Guide Brawl Stars What are the Best Brawlers Tier List

The app gives you different characters, or Brawlers, each with their own characteristics and unique abilities. Precisely for this reason, it's good to know which wrestlers to spend our time on. The guide you're reading is designed to show you the best Brawlers depending on the game mode and your style.

What are the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars ?

Let's start by saying that in Brawl Stars , as in any other similar game, there is no "better character" or "worse character", but you can identify one or more Brawlers suitable for your style of play and/or your needs. As you'll immediately see, you'll find yourself facing different game modes, which will require different skills and features.

Precisely for this reason, you will find yourself using more or less all the Brawlers in your catalog, whether to hit your enemies from a distance or to face them face to face.

It goes without saying that, based on what we have written, certain modes will favour certain Brawlers over others. That's the reason why, in the following paragraphs, we'll try to list which are the best Brawlers for each game mode, indicating their strengths and weaknesses.

We remind our readers that this guide is constantly updated. Precisely for this reason, we invite you to visit us again, so that you don't miss even one of our updates.

As soon as you have the 10 gems, a countdown will start, in which you must avoid being killed, otherwise you will lose all the precious stones you have accumulated.

In this regard, use the game map at your disposal to strategically fold and/or hide, also in order to recover valuable life points.

Below, we'll list the Brawlers that are best suited to this game mode.


Pros: This Brawler gives his best against groups of enemies. His energy ball, in fact, will inflict damage not only to the target hit, but also to nearby ones. Its special technique also allows it to build a turret, capable of inflicting moderate damage, especially if well positioned.

Cons: its few life points don't make it suitable for frontline combat. Precisely for this reason, you'll have to take a more cautious approach, perhaps hiding in the tall grass.


Pros: this Brawler is the most classic example of a supporting character, but it can also keep enemies at bay. The "cone" range of his attack will allow you to keep enemies at a distance, and his special ability will cure him and your allies alike. What more could you ask for?

Cons: Like any supporting character, close combat is not for him. Keep him out of the fray, avoiding an end as premature as it is harmful.


Pros: among the various Brawlers you'll find yourself using, Pam is probably the best in this mode of Brawl Stars . This character is so capable of inflicting a fair amount of damage that he can cure his allies thanks to his ultimate.

Cons: Once again, don't count on this character for frontline combat. Pam's damage will be virtually random, and you'll only tickle tanks of the calibre of El Primo, Bull, etc.


Pros: If put in the right conditions, a few Brawlers will get the better of Frank. This character, in fact, can count on many life points and an attack capable of inflicting an excellent amount of damage. What's more, his special ability will not only damage affected enemies, but will stun them for a few seconds, allowing your teammates to eliminate them easily.

Cons: despite the considerable damage inflicted, Frank's attacks have the disadvantage of being rather slow. Also, the character in question will be quite sensitive to damage from shotguns. For this very reason, only throw him into the fray after careful consideration.

What are the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars the Robbery mode?

In this game mode Brawl Stars , your aim will be to reach the enemy safe and, of course, destroy it. However, the goal will have to be completed avoiding that your opponents destroy your vault.

The safe will always be covered by walls and/or obstacles, which you'll have to circumvent and/or destroy with the characters you choose. Below, we list the best ones for the game mode in question.


Pros: don't be fooled by his funny and funny look: Bombardino is the ace up the sleeve of several winning teams, as long as you know how to use him. His shots can get over obstacles, creating a toxic cloud for anyone inside; moreover, his final technique will create a real damage area, ideal for destroying the enemy safe, as well as keeping enemies at a safe distance.

Cons: if life points are not his forte, Bombardino requires some practice. His blows will have to be directed so as to anticipate the opponent's movements; for this very reason, therefore, it will be necessary to hide and hit at the right moment.

El Primo

Pros: big, bad, ignorant, brutal... but he's also got flaws. El Primo is the quintessence of the tank, capable of taking a lot of damage and launching deadly attacks. In the case of the game mode in analysis, the Brawler in question will come in handy not only to wipe out enemies, but also to destroy the walls that protect the safe with its ultimate.

Cons: This character's main flaw is his short-range attacks. In order to get his hits right, El Primo will have to be practically in contact with his opponents, and this could complicate your plans quite a bit, especially in the case of Brawlers who can keep you at a distance.


