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There's nothing more irritating than being banned from a game after tens or hundreds of hours spent and millions of experience points accumulated. That's why the Clash of Clans ban has always been one of the most feared by the net. But how do you avoid it?

Too easy to say "just don't cheat." Yes it's true, but it has to be said that there are some tricks for Clash of Clans or other tools that make your life easier and that many users don't know whether to use because they fear the ban. So how to distinguish between licit and illicit activities? Basically the first aspect to consider is that practically all software external to Supercell are seen as an attempt of hacking or some other illegal activity (just think of the bots that do our job while we sleep at night). So, first of all, you should avoid using any tool that hasn't already been approved by Supercell, including apparently innocent ones like mod.

Another aspect to avoid like the plague is buying and selling accounts. If Supercell finds out that for example you have bought the profile of another user for any of the thousand reasons that may lead us to make this choice, you risk the ban. Also, we add, it is a practice to avoid regardless (unless you know the seller in person), as it could be a scammer who takes your money and disappears. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is absolutely forbidden to sell gems or other items in the game. Partly for the reasons given above, partly because Supercell rightly wants to be the only body authorized to sell gems, if he finds out that someone has sold you gems, or bought them from you, you both risk the ban. If you pay attention to these three aspects, you will probably never be banned from Clash of Clans.

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