Gears Pop - Guide to What are the Best Pins to Use

Gears Pop is the real-time strategy game set in the universe of Gears of War, developed by Black Tusk Studio and published by Microsoft on iOS and Android devices. It is available worldwide and allows you to challenge other players with game mechanics similar to Supercell's Clash Royale. In , build Gears Pop the character deck, this one is made up of Pins, the cute little puppets that act as heroes of the game.

There are a total of 40 pins and it's not always easy to figure out which ones to use to win. Each one of them has strengths and weaknesses, so the right combination can more easily lead to victory. In this guide we see what are the best Brooches of Gears Pop But let us make it clear that in any case you need to use a good strategy to win, even if you have the best pins in the deck.

How to download Gears Pop | You download this game into Google Play | App Store.

Gears Pop | The best pins in the game

We will divide the best pins Gears Pop into three sections: very high level, high level and medium level. A combination of these can lead you to great results, but remember that this is a strategic game, so without the right strategy you can succumb even with the best pins in the deck.

Gears Pop | Very high level pins

  • Emergence hole
  • Seeder
  • Ink grenade

Emergence hole - The most important brooch in the game, even though you already own it from the beginning of the game. The best advantage of using E-hole is that you can place it anywhere on the battlefield. Go to the Pin tab and at the top of the first tab of the team you will see its icon.

Seeder - Seeder is another top-level pin, it unlocks in the Arena level (3). Seeder hits enemies from a long distance, so it is devastating on slower enemy units. Seeder's damage statistics are pretty good, even the HPs are very good and the lifespan is 27 seconds. Obviously, you can increase the stats by upgrading it.

Ink grenade- Ink grenade is one of the best pins of . Using it, you can create an area of chaos and devastation on the battlefield: enemy pins within this area suffer damage over time. And they will continue to suffer until they come out of it or until they are dead.

Gears Pop | High-level pins

  • Distance Rifle Gear
  • Augustus Cole
  • Dominic Santiago
  • Old Marcus
  • Carmine

Distance Rifle Gear- Its duration in battle is not as good as the previous three pins, due to low hit point statistics, but this is compensated for by good DPS, good damage statistics both at close range and at a distance. If used wisely, it gives a lot of satisfaction.

Augustus Cole - Augustus Cole is one of the best tanks in the game. He has good HP stats, which increases his survival. He can attack from a distance, has decent damage statistics, targets all types of enemies and portals, but his speed is slow. Because of the high HP stats, it can absorb a lot of damage from enemies and protect the allies on the rear.

Dominic Santiago - Dominic can cure your allies on the battlefield. Also, he has incredible HP statistics - for this, survival is very high. A healer on the team is always a good choice. Dom is a pin with very rare statistics, never leave him out of the game.

Old Marcus - Old Marcus is a brooch of legendary level. His DPS stats are impressive - they can inflict massive damage to enemies - as well as HP stats and attack speed. He attacks from a distance, targets all kinds of portals and enemies and uses covers.

Carmine - Carmine can hit groups of enemies and literally blow them up. All stats like HP / Hit-Point, DPS, Damage are impressive. Do you want to get rid of enemy groups? Use Carmine and take down the group with a single attack.

Gears Pop | Medium level pins

  • Pacificators
  • Marcus Fenix
  • Reyna Diaz
  • Devastating grenadier
  • Snub Soldiers
  • Fragmentation grenade

Pacificators - It is a group of three soldiers who shoot quickly at enemies with a very good DPS. Their survival is not good due to the low statistics of the PS, but they manage to shoot down the PS of the enemies in large quantities in a short time. They can attack from a distance, hit all kinds of enemies and portals.

Marcus - Its strength is to take control of enemy lines from cover to cover, expanding the deployment zone. Also, the statistics; HP, DPS, DMG are quite good. A good pin.

Reyna Diaz - Brooch attacking at close range - targets all kinds of enemies; has good statistics HP (good survival rate), DMG, DPS. Unlocks at level 2 of the Arena.

Devastating Grenadier - When the enemy is well grouped, Devastating Grenadier is the right option. This launches a bunch of explosives on the enemy group that will clear the place. Good hit point statistics and good distance damage.

Snub Soldiers - Low consumption units with decent attack speed, DPS, DMG. However, survival is not high enough.

Fragmentation grenade - A pin that inflicts massive damage to enemies with ranged attacks. The damage radius isn't big enough, though, so it's a medium level pin.

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