Pros:Shelly is practically the first Brawler with which we'll start to sprint through the game mechanics, but it shouldn't be underestimated for this reason. He doesn't have Bull's life points, but his shotgun can cause quite a bit of damage, and his special technique is capable of repelling enemies, as well as knocking down all kinds of obstacles, ideal for the game mode in question.

Cons: his not high health will make you difficult clashes against the Brawlers with many life points, including Bull, El Primo, Frank, etc..


Pros: Once again, we are faced with a Brawler that will require some learning. Brock's rocket launcher could take chestnuts out of your fire, if used correctly, inflicting a lot of damage with long range hits. His special skill also hits an entire area, knocking down enemies and obstacles indiscriminately.

Cons: Brock's rocket launcher doesn't lend itself to quick attacks; precisely for this reason, you'll have to learn to "read" and anticipate your opponent's movements in order to get the most hits. Don't hesitate to hide, as Brock's life points will make him a target for most Brawler opponents.

What are the best Brawlers of Brawl Stars in Survival mode

If Battle Royale are literally dominating the market, Brawl Stars it couldn't not have a similar mode. Well, in Survival you'll literally have to be the last survivor among the Brawlers in the game, a task not at all simple.

This mode can be faced alone or in the company of a friend, so you have your back covered. An essential element of the Survival mode is to collect the contents of the crates, which will increase your life points more and more.

These power ups will also be achievable by defeating your opponents. Precisely for this reason, choose wisely the moment you launch into the fray, but don't forget that hiding forever is not a valid strategy at all.

Below, we'll tell you which Brawlers you prefer in Survival mode.

El Primo / Bull

Pros: the reason for this choice is that, whether you want to or not, you'll need a tank to defeat your opponents, and these two are the best choices, both to launch into the heart of the action and to retreat at the speed of light.

Cons: like any tank, they will need the right support to make the most of their possibilities.

Pocho / Pam

Pros: if in solitary it is preferable who knows how to beat as if there was no tomorrow, in the team is welcome who knows how to support and, why not, cure at the right time. In this respect, Pocho or Pam are the best possible choices.

Cons: If you're playing alone, choosing a healer like Brawler means losing before you even start. In addition, even in pairs, you'll have to choose carefully when to go into action, to avoid dying and increase the life points of the opposing teams.


Pros: Hitting enemies by always keeping your distance, that's the goal with which Colt was born. It is one of the most immediate Brawlers to use, whose machine guns can damage enemies as much as they can open the way, destroying every obstacle.

Cons: even in this case, you'll have to learn to anticipate your opponent's moves, especially if you intend to hit from a long distance. Even the ultimate, to be fully effective, will require some practice, moving and shooting at the same time. Colt's life points are not many, so avoid the front line.


Pros: this Brawler manages to guarantee a frontline approach, to which is added a "strategic" element due to its unique skill. Nita is in fact able to evoke a bear, succeeding in guaranteeing a numerical superiority that, if skillfully used, will often remove chestnuts from the fire.

Cons: the short-range attack could be a limit, only partially filled by hiding.

What are the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars Wanted mode?

Here we come to one of the toughest game modes in Brawl Stars . In "Wanted" you will have the not simple goal of defeating as many enemies as possible while trying to survive. For each opponent killed, you will accumulate a star on your character; the more you have, the more "dangerous" and "attractive" for other Brawlers.

The ultimate goal is to accumulate more stars within a time limit. According to what has now been written, there will be a time to attack and another time to fall back, in order to avoid overthrow of the front at the last moment.

Below is a list of the Brawlers recommended for this game mode.


Pros: Among the characters capable of inflicting long-range damage, Bo deserves special mention. Often underestimated because of his bow, this Brawler can inflict heavy damage, always keeping his distance. His special ability also allows him to throw mines ready to explode as your opponents pass by - ideal for the most unexpected traps.

Cons: Like every character in this category, his low health will make him virtually helpless in close combat.


Pros: This Brawler is very similar to Brock, with one big difference: the damage inflicted by this character will depend on the distance covered by the exploded bullets. Further away means more damage, and her fragility is compensated for by an ultimate that allows her to quickly escape from the battlefield.

Cons: Piper's bullets are pretty slow and easy to dodge. Precisely for this reason, you'll have to perform well before you get your first victories with this character.


