Golden Ax Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Produced by SEGA in the late 80s, precisely in 1989, Golden Ax is a scrolling fighting game.

A title that is part of the subcategory also known as “hack'n slash”, literally “sliced ​​and torn”, in Italian. Initially published for Sega Mega Drive, Golden Ax has quickly become a true cult, remembered with great affection even today and still offered today for smartphones and tablets, in versions with remastered graphics. If when you were younger you never managed to finish it, here's to you all the cheats and codes available. 
Your golden ax may be powerful, but a few "tricks" are always welcome, in desperate cases. A game with a markedly fantasy setting that sees, in the Mega Drive or Genesis version, if you prefer, the presence of more levels than the arcade version.

Start the game in Arcade mode and, when in the character select screen, hold Down / Left and press A + C + Start.

No writing will appear to indicate the extra lives, but once you reach Game Over, if the code has been entered correctly, you will have 9 credits instead of the usual 3.

Start playing in Arcade mode and, in the character selection screen, press Down / Left + B and press Start: a number will appear, corresponding to the level from which you want to start the game.

With the pad you can then change the number of the level at your discretion.

Golden Ax - Sega Mega Drive


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