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Control is an action-adventure in which it is of paramount importance to unlock the psychic abilities of Jesse Faden, the protagonist of the title Remedy. Without these powers, Jesse can only shoot, dodge slowly and hit enemies with hand-to-hand attacks.

Many may think that to unlock the abilities you Control just need to move forward in the story. That's not entirely true, in fact, apart from two exceptions represented by Levitation and Launch, all the other skills are unlocked by completing secondary missions.

More than one person, therefore, may not be able to unlock Jesse's abilities believing they can advance simply by doing the main quest missions. In this guide we see how to unlock the five abilities of the protagonist of Control .

Control | How to Unlock Jesse's Powers

Powers unlock by interacting with power objects that give Jesse supernatural abilities. These are found in main missions or side quests. Either way, you can not lose them. Let's see which missions allow you to unlock all five abilities of Control .

Control | How to unlock Launch

Throwing is the power that allows Jesse to take objects with the power of thought and throw them at enemies. This ability is unlocked by advancing in the main quest, to be precise you must undertake the mission "Unknown Interlocutor". This is the second main quest and comes after "Welcome to the Oldest House". Npn you have to do more than looking for the Red Phone, you will come across a floppy disk that represents an object of power. Absorb its energy.

Control | How to Unlock Evasion

With this ability Jesse moves at supersonic speed and can dodge more easily. Evasion is unlocked by completing a secondary mission, "Roundabout". It will appear in the mission menu during the main quest, activate it and lead you to a carousel horse. It is the power object you need to unlock Evasion.

Control | How to Unlock Kidnapping

The Kidnap skill is used to psychically possess enemies with little life. Again, this is a secondary mission, "A Blocked Audience". Once the mission is activated, you must go to the hypnosis lab. Here, behind a door closed by a device that you can operate by solving a simple puzzle, there is an X-ray Illuminator. Absorb its energy to unlock Seizure.

Control | How to Unlock Shield

With Excuse, Jesse raises a barrier of rocks and debris to defend himself. He unlocks with the secondary mission "A Good Defense". Once activated, you must proceed to the training camp obstacle course. You must complete the course in 45 seconds, but you can try again as many times as you like. Once done, you will unlock the last room where you will find a safe shrouded in a red aura. Release it by throwing objects at the supernatural barrier and absorb its energy.

Control | How to Unlock Levitation

The last power, which allows you to levitate to gain an advantage in battle, is unlocked in the main mission number 6, "My Brother's Keeper". Proceed, find the location of the Panopticon and you will face a boss, Salvador. Defeat him and from him you will get the power object from which to "extract" the Levitation ability.

For each power, you'll have to overcome the challenge of the astral plane - which starts automatically once you find the power object - before you can use it in the game. Nothing complex. Follow the instructions and you will not have any problems.

With the Levitation power, moreover, you can reach areas otherwise unreachable. Some of these areas are secret and allow you to get points to spend on strengthening Jesse and his powers. If you want to find out the location of the secret areas of Control , please consult our guide on this.

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