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The laziest cat ever arrives in the real world thanks to Garfiled GO, a title based on augmented reality in which we can explore the world with our orange hero.

There are many treasures and secrets to discover and today, to make you work less hard, we will reveal some tricks giving you tips to succeed in your search.

The treasure map

Playing Garfield GO you will soon notice a detail. Coins usually appear in pre-determined locations (a bit like Pokémon Go), while the treasures go always wanted. The advice, in this case, is to go to high density areas such as parks, squares and so on.


Before collecting coins and treasures you have to worry about the main purpose of the title: feed Garfield. To do this, you simply have to throw food into his bowl, the only thing that might give you trouble here is the throw angle.

Cat Games

All the tricks you find in the chests are not as useless as they seem! Each one belongs to a set that, if completed, can be mistaken for a large number of coins. Check your inventory often to find out exactly what is in your inventory. 

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