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Jurassic World Alive is a free title for mobile devices, although you can spend real money to advance and get it in as little time as possible. On the other hand, F2Ps all have this feature. However, you don't have to spend real money to catch dinosaurs or to get coins that allow you to buy items that are essential to become a skilled prehistoric DNA hunter. You can do everything without spending a euro.

How to get free DNA

If you touch the map button in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom, you'll get a Google Maps representation of your current location (yes, you need to activate permissions to share your GPS data). The map can be activated by tapping it, it can be dragged or pinched to zoom in or out. On the map, you will see the positions of dinosaurs relatively close by, you can tap them to find out how far away they are and get more information about them.

The blue circle represents the area where your drone can operate, so all you have to do is move to the position of a dinosaur inside the circle to start the drone's mini-game. Just tap "spear" and start.

So you'll have some time to get as much DNA as possible from the dinosaur by targeting it with darts. Simply drag your crosshair over the circular area of the target and release your finger from the screen to fire a dart. The closer you get to the centre, the more DNA strands you'll acquire, with a marker indicating the maximum amount for your current level. Dinosaurs have a variety of characteristics ranging from speed to the hardness of their armour, so keep everything in mind and don't just stand still throwing darts. The dart also takes a second or two to hit the target, so you'll need to be good with the drone to aim a little further away from where the creature is, trying to sense its movements.

When your drone's battery runs out, you're told how much DNA you've collected. If you have enough to create a new dinosaur, you can do it by simply tapping the button that appears using coins, the base currency of the game. I mean, all you have to do to get DNA is play, so you should never have to pay for more dinosaurs. Unless you're really impatient, then you can spend real money, but is it really worth it?

How to get free coins

Since this is an F2P game, there is also a premium currency, which has been given an uncreative but perhaps most appropriate name: Cash. You can use this to speed up the activity of the incubators so that they release their rewards instantly, as well as to fill your stock of darts when you run out. The coins in the game can be purchased with real money, but we prefer to get them for free when we can.

There are a couple of ways to do that. The first is to play for a long time several times a day, as there is a free incubator available in the "Market" tab every six hours. Rewards increase as your player level rises - which you do by creating new dinosaurs and leveling up the ones you already have - but a minimum amount of coins per day is always guaranteed.

The second way is to get free money when you visit Supply Drops in the real world at the points indicated on the game map. These drops look like blue cubes and you should visit them as often as you can because there are interesting things inside. When you have to wait for these supplies to be reloaded, the cubes turn grey. You can find the darts and coins by looking for supplies. Why spend real money?

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