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In Conan Exiles , steel is the strongest metal alloy available for the construction of weapons. The processing of steel requires iron and "Steelfire", a special additive based on tar and sulphur. Akbitana blacksmiths in Shem are the best in the world and an Akbitanan steel weapon is considered indestructible. Because of their high demand, it is rare to find an Akbitanan weapon outside of Shem.

If you've wandered around the world Conan Exiles , you've probably already discovered that it's a pretty dangerous place. Therefore, we recommend that you upgrade your weapons and the rest of your equipment whenever you can with better materials. Steel is one such material, but you may find it hard to get your hands on it.

To get the steel, you have to acquire a couple of other items first. Sulfur and tar are the first things you need to crack steel, so make sure you have a good supply ready.

How to get the tar

For more. Tar, as said, is used to produce Steelfire - one of the key ingredients to make steel in Conan Exiles .

How to get the sulfur

As for sulfur, however, things are a little more complex. To get it, you have to look for a steel rock. Take the newly created steelfire following the process described above into a cauldron and put it in with iron rods. You need 1 piece of steelfire and 5 iron bars to create 1 steel bar. So, to get a lot of steel you will need the quantity multiplied by five of iron coffins and a good supply of sulfur and tar to create the secret additive.

It won't be a quick process, but it will be worth it. With steel you can prepare very powerful weapons and armor, so much so that your character will be equipped with practically impenetrable armor. With this material at your disposal, you'll be able to face the dangers of exiled lands without fear.

Halt! You thought that was it? But no, because Conan Exiles there is another type of steel that is even more effective: hardened steel. How is this material created? We'll explain it to you briefly.

How to create hardened steel

To create the hardened steel you'll need black ice, one of the most special ingredients you'll find in the game world. To get it there are two ways: the first one involves the construction of an altar of Ymir, here you can transform 100 units of normal ice into 1 piece of black ice.

The second method involves finding and killing the Giant Rocknoses of enemies that are commonly called living mountains. Once killed, being made of rock, you can "dig" into them with a pickaxe and get black ice from their body.

Once you get the black ice, you'll need to take it into a cauldron and melt it together with steel bars and coal. Once the process is complete, you'll have this updated version of the steel.

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