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The video game in question will provide us with as many as 50 trophies that, as usual, will ask us to explore every ravine of the game, to replay the various chapters observing the consequences of all dialogue options, to find all the collectible objects and, above all, to get all the possible endings.

In this guide, we'll tell you what choices you'll have to make to unlock all the endings in the game, as well as everything you'll have to do to complete the title 100%.

Before proceeding any further, you need to make a necessary premise: THE FOLLOWING GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILER ON THE TRAMA OF GAME! Continue further in the reading "at your own risk".

  • Investigator Edward Pierce - In this case, you will need to bring a skill to the Expert level;
  • More sober than Zadok Allen - To get this trophy, you will never have to click the "Drink" option, not even once;
  • Bizarre Secrets - You'll have to find occult objects;
  • Handyman - Inspect 50 objects. All you have to do, in this case, is simply collect and analyze the objects in question;
  • Former Oblivion - Fail a skill test. The best way to get the trophy in question is to go to the whale's corpse, which you will come across once you get to Blackwater Island, analyze it and fail the skill test;
  • John Raymond Legrasse - Find 20 hidden objects. Fortunately, these objects will be marked with a marker, which you will find in the lower left corner of the screen every time you enter an area with hidden objects. Once you have collected all the objects in the area, the symbol will turn into a tick;
  • At the edge of reality - Accept to read a sacrilegious book. You can find one at Sander's Manor, near a cat, or you can find another one at Drake's shop, in a wooden box, and another one in Dr. Fuller's office;
  • The delusional investigator - Become prey to a hallucination. First, you must apologize to Mitchell in the Tavern; then, talk to the sailors and ask for help, buy them a whisky and then head to Warehouse No. 36;
  • No ban on Darkwater - Deliver it to the sailors. Once you have entered Warehouse No. 36, go back to the tavern, turn left and enter the place with the trap door. Once inside, you must solve a riddle and proceed inside the area. In this way you will get the trophy;
  • Sandman - Make a deal with a mad inmate. When you get to the hospital, you'll find a patient who will ask you to get him some pills. You agree to help him, solve his quest, and you get the trophy;
  • Common Guilt - Push Irene Sanders to the limit. You will meet this character in the Sander Manor; to get the trophy, you will have to blame her for her husband's condition, and then listen to the man's recordings;
  • The Hippocratic Oath - Heal all patients. To obtain the trophy in question, you simply have to interact with all the patients in the hospital;
  • The White Ship - Learn the secrets of the Scylla. While you're in the doctor's shoes, enter Dr. Fuller's office and put the ship's sails in the right direction;
  • The Good Samaritan - Save Mitchell. After you have escaped from prison, go to the warehouse, where you will find a medkit. Take it and give it to Mitchell, whom you will meet near the pier;
  • Rats in the walls - Force the suspect to speak out loud. When you play using the cat, hit one of the men;
  • The Abomination of Darkwater - Kill 5 possessed inhabitants. After escaping from prison, you will simply kill 5 NPCs;

All collectible objects in Call of Cthulhu

All the collectible items in the game.

Below, we list all the trophies related to the collectibles in the game, as well as the ways you can get them.

  • Complete Revelation - Read all the books containing sacrilegious knowledge. There are three sacrilegious books, and you can find them in the following places:
    • at Sander's Manor, next to a cat;
    • at Drake's shop, in a wooden box;
    • in Dr. Fuller's office, on the table with a lamp on it;
  • Historian and Investigator - Reconstruct the memories of Margaret Wyckwood. Below, we will list all the places where you can find the memories of the character in question:
    • On the ground when you enter the secret cave with the cultists;
    • in Sander Manor, in the room with a cat;
    • In Algernon Drake's shop, on the left side, after you enter the room;
    • In Dr. Fuller's office, inside a drawer;
    • In the whalers base, inside the lower drawer;
  • The Shadow of Time - Discover all the cave paintings of the vanished tribe. Below, we will list the places where you can find all of them:
    • After your first hallucination, you will find it on one of the walls;
    • On the walls of the secret cave with the cultists. In this particular cave, you will find a total of five paintings, all present on the walls;
    • at the end of the game, on a rock wall;
  • The most irrelevant object - Find all the small blue bottles. Below, we list the places where you can find them all:
    • In Pierce's office, on top of the books on a table;
      in Warehouse No. 36;
    • In Hawkin's Manor, on a table in Simon's room;
    • In the hospital, in a room near the kitchen;
    • In Sanders Manor, on a table in a room with a cat;
    • In Algernon Drake's room, in a drawer;
    • Dr. Fuller's office, in a drawer;
  • Journey through history - Open the sailor's chest in the whaler's base. You will find this chest in a corner of one of the rooms of the whalers' base, open it and analyze its contents;
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