Demons, which in this area will be common enemies.

Despite his impressive figure, once you understand the right strategy, Ceaseless Discharge will not be an impossible enemy to defeat. Once you pass the wall of fog, you will not fail to notice this towering boss who, however, seems not to pay too much attention to your presence. As soon as you have stolen the Black Armor edged with gold not far from the monster, or just after you have launched the first attack, the fight will begin. Download Infinita has several attacks, both ranged and hand-to-hand, most of which you can learn. For this very reason, we recommend that you prepare for battle by wearing light armor, which allows you to move nimbly and avoid the deadly but slow attacks of the boss.

There are different strategies to defeat Infinite Download, more or less risky. Let's start with the "standard mode", which will be a bit longer but definitely less dangerous than the other two.

Strategy #1: Hide behind the rocks

Almost all of this boss's attacks will be lethal, so be careful to avoid them.

As you may have easily noticed, near the boss there is a kind of small mountain, with an "L" shaped corridor inside it. If you decide to face Ceaseless Discharge following this first strategy, all you have to do is run and get into this corridor and wait for the boss to follow you. Given its enormous size, Ceaseless Discharge will not be able to follow you inside this tunnel, but be careful: as soon as it sees you, it will start attacking you with its tentacles. As soon as you see the boss flex your torso backwards, run and move sideways, so you won't get hit by the tentacle. Once you have dodged the attack, grab a two-handed weapon and start hitting the boss' limb.

However, we advise you not to get caught up in the frenzy: fire two or, at most, three shots, otherwise the boss will hit you in full with a new attack, which will take almost your whole life. Precisely for this reason, dose your attacks well and, after a few minutes, you will have taken out the demon.

Strategy #2: Melee combat

Try to be as fast and agile as possible.

As you will easily understand, this is the most risky approach, which will involve light equipment and quick reflexes. After starting the fight, position yourself in front of the boss (in this case, we recommend attacking him with an arrow, and not stealing the armor) a short distance away from him, so that he only uses his melee attacks. Always be careful when playing dirty," but it's definitely the fastest way to get rid of the boss. As soon as you start the fight, start running and head for the entrance to the area, where you'll find the wall of fog blocking your way. Be careful, of course, to dodge all attacks from the boss. As soon as you reach the area in question, wait for Ceaseless Discharge to reach you and attack you; you'll notice that the boss's limb will get caught between the two columns in front of you. At this point, all you have to do is to attack the ramification in question, causing the demon to fall into the void and bring home victory.

In case the boss's fist doesn't get stuck, you'll have to repeat the procedure, running back to where you encountered the Infinite Download and returning to the entrance of the area.

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