Golden Sun - Game Boy Advance cheats

Golden Sun is a genre videogame J-RPG developed for the handheld console Game Boy Advance from the software house Camelot Software Planning.

This GBA video game was followed by Golden Sun: The Lost Age and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, available for Nintendo DS. The protagonists of the story, in addition to the science of alchemy, are four boys who have to save the world, called Weyard in the game. Two shady figures, in fact, have stolen the Elemental Stars (Astro Venus, Astro Mars, Astro Mercury, Astro Jupiter, corresponding to the elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth), the principle of Alchemy and authentic pins of the balance of the universe . 

Initially, the Elemental Stars were kept in the Temple of Sol, in the village of Vale, the birthplace of the main character of the game, the young Isaac, and his best friend, Garet. According to legend, the four stars were used to turn on the four respective headlights in the corners of the world, so as to allow the power of alchemy to return to reign over Weyard. Golden Sun is a difficult game the right, not prohibitive, which we advise you to recover, if you have the opportunity.


In the file loading screen, press and hold L, START and SELECT before loading the file. When the file is uploaded, Isaac and the company will be inside the most recently visited shrine.

To unlock battle mode, save after leaving Vale town. A new option will appear in the options menu.

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