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Brawl Stars is the new video game from Supercell, the mobile game development studio that created Clash of Clans. It is a kind of mini-moba in which you can fight against other players by choosing your favorite Brawlers, that is, the characters with which you can face enemy fighters. Not all of them will be available from the beginning, so in this guide, we will show you how to get all the Brawlers in Brawl Stars analyzing all possible methods.

Basically, there are three ways to get/unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars :

  • Trophy Walk
  • Opening the Brawl Boxes
  • Buying them from the store

Brawl Stars How to unlock the Brawlers

Let's analyze the first method to get the Brawlers in Brawl Stars .

The path of trophies

What is the trophy trail? It is a development path that is present in Brawl Stars . By overcoming certain challenges, you can unlock trophies that accumulate and unlock Brawlers.

For example, once you've earned 10 trophies, you'll unlock the second Brawler, which is Nita. Then you can unlock Colt after you've earned 60 trophies.

This is the list of all Brawlers that you can unlock through the trophy path:

  • Nita: 10 Trophies
  • Colt: 60 Trophies
  • Bull: 250 Trophies
  • Jessie: 500 Trophies
  • Brock: 1000 Trophies
  • Dynamike: 2000 Trophies
  • Bo: 3000 Trophies

Brawlers can be awards of the trophy path but they are initial Brawlers then there are Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythical, Legendary.

Getting 3000 trophies won't be easy, you'll have to play a lot, but the reward is worth the candle as not only will you go and unlock all the Brawlers that require the trophies to be unlocked, but you'll get other rewards as well.

Once you get 3,000 trophies, in fact, you will also receive 11 Brawl Boxes and 2 Huge Boxes, which will give you the chance to unlock more Brawlers!

Open the Brawl Boxes

As mentioned earlier, once you reach 3,000 trophies, you will receive a fair amount of Brawl Boxes, both normal and huge.

Brawl boxes are loot boxes in which you can find tokens, coins and new unlockable characters. They are obtained by playing, therefore, get to 3000 trophies will mean having completed many challenges and a large number of events, which will allow you to get these prize boxes in which you can find new Brawlers.

Buy them from the store

In some moments of the game, the shop will offer you some special offers thanks to which you can get your hands on Rare Brawlers or Super Rare Brawlers randomly. These can be exploited by spending the gems, however, we advise you not to abuse these offers.

In fact, for now, the best way to spend the gems is to buy duplicate tokens and event tickets! We have also written a guide on how best to spend the gems that will help you in your endeavor.

How to level up the Brawlers?

Once you've unlocked a Brawler, you can start earning that hero's Power Points through the Trophy Path and by opening Brawl Boxes.

Once your Brawlers have enough power points, you can click the Upgrade button to level up your Brawlers. This action costs a small amount of gold coins.

So, like to get Brawlers, you have to open Brawl Caskets or get power points from the trophy path or Brawl Caskets to upgrade your Brawlers' level.

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