Greedfall | How to get Gold, Ammo and XPs Infinite 100%

Greedfall | How to have infinite resources and XP | Greedfall is a sprawling role-playing game with lots of primary and secondary quests. It takes at least 30 hours to complete it, during which time you need to do a lot of grinding, in the tradition of role-playing games. However, you may not have the patience to wait until you have the right level and the weapons best suited to the situation to take over a main mission that is too difficult. In your help comes a kind of exploit, a little trick that should allow you to make gold, XP, ammunition and resources of all kinds.

Let's see together what actions to take to avoid hours of grinding.

In this guide we see a method to get gold, XP and other infinite resources.

Greedfall | How to get free resources and XP

First, it is essential to know the basics of the game to understand how to exploit the exploit. While you're in an area of the game, killing mobs and collecting resources, all those mobs and items have a regeneration timer. For mobs, the timer is four days, while the resource timer seems to be six days.

Once you know this information, it becomes easier, in fact, you can stop in an area that has good mobs and a camp, then sleep for four days to make them reborn all or six days, if you want to make also specific resources in the area.

Technically this can be done anywhere, but the youtuber WhatsMyGame described this exploit in a video stopping in an area called San Matheus. This produces gold, XP, objects and even iron, which is extremely important for processing.

Below, point by point, the steps to make gold, resources and XP infinite in Greedfall .

Greedfall | Tricks for Infinite XP Gold

When you first arrive in New Serene, you can go outside the walls and find a caravan of merchants. You can pay 10 gold coins to get to San Matheus. From there, go a little further away from San Matheus and take the path to the right. Along the way, you will find a camp to unlock. This will allow you to sleep there. At this point you can pick up the crop in the area, return to the camp, then rest for four or six days and do it all over again. Do it as often as you need to.

In summary, do these operations:

  • Once you arrive in New Serene, go out of the walls to find a caravan.
  • You pay 10 coins to go to San Matheus
  • Leave San Matheus to find an encampment not far away.
  • Kill the mob and collect resources
  • Sleep four or six days
  • Do it all again
  • Do it as many times as you want

To make your life easier, we insert here the video that shows what you need to do to make gold, ammunition and XP.

NOTE: It's not a real trick, it's a sort of exploit that doesn't exploit a code error or glitch. It's just about "over-exploiting" a game mechanic. We don't know, therefore, if the developers will work on a patch to reduce or eliminate this possibility. For now, this method is working. In addition, San Matheus may not be the only area suitable for this type of operation, the advice is to look for other areas with a camp nearby to find the one that offers the best results in gold, XP or resources.

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