Pros: if you have a weakness for "complex" characters, if for you walls are not just an obstacle, if for you, in short, originality comes first, Stecca is the Brawler for you. Very similar to Colt as the weapon of choice, our cute robot has a greater range, and compensates for the lesser damage inflicted with the ability to bounce its bullets off the walls. There won't be an enemy that can't be hit.

Cons: as you may have easily understood, calculating the bounce of the bullets is no small feat, not to mention that the poor health available makes Stecca unsuitable for close combat and, above all, in the most open maps.


Pros: If you see this Brawler as some kind of "mysterious object", know that it could solve your problems in this game mode. Its shots are capable of hitting more enemies, and its special ability allows it to summon a cannon, with which you'll be able to target any type of enemy, overcoming walls and obstacles of all kinds.

Cons: the damage inflicted by your attacks is not high, and your low health stats force you to adopt a shrewd and cautious strategy.

What are the best Brawlers of Brawl Stars in Footbrawl mode

If you love soccer, this game mode will fully satisfy your "soccer soul". As in normal games, your goal will be to score a goal by getting the ball into your opponent's goal.

However, there will be many obstacles to complicate your life. First of all, if your Brawler is in possession of the ball, you will not be able to attack any enemy; there will be walls between you and the goal; you will have to act as a real team, passing the ball to the freest player, being the "goalkeeper" when necessary and, above all, never forgetting to defeat the opponent Brawlers.

To win the fight, all you have to do is score two goals. In case of a draw, overtime will begin, in which all obstacles will be removed and the first goal will determine the end of the match.

Below is a list of recommended Brawlers for this game mode.


Pros: This Brawler's mobility will come in handy again. Use its special ability (the only one that loads itself automatically) to move around quickly and, why not, to hit the ball carrier and steal the ball. Despite his clumsy appearance, Barryl could be your champion.

Cons: Barryl wasn't born as Tank, and for that very reason, his health bar is far from consistent. Based on what's being said now, the Brawler in question is not the classic "breakthrough centre forward", and he'll do well to stay away from any melee.

Bull / El Primo

Pros: If it's a ram you need, these two Brawlers are definitely for you. Lots of waist points, high attack values, and ultimate hit points that can reach almost any point on the playing area. Do you really need other reasons?

Cons: like any self-respecting Tank, both Bull and El Primo do not shine in speed, but the main flaw is that their attacks are always short range. In addition, their special abilities have the ability to destroy obstacles, so avoid using them near your door so that it never goes unguarded.


Pros: Directly from the world of darkness, the "nosferatu" Mortis can also be damn useful on the game rectangle. Its attacks can be useful both to hit enemies and to get away quickly. Are you short of life? Use his secret technique to steal valuable Hit Points from your opponents!

Cons: Again, always remember that this Brawler's health points are not many. Choose wisely the moment to attack and for that to retreat into defense.


Pros: light as a butterfly but able to sting like few, Tara is this and much more. This Brawler prefers speed and long-range attacks as strong points, succeeding in hitting even more enemies at the same time with both his tarot and his ultimate.

Cons: as with Mortis, you'll have to choose carefully when to attack and when to hide. The few hp at your disposal will make you a not very resistant enemy, so calculate your every move well.

What are the best Brawlers of Brawl Stars in Siege mode

The new game mode of Brawl Stars , introduced with a recent update, is certainly one of the most exciting, which will reward you with many trophies in case of victory, and removing as many in case of defeat. There is only one key to winning the Siege: collect as many gears as you can in the shortest possible time!

On the battlefield, in fact, will appear real cogwheels, which we must collect and "hold" for a few seconds, so as to send it to our fortress. Once the timer has expired, those who have collected the most gears will be able to count on a giant robot, which will start marching in the direction of the opposing base.

The winner will be whoever manages to destroy the opponent's fortress first, or who, at the end of the game time, will have the most "healthy" base.

Below, we list the Brawlers recommended for this game mode.


Pros: If you are wondering why this atypical brawler is on this list, there is only one reason: speed. Mortis' attacks can also be used as a way to move quickly from one end of the playing field to the other, thus reaching the gears before your opponents, and finding shelter from enemy attacks just as easily.

Cons: As experienced players will know, this brawler doesn't shine with stamina, and its attacks will be practically useless against the giant robot opponent. For this very reason, bet everything on speed, quoting a famous song: Be Quick or Be Dead!


Pros: This new wrestler is definitely one of the most suitable to face this new challenge of . Do not be fooled by his peaceful and playful appearance: Eugenio will be able to get in your way even in the most desperate situations. Use his wide-ranging attacks to keep enemies away from the gears and, above all, load your special technique as quickly as possible.

