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Brawl Stars is a third person shooter game in which the player must choose a Brawler and compete with it in a variety of events. In these events, we are faced with other Brawlers while we try to complete a special objective unique to each type of event.

Brawl Stars is the new video game for iOS and Android by Supercell and is a perfect mix between Clash Royale and battle royale as Fortnite. In this beginner's guide we will go to see how best to master the main game mechanics and give you some useful tips.

[Guide] | Brawl Stars The main mechanics

Game Controls

To move the Brawler, you need to drag your finger on the left side of the screen to interact with the virtual joystick, in this way the Brawler will move in the direction in which the joystick is pulled. Dragging your finger to the right side of the screen will interact with the joystick used for the attack. Drag it to aim and release it to fire. Alternatively, you can touch the joystick to perform a "quick fire" attack. This causes the Brawler to automatically launch on the nearest target.

Each Brawler has its own powerful Super Ability. Once fully loaded, it can be used with the yellow joystick located on the right side of the screen, below the attack joystick. The ability will then be fired in the direction the joystick is headed. Similar to the normal attack joystick, the Super joystick can also be simply touched so that the special ability automatically does damage to the nearest enemy.

Two status bars are displayed above the head of our Brawler. The one at the top indicates how healthy the Brawler still is. The health gets thinner when the Brawler is damaged and if the Brawler's health reaches zero, the Brawler is deleted. Health regenerates if the Brawler is not attacking or being damaged. The bottom bar, on the other hand, has segments that indicate how many attacks the Brawler has available. Each Brawler can have a maximum of three attacks ready at the same time, and each attack empties a complete segment. Attacks regenerate automatically over time.


Battles start in the Fight tab. There are six main types of events: Gem Grab, Showdown, Heist, Brawl Ball, Bounty and Duo Showdown where you fight against other players. Each event has a different main objective. Read our dedicated guide to learn more [in update].

Up to five different events can be active at any time. Events rotate and with each rotation a new event is added to the event slot. When a new event starts, you can request 10 free tokens by simply tapping the corresponding event slot. Winning an event for the first time during a spin also awards a star token that can be used to get a Big Brawl box after collecting ten.

Playing the games earns you tokens, which are used to open the token bank, a sort of loot box, from your token bank. The token bank can hold up to 100 tokens at a time and these are added back to the bank over time.

In addition to the normal events, a special event opens every weekend in the fifth event slot. These events require the use of tickets that can be obtained by opening the fight cashiers. They are not ranked, which means that winning or losing in these events does not affect the trophy count, but these events do award large amounts of tokens. The Special Event can be a Big Game or a Robo Rumble.

Fighting cases

The brawl boxes are a kind of loot box where you can find Brawlers and other items. You can buy one of these prize boxes for 10 gems or 100 tokens. Brawl boxes can contain coins, power points, new fighters, tokens, gems and tickets. Duplicate Brawlers are not received and once you collect Energy Points for a level 9 Brawler, no more Energy Points will be found for that Brawler. When all of the player's unlocked Brawlers have the maximum amount of Energy Points, the crates will no longer contain any Energy Points, and instead more Coins will be awarded to the player.

What are Clubs

Clubs are social groups within the game that players can join to chat. Players can also "meet" in fight rooms. Clubs can be created from the Social tab of the game. Clubs also have their own rankings based on club trophy scores. The score of a club trophy is calculated using the individual scores of the club members. Each club can have up to 100 members.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips to get you started in Brawl Stars .

  • Know your role. Several fighters are the best in their specialties, so you need to study the characteristics of your Brawler well. For example, El Primo can take a lot of damage and protect other Brawlers in his team, but Brawlers like Brock are best for long-range support.
  • Find out the speed of your Brawler's attacks. If your Brawler's attack takes some time to reach its destination, you need to study the movements of the enemy Brawler. In many cases, you need to aim for the enemy's movement. If you make an attack that takes time to load on a moving enemy, you will almost certainly miss it.
  • Know when to retire. Fighters heal when they don't shoot or get hit. If you are in poor health, it may be best to retire from combat for a while to regain health, but keep in mind that this may also give your opponent the opportunity to do the same thing.

For now, this is what you need to know about Brawl Stars to start playing it right.

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