Guide Left 4 Dead: How to Get All the Titles

All titles available in Left 4 dead (xbox 360)

101 Cremations (20): Put 101 infected on the fire.
Akimbo Assassin (30): Survive an entire campaign using only guns.
All 4 Dead (30): Kill all four survivors in one lifetime while playing a tank game.
Back 2 Help (20): Leave a safe space to save a team and bring them to safety.
Barf Bagged (20): Cover four survivors with Boomer bile at once.
Big Drag (20): Drag a survivor 100 feet with your tongue.
Blind Luck (20): You or another survivor will not report any damage after being vomited by a Boomer.
Brain Salad (15): Make 100 headshot kills.
Burn the Witch (10): Burn a witch with a Molotov cocktail.
Chain Smoker (20): Forcing two survivors into a life as a smoker.
Clean Kill (10): Push a Boomer and then kill him without him spraying anyone.
Cr0wnd (30): Kill a Witch with a single headshot.
Dead Baron (15): Surviving in the Dead Air campaign
Dead Giveaway (10): Heal a surviving mate when your health is less than 10.
Do not disturb (20): Spy on all the witches in a countryside without disturbing one.
Double Jump (20): Leap two different survivors into a life as a hunter.
Drag and Drop (20): Save a survivor from a smoker before he suffers damage.
Medical Camp (20): Heal 25 survivors with a first aid kit.
Grim Reaper (15): Surviving the Blood Harvest campaign
Ground Cover (30): Save another survivor from a Special Infected while on the ground.
Helping Hand (20): Reviving 50 incapacitated survivors.
Hero Closet (10): Save a survivor trapped in a closet.
Jump Shot (20): Headshot a Hunter while diving.
Man vs Tank (30): Single-handedly kill a Tank.
Mercy Killer (15): Surviving the No Mercy campaign.
My Bodyguard (15): Protect any survivor from an attack by the infected 50 times.
No-one Left Behind (20): Complete a campaign with all 4 survivors.
Nothing special (30): Surviving a campaign without damage for survivors of special infections
Pharm-assist (20): Give pain pills to 10 survivors.
Pyrotechnician (20): Explode 20 infected in a single explosion.
Red Mist (20): Kill 1000 infected with a mounted machine gun.
First Safety (30): Play an entire campaign with survivors without having friendly fire damage
Spinal Tap (10): Kill an infected person with a single shot from behind.
Stand Tall (20): Surviving a campaign without being incapacitated.
Stomach Disorders (20): All survivors complete a campaign without having vomited
Tankbusters (20): Kill a Tank without any damage to a survivor.
Toll Collector (15): Surviving in the Death Toll campaign
Tongue Twister (20): Getting rid of a smoker who grabbed you
Towering Inferno (10): Blow up a tank with a Molotov cocktail.
Unbreakable (30): Finish a campaign without ever using healing.
Untouchable (30): No survivors should suffer damage after contacting the rescue vehicle.
What are you trying to prove? (35): Surviving in all campaigns in expert difficulty.
Witch Hunter (20): Kill a witch without any survivors being harmed.
Zombicidal Maniac (30): Survive in any campaign in expert difficulty.
Zombie Genocide (20): Kill 53,595 infected.

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