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In the world of Control you can visit 20 secret locations. Each location gives you one skill point, used to purchase upgrades. Skill Points are awarded when you complete the Main Story or Secondary Missions. However, the amount provided by these is not enough. To get all skill upgrades and the Gold Master Parautilitarian Trophy, you must also visit most of the 20 Hidden Locations available in the game.

The guide below lists where to find all these hidden locations. It should be noted that for most of them you need to unlock the Levitation ability. Also, some of these locations can only be visited after playing some main quest or secondary missions and you can't access them in advance.

Control | Hidden Locations

The guide is divided into sectors that make up the map of the structure of Oldest House, the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Contol.

Executive Sector

Executive Affairs
On top of the great stone pillar. Since it's a bit tricky to reach the top, a good idea is to use the shockwave ability after activating Levitation to further increase the height.

Communications Department
To access this hidden position, Levitation is required. Go to the Communications Department in the executive sector, then use the images below to know exactly where to go. Enter the room in the second image and Levitate to one of the cells here.

Communications Department

To access this hidden location, you must play the secondary mission called "Old Growing Up" that was assigned to you by Dr Underhill. Before you start that mission, he's gonna give you some pills that immunize Jesse from the effects of mold. If you enter without the pills, you will die slowly.


Access corridor
Go to central management and use the elevator in that sector to reach the level of the access corridor of the maintenance sector. From here levitate on one of the objects in the room to comfortably reach an opening above. Then levitate again to access another opening above you. Then levitate one last time towards the light.

Relaxation room (near the caretaker's office)
In the same room where you fell through the floor and unlocked the Evasion ability, there is a hole in the ceiling that teleports you to an area of the Astral plane. Levitation is required to access it. Once you have Levitated, enter the hole and simply pass from pillar to pillar, then Levitate through the light at the end of the area. To get to the various pillars more easily, you should use a combination of Levitation + Evasion.

Pump station (near the caretaker's office)
Travel quickly to the point in "Ventilation" and head to the janitor's Control office. Enter the office and open the door on the left. Continue until you reach the sewers. There is a dead end that overlooks some bridges in the astral plane. From the dead end, levitate to the right to find an alcove in the wall.

NSC power plant
Levitate to the large tower of the NSC power plant. You must reach the top.

Black rock quarry
In the entrance area of the black rock quarry there is a hole between some rocks that leads to an area infested with mold. Levitate through the hole or launch a forklift to blow the wall. Inaccessible without first receiving pills from Dr. Underhill.

Black rock furnace
At the entrance to the black rock quarry there's a door in an alcove above which you can enter. Use Levitazionw to get on the platforms and then follow the sewers until you find a door that leads back to the Furnace Chamber. Once you reach the area where the door is located, you will unlock the Skill Point.

Search Sector

Research Centre
In Central Research, there's a small window that you can only access with Levitation. To shatter glass, you can use the shatter mod for the service weapon or the Evasion skill.

Research Centre
In Central Research above the area with the glass cases, there is a balcony. Levita, enter the office, then open the door. You open a second door, easily spotted because it's surrounded by a bit of mould. Simply enter the room and then climb the stairs to unlock this hidden position. Avoid interacting with the radio if you don't want to be surrounded by enemies. It should be noted that this room is inaccessible until you get the pills that immunize you to the mold effect.

Research Centre
At the top of the Research Center there is a balcony with a door leading to a recording studio.

Luck and probability
In Fortune and Probability there is an office with many objects with which you can interact. There is a puzzle that must be solved and that gives you 3 skill points and the golden dress. Enter the room with the roulette table. Next to it there is a blackboard that tells you which items need to be activated. The goal of the puzzle is to make the TV next to the roulette table show the same number as the roulette table, 7.

  • Turn on all desk lights
  • In the other room there's a small plant. Take it and plant it in the white vase next to the TV.
  • Activate Newton's pendulums
  • Activate the lucky cat
  • Ignore the horseshoe
  • Ignore the fish
  • Interact with roulette

Active Threshold
There's a mold infested area in the Research Center. Nearby there is a large hole in the ground which you can only access after unlocking Levitation. While playing side missions for Dr. Underhill you will reach a very large area. To his right is the entrance to a bathroom. Look up to find a hole in the ceiling. Levitate and join him.

Active Threshold
Travel quickly to the point of lo called Control the "Active Threshold" and levitate to the highest alcove in this area.


Travel quickly to the point of Control the so-called "Logistics". Stand in front of the map of the United States and look above. Levitate towards this hole in the ceiling.

Fire exit
There's a large corridor in Containment that leads to the Panopticon. Levitated towards the room found on one of its sides.

Upper Panopticon
It's in the same area where you purified the Control lo point in the area. From the point where you last purified it, use a combination of Levitation + Evasion to advance further into the light.

Upper Panopticon
Levitated to the fifth floor. In front of the swan, stop at the forklift truck and look to your left. There's a small alcove in the wall that you can access with some rubble inside. The alcove is next to a large window with two fives next to it.

South transit corridor
A room above the wall, south of the Control lo point, you can enter using Levitation + Evasion.

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