FRAG Pro Shooter Guide to Tricks and Strategies to Win

FRAG Pro Shooter is a mobile game available on iOS e Android developed by Oh Bibi. It could be considered a children's game at first sight with its ">It's a shooter and not one of the easiest, so don't think you'll conquer the arena without any particular tricks. In this guide, you will find tips and tricks to win in FRAG Pro Shooter.

FRAG Pro Shooter | Tricks to win

Follow the following tips to always emerge victorious from FRAG Pro Shooter matches.

  • Train hard - As mentioned above, FRAG Pro Shooter is not so easy, especially in the early stages of the game... So, you should check the training mode often, which will allow you to try out all the different types of characters.
  • Find your character - There are many characters to choose from in FRAG Pro Shooter. You can control all their abilities through the deck card, in fact, each character is placed in a deck, like a card game. See how their weapon and special power match your style of play and choose according to that.
  • Use special powers - Each character has a special power - make sure you remember to use it in games, as it can often make the difference between defeat and victory.
  • Use duplicate cards - If you have several duplicate cards, these can be used to upgrade your characters. Keep an eye on this mechanic via the menu screen, as you may find that you can upgrade some characters massively using unused cards.
  • Good timing - Another thing to consider with special power is to make sure you use it at the right time. The powers that supply energy are the most used when, for example, you're not under enemy attack, while all powers that enhance attacks are to be used when you're in the middle of battle.
  • Watch the minimap - If you can't find enemies to shoot - or you're defending the base and want to keep an eye out for what's happening around you - keep in mind that there's a mini-map at the top left of the screen. The red marks indicate where your opponents are located.
  • A retreat is not dishonourable - If you're short of health, don't panic. Get out of the fire zone and find some HP upgrades. Every once in a while, a retreat is not so dishonorable.
  • Keep moving - Shooting at enemies is not a good idea, make sure you keep moving in battles. This will give you a better chance to avoid enemy attacks.
  • Change character and style - Having a favorite character is fine, but not all the PGs are valid for every mode. Take the opportunity to change characters if you see that you can't get results: you can do so by selecting the relevant card before being catapulted into the arena, or while you're playing with the "drone view" option at the top left of the screen.
  • Level Up - To survive in FRAG Pro Shooter you need your favourite characters to have the skills and firepower you need and to do so you need to level up, otherwise your opponents will get stronger and stronger.
  • Join a club - You should think about joining a club: this will give you the chance to play with and against other humans, allowing you to learn skills and tricks that you would never have learned playing against AI-controlled opponents.

Log in every day to check active missions

As with any free to play game with unlockable content, the Missions tab is very important, you can access it by tapping the Medal in the main screen. Here you can keep track of what you need to do to get a lot of extras out of the game. Touching the missions at the top will tell you what you need to do to get the rewards. Remember to redeem as many free chests as possible. In the missions tab, you can also sometimes receive free chests without doing anything special. You can get anything from the free chests, even diamonds (the game's premium currency).

You can get extra diamonds by simply following the Creator's Instagram page, sharing your friend code (you can find it on your profile page) or subscribing to the game's YouTube channel. Doing these quests will unlock more quests, such as playing online games or joining a club, so make sure you do. In the store You will receive a free prize every daysometimes Arena points, sometimes gold coins.

This is what you need to know to have a good chance of success in FRAG Pro Shooter for iOS and Android.

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