[Guide] Assassin’s Creed: Which Horse Should We Choose?

You bought your copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey and finally started your first game, after day-one patches and various downloads. Start the title and you are immediately amazed by the beauty and goodness of the title, captivated by the Hellenic beauty of the landscape and convinced by the gameplay.

However, you are faced with an important first choice: your friend Markos offers you three different horses to choose from, each with a different description and characteristics (in his opinion) very different. As a player you are only interested in the fastest horse, so you can finish the title before the arrival of the much-loved pension.

To avoid putting this choice in front of you in the wrong way we come to, with our load of guides ready to advise you the best horse for each situation so you know from the beginning which will be the best equine to be accompanied during this exciting new adventure signed Ubisoft!

Which is the fastest horse in Assassin's Creed Odyssey?

Markus, during his initial soliloquy, will describe the three horses that you can choose at the beginning of the game.

The leftmost horse, coming from the islet of Syrus, is from the current area near Thessaloniki), is defined by Markus as the bravest of the trio, a horse that does not stop in front of any threat.

The horse more to the right, coming from Macedonia, is by nose the horse to choose for your task would seem one capable of withstanding the horrors of war and fighting, able to bear the weight of an armor and a warrior on top of it. Everything would lead one to think of this choice as something really difficult.

The sad truth is unfortunately another: the three horses are virtually identical for the practical purposes of the title: there is no terrain where one of them works better than the others or situation where one of them is preferable. The difference between the three equines is purely cosmetic and is even solvable by obtaining skins different from the basic ones.

In essence the choice is purely a formality related to the plot and has no counterparts in the gameplay of the title; the horses that you'll find within the game are all equal in speed and endurance and do not add anything that is not a gallop faster than the race of our protagonist.

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