God of War - Find the Valkyries and How to Defeat Them

Who has already jumped into this new God of War surely you must have noticed thehuge amount of content that the game offers its fans. Many gameplay choices are absolutely new, one of them being the possibility to face some optional bosses. In that respect, we can't not talk to you about the ValkyrieThese are nine bosses that you will be able to meet in the course of our adventure, and they will represent clashes with a certainly higher rate of difficulty. In this guide, we will tell you where to find the eight Valkyrieswhere to find the Queen of the Valkyries, and the strategy to defeat them.

God of War where to find the nine Valkyries

Let's start by saying that the clashes with the Valkyries represent optional boss fightsSimply put, you won't have to defeat them to complete the main plot of the game. However, lovers of challenges with a high level of difficulty will not be able not to try their hand at the most challenging clashes of this new God of War . It is good to make it clear from the outset, in fact, that bringing down the Valkyries will not be the classic health walk, but rather, it will require a certain commitment. Once you've beaten the first eight Valkyries, you'll finally be able to unlock the Queen of the Valkyries who, as our other guides say, is the toughest boss of this new Kratos adventure. Given the high level of challenge that characterizes these battles, you will do well to face these battles with the best possible equipment.

The defeat of these optional bosses is linked to the gold trophy".Judge of the Fallen" which, as all trophy hunters will surely know, is an indispensable step to unlock the coveted platinum trophy of God of War . You can find almost all of the Valkyries inside the Odin's Secret Chambersthe only problem is that you won't be able to get into it right away. In order to access these areas you will need the Magic Chiselan object that you will only get from a certain point in the plot onwards. Fortunately, you will be able to return to the locations you have already explored, thus being able to collect all the previously neglected objects and, in fact, being able to access the Secret Chambers. If you are looking for a more specific method, we suggest you to read our guide on how to open the Secret Chambers. Below, we will list the location of all the Valkyries in God of War .

  • Valkyrie #1: Gunnr
    • Location: you will find it in Odin's Secret Chamber at the Thamur Corps;
  • Valkyrie #2: Geirdriful
    • Location: you'll find it in Odin's Secret Chamber in Foothills;
  • Valkyrie #3: Eir
    • Place: you will find it in the Secret Chamber of Odin in La Montagna;
  • Valkyrie #4: Kara
    • Location: you will find it in the Secret Chamber of Odin in the Witch's Cave;
  • Valkyrie #5: Rota
    • Place: you will find it in Odin's Secret Chamber in Helheim;
  • Valkyrie #6: Olrun
    • Location: you will find it in the Secret Chamber of Odin which is located at the beach of Alfheim;
  • Valkyrie #7: Gondul
    • Location: you will come across the fourth challenge in Muspelheim;
  • Valkyrie #8: Hildr
    • Location: you can find it in Niflheim;
  • Valkyrie #9: Sigrun (Queen of the Valkyries)
    • Place: you will find her at the Council of the Valkyries;

In summary, you can find six Valkyries inside the Hidden Chambers of Odin. As for Sigrun, the Queen of the Valkyries, she will become available only after defeating the previous eight bosses.. All you have to do is go to the Council of the Valkyries, lay the heads of the previously defeated Valkyries on their thrones and see them appear. To find the exact location of all the optional bosses, all you have to do is complete the secondary mission.Prove your valor", which will require us to find the first Valkyrie. Once you have completed it, the places where to find the other bosses will also appear on the map.

God of War PS4: How to defeat the Valkyries in the PS4

If you're about to start a fight with one of these bosses, then it's good to make one thing clear: every battle against a Valkyrie is different from the others. However, there are some general tips you can use to bring home victory against these hostile enemies.

The first suggestion we have to give you is to not even think about fighting a Valkyrie if you have not reached at least level 6. The advice would be to devote yourself to these clashes only after completing the main quest; in any case, if you want to face them during your adventure, know that your level must be at least above the sixth.

Secondly, choose carefully the the right time to attack. The Valkyries are equipped with very powerful attacks, and blending random buttons will take you to certain defeat. In any case, never forget to bring with you a stone of resurrectionin case you should be defeated in combat by any unblockable attack. The moment you see a ring of red lightBe very careful: it means that Valkyrie is loading an air attack that cannot be blocked. The only way you can counter this move is to order Atrues to fire an arrow at your opponent, causing him to stop an attack that would otherwise most likely be lethal.

A further piece of advice we feel like giving you is that magical attacks cause much more damage compared to standard combo attacks. Precisely for this reason, remember to take advantage of this aspect at the right time, maximizing the damage you inflict on the Valkyries.

God of War PS4: how to get the Valkyrie armor set

Like any self-respecting optional boss, the Valkyries will know how to reward your efforts. The main reward for the defeat of these monsters God of War is thearmor of the Valkyries. This is one of the best sets of armor you'll find in the game, so it will definitely be worth it to face and defeat these dangerous opponents, and to go so far as to duel with the Queen of the Valkyries.

To get the materials needed to forge the Valkyrie armor set, you'll just have to defeat three of them. However, if you want to develop the armor in question to the maximum level, you'll have to defeat all the Valkyries. The main ingredient of each upgrade is in fact theAsgardian Steelonly obtainable as a drop from these bosses who, in some cases, can also reward you with Perfect Asgardian Steel. Beyond this steel, you'll also need to get other materials to be able to upgrade your set, including Mist Echoes, Haze Weave, Niflheim Allow and Aesirbane.

Below, we list you whatever you need to forge and develop the Valkyrie Armor to the highest level:

  • Asgardian Steel (you will get it by defeating the Valkyries);
  • Perfect Asgardian Steel (this is achieved by defeating the Queen of the Valkyries, Gondul, Rota, Olrun and Eir);
  • Mist Echoes (you'll get them in Niflheim);
  • Haze Weave (you'll get them in Niflheim);
  • Aesirbane (you'll get them in Niflheim);
  • Niflheim Alloy (you'll get them in Niflheim);

The Valkyrie armor is probably the best armor in God of War the world. For this very reason, you'd do well to defeat all Valkyries, because this armor will provide the best possible protection for your epic adventures.

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