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Guide Greedfall : Puzzles Solution | Greedfall is an RPG along the lines of The Witcher 3 which, despite a budget not on the same level as its more renowned colleagues/rivals, has a lot of depth and mechanics to master.

Don't think, though, that all you have to do is fight, cast spells, drink potions and talk to the NPCs. Greedfall There are also riddles that will block our way in some quests. These can be intuitive or particularly intricate.

In this guide, we offer you the solution to the puzzles in the game. We will keep the article constantly updated.


  • Face to face with the Demon (Drum Enigma)
  • Demonic Cult (Enigma candles)
  • Quest The water proof


The guide to always have in hand the solutions of all the puzzles present in the quests of Greedfall the new Spiders rpg.

Greedfall | Solving Quest Puzzles

This | Face to face with the Demon

Quest Description: In this face-to-face with the Demon quest, you will venture into a dangerous swamp to try to find a demon you saw during a vision. When you first arrive in the swamp, you will talk to a hermit who will inform you about a group of people who have tried to explore the area.

Head into the swamp following the mission marker, then explore each highlighted area. Be sure to explore thoroughly, as you'll need to find a chest with a couple of items that will come in handy on the quest: a diary fragment and a demonic potion, and you'll need both to complete the quest. When you've fully explored all the marked areas, go back to the old man. He'll answer various questions, then explain how to go drumming.

Conundrum Solution: You must go to the central area and find the drums. Remember, it's essential to play each drum only once, otherwise the sequence stops and you'll have to fight some mobs before you can try again.

The right sequence is as follows:

  • Yellow insect
  • Frog
  • Red snake

After that, you can continue with the quest.

This | Demonic Worship

Quest description: During the Demoniacal Cult quest, you will explore the rumors of an evil cult that has taken root in one of the villages on the island. You must carefully investigate the mystery to get to the truth. During one phase of the mission, you will follow one of the villagers to find out what he is doing. As you follow him through the woods, you will arrive at an ancient tree that seems to have the power to affect the mind of the villager. The character describes what he sees, and the images described serve as clues to solve the puzzle of the candles.

There is a circle of stones around you and the only way to progress is to light the candles. You have to light them in the correct order to open the path under the tree.

Puzzle Solution: Before you start, turn around the circle of stones and examine each of them so you know what they mean. Once done, light the candles in the following order and make sure you don't interact with the wrong stones. The order to follow is as follows:

  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Fire
  • Death
  • Water
  • Life

After lighting the candles on the right stones, the door will open and you can venture into the tunnel and continue your quest. Simply follow the path down into the cave and you will arrive at the next part of the journey.

Quest | The water test

Quest description: To start the quest you need to meet Glendan, to do so you must first complete "The suffering of Constantine". If you haven't completed this mission yet, you can't visit Glendan at home, because you need the coin you received from Catasach. After you get the coin, visit Glendan at home and show the coin to the guards to get in. Here you will be given the location of a quarry where you need to solve the "mystery of the source".

Enigma Solution: Go inside the cave and solve the mystery of the source. Inside the cave after solving the mystery, you can either fight the guardian and complete the quest or, if you have level 3 strength, you can climb the cliff and complete the quest in an alternative way.

The solution to the mystery is the following: Wind -> Ice -> Sun -> Water

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