Forza Horizon 4: How to Change your Character Appearance

If you're already racing at crazy speeds on the racetracks of Forza Horizon 4 you will surely have realized the various novelties brought to the series by this new chapter of the series. One of them is undoubtedly the fact that you can make changes to your character. The avatar that the player will choose as the pilot of his own racing cars will be completely customizable. In fact, we can change, at any time, the look of our driver, changing pants, shirts, shoes, hat and whoever has more, the more you wear. If you are already wondering how to change the look of your "drivavatar", consult our guide and everything will be easier.

Forza Horizon 4 How to change the look of our avatar

Let's start immediately by saying that the ability to customize your game avatar, in Forza Horizon 4 , will unlock only after you have purchased your first home. These houses will be of great importance for your "career", because they will not only allow you to customize your character, but also to customize your car, as well as unlock various benefits and useful items to help you in the rest of the game.

Once you have unlocked your first house, go to it and enter it. This should give you a handful of options on the game menu, including things like customizing your car and, of course, customizing your character. So far we have found several options to change the look of your game avatar, and these include: glasses, jackets, shirts, pants and even shoes.

In case you are interested in unlocking new items to customize your character, then you'll have to get out of your house, start running and, above all, start winning. The more Influence you earn, the more "spins" you'll unlock, and the more chances you have to unlock new items and clothing. This means that as you play and progress throughout your racing career, you'll find your wardrobe increasingly full of new clothes, and even new victory poses to show off at the end of every race.

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