As soon as you have your Ultimate ready, use it to catch enemy Brawlers in possession of a gear so that they can be coupled and stolen, or, use it to grab your opponent's robot and drive it away from your fortress. The latter action will expose him to base fire, damaging him and avoiding other damage.

Cons: Unless you are very close to your enemies, forget about inflicting large amounts of damage. Absolutely avoid hand-to-hand combat, a phase in which Eugenio is definitely lacking.


Pros: A nice smiling cactus could be the salvation of your base. Like Eugenio, Spike can count on ranged attacks that will keep your opponents away from the cogs, but the real advantage of this brawler is his special ability.

Summon the field of thorns to block the enemies in possession of the cogwheels to knock them down and take them over but, above all, use it to slow down and damage the rival robot when it is in range. If you also have Bombardino as a team, you can destroy the enemy giant in no time!

Cons: as well as Eugenio, Spike has very few HP, so he can never be at the center of the action, but only try to offer support to other characters more "robust" than him.


Pros: Even the newcomer to the roster Brawl Stars will have a say in Siege mode. Her consistent health points and excellent attack value (even at level 1) will make her a tank with few equals, not to mention that, with the special ability activated, she can be the ideal ram with which to rake gears and steal them from opponents.

The ultimate, moreover, can be the best shield against the enemy robot, in order to block it and inflict damage on it without too much pity.

Cons: This brawler is practically exposed to long-range attacks, so avoid confrontation with fighters with this type of blows. For the rest, Rosa is perhaps the only fighter who doesn't have any flaws, being the versatility made brawler.

What are the best Brawlers of Brawl Stars in Big Shot mode

The Big Shot game mode will appear cyclically as a special event, as will the Boss Fight and the others at the bottom of the list. Again, you can bet one or more tickets on the match you are about to face and decide whether or not to multiply your potential winnings.

However, Big Shot has one crazy variable as big as it is fun: the boss to eliminate... it could be you! That's right, your Brawler could be both part of the team and the "big guy" who has to be defeated. If you can beat the boss in less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you'll win the fight; if, on the other hand, you can hold out for more than that amount of time, the boss wins.

Below, we list all the characters best suited to this two-faced game mode.


Pros: Incredible but true, the newcomer Brawl Stars represents, perhaps more than all the others, the ideal fighter for this game mode, both on one side and the other. As a team member, her attacks and special technique can be a deadly weapon against the boss, and if she's the "big shot", she'll be a tough opponent to beat.

Cons: The only weak point of this Brawler is its ability to go hand-to-hand. Big Shot mode bosses will always have great attack values, being able to defeat opponents in a few shots. Try to attack by surprise, so that you can load the finish as quickly as possible.


Pros: Despite appearances, Jessie is one of the best fighters for this game mode, in both its "versions". The real trump card of this Brawler is its special technique, the evocation of the turret. This weapon can prove to be a winner both when you're a member of the team, constituting another target that the boss will have to deal with, but above all in the role of the "big shot", which can count on an additional source of damage, obviously increased.

Cons: as all players will Brawl Stars surely know, Jessie doesn't shine either for life points or damage inflicted. Jessie's advantage is purely strategic. You'll always have to deal with the enemy(s) at arm's length, knowing that hand-to-hand combat will hardly ever be a convenient option.


Pros: The first Brawler that the game will make available to us might come in handy in this game mode. Its attack value and its wide range could put the boss, or the opposing team, at a disadvantage. In addition, the special technique will allow you to remove obstacles, preventing the "Big Guy" to find shelter or, if you are the boss, hitting more opponents at a time, inflicting a monstrous amount of damage.

Cons: To really do a lot of damage with Shelly, her shotgun will have to be within close range of the target. The Brawler's hit points will allow you to jump into close combat, but always be careful not to overdo it.


Pros: Nita will also play a key role in this mode, and the reason lies almost entirely in his special technique. By summoning the bear you'll actually have a new ally to hunt down the boss, who won't even be able to hide in the bushes to escape you. In the role of the "big shot", instead, the bear can also count on a much higher attack value: the ideal to defeat the opposing team.

Cons: Nita is not a tank, which means that the damage inflicted will not be high, and that her life points will not allow her excessive offensive raids. Adjust accordingly.

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