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If you've recently teamed up with a friend to complete the adventure game in co-op mode A Way Out , you may be curious about all the various endings of A Way Out . Many players have wondered how many endings there are in A Way Out and whether or not there is a secret alternative ending to unlock. This guide will cover all the endings in the game and how to unlock them.

Of course, spoilers are inevitable when it comes to all possible endings. If you're still playing with A Way Out your co-op partner and you haven't reached one of the finals yet, then we advise you not to read any further because the guide has a high SPOILER rate! If your goal is to find out what the finals are and how to unlock them before you finish the adventure, then read on.

What are the endings affected by?

A Way Out is mainly a narrative-based adventure game that presents only a co-op mode that is local or online. While your choices as Vincent or Leo have a narrative impact throughout the course of the game, the ending is ultimately determined by your decisions and actions during Chapter 5: Conflict.

This is good because if you want to go back to complete the game with a different ending, all you have to do is load the final chapter and play the events differently instead of repeating the entire game.

How many endings does he have A Way Out ?

A Way Out has two possible endings, one for Leo and one for Vincent. After the big betrayal SPOILER in Chapter 5: SPOILER Conflict, Vincent and Leo have to turn against each other and fight for survival, making the two co-op players face each other.

The last chapter A Way Out consists of a fierce gunfight between Vincent and Leo. Only one of the two fugitives can survive. The ending of A Way Out depends on which of the two characters grabs the gun to fire the final bullet that will kill the other.

  • Vincent's Ending - If Vincent survives, you'll see a movie where he holds Leo's hand. Vincent will return to inform Linda and Alex about Leo's death.
  • Leo's Ending - If Leo defeats Vincent in the end, Vincent asks Leo to give Carol a ticket. Leo leaves the note on Carol's threshold.

Is there a secret ending in A Way Out ?

Once they have reached the end of the game A Way Out , many players have wondered whether there might be a secret ending in which Leo and Vincent survive. This would probably be considered the best ending, but there doesn't seem to be such a possibility in A Way Out . Is there a secret ending? Apparently not, but we have no evidence to the contrary either.

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