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Fortnite X Batman is the new big event that will arrive on the afternoon of Fortnite September 21, 2019, representing the new crossover that will be on the servers of the most popular battle royale on the gaming market. As expected Fortnite X Batman is nothing more than a great event dedicated to Batman, the Dark Knight, a DC Comics character famous for decades of comics and a large number of different movies.

The Fortnite X Batman collaboration is now one of the most prestigious of those that the title of Epic Games has managed to set up; over the past months we have seen collaborations with Marvel's Avenger or John Wick but this is the first time for DC that will find one of its most popular characters on PC, Mac, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. The collaboration was not confirmed by the developers until the day of its release, September 21, 2019, a date chosen because I have a special meaning.

September 21st is in fact Batman Day, the day of the year dedicated to the character created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, making his debut in May of that year in the Detective Comics magazine. During the last few hours, the signals regarding the arrival of Batman on Fortnite have only become even stronger with Batrang appearing on a bale of hay in City Pinnacles.

What will happen during Batman Day?
Will there be challenges?
How will they be completed?

These and other questions will be answered in this article!

What will the Fortnite X Batman event consist of?

Here is the secret image about the secret star that will be obtained by completing all the challenges of the event.

The Fortnite X Batman event that will start on September 21, 2019 will be the first crossover between DC and Epic Games and will consist of a series of Batman-themed challenges within Fortnite a limited time. These challenges have been almost certainly leaked by the usual dataminers and we'll talk more about them later.
The presence of a batrang in Citt脿 Pinnacoli, a location that has undergone numerous style changes in recent seasons, has only increased suspicion about what might happen during the event.

The most valid theory currently circulating sees Pinnacles City turning into that day Gotham City due to the usual time landslides; with Gotham City inside it' Fortnite s definitely the perfect time to see the Batman man hovering between buildings chasing bad guys.

Gotham City in Fortnite the Royal Battle for Fortnite X Batman.

The city of Gotham City has officially gone to replace for a while pinnacles city within the world of Fortnite and with it there have been some very slight changes in gameplay. In Gotham City in fact you can glide at any time on your opponents using the hang glider.

The city takes an architecture more similar to that of the hanging pinnacles that we have learned to know over the past seasons and has a splendid dark look, showing a dark and sad location, with many small strokes of class that will surely make an attack on the heart of the Batman enthusiast player Fortnite . A small example is given by the gargoyles that decorate the palaces of the city, this time transformed into beautiful stone blades!

Fortnite X Batman: Here's how to complete the challenges Welcome to Gotham City.

As every time Epic Games has decided to delight us with a new pack of challenges created ad-hoc for the event and intended to make us a little more familiar with the world that Batman and partners will bring within the world of Royal Fortnite Battle. The challenges have been glimpsed within the game data by the usual Fortnite Leaks group and found below in English in the built-in tweet.

By completing these challenges, call for the occasion Welcome to Gotham City you will get battle stars and various Batman-themed objects that will be placed inside the locker; let's see together what it is and how to complete these challenges.

Complete all challenges to get a reward.

This challenge asks the player to complete all the Welcome to Gotham City challenges to get the exclusive Batman-themed hang glider. This item will be exclusively obtainable in this way and will not reappear in the store so easily unless there are major upheavals.

Complete any two challenges to get a reward.

This challenge asks the player to complete four of the Welcome to Gotham City challenges to get a mysterious object we don't know anything about yet.

Complete any four challenges to get a reward.

This challenge asks the player to complete two of the challenges Welcome to Gotham City to get an exclusive Batman-themed icon. The Batman icon will be exclusively obtainable within the event and will not reappear in the store over the next few months.

Complete any four challenges to get a reward.

This challenge asks the player to complete two of the challenges Welcome to Gotham City to get an exclusive Batman-themed spray. The spray representing the Batman symbol will be exclusively available within the event and will not reappear in the store over the next few months.

Inflict damage to opponents with an Explosive Batarang

This challenge requires the player to inflict two hundred and fifty damage to opponents using only the exclusive Batarang Explosive weapon. The explosive Batarang weapon is one of the exclusive weapons made by Epic Games for the Fortnite X Batman event and is the famous batman gadget that explodes in contact with the ground. The explosive Batarang is a weapon of legendary rarity that can be exploded mainly in Gotham City; on contact with opponents the Batarang will explode inflicting a hundred or so damages; considering the considerable power level of the weapon, concluding this challenge will be a game more than for children.

Turn on different Bat Signals outside Gotham City

This challenge asks the player to turn on different bat signals at different points outside Gotham City. In order to complete this challenge it is necessary to turn on three bat signals and to be able to turn them on it will be enough to reach specific projectors inside the game map and interact with them through the usual button. You can conveniently find all the relevant information within the map that you will find below.

The first beep is located east of Pacific Park, on top of the mountain. The Bat signal is located right in the middle of the mountain, looking towards the banks of the plunder; get to it and activate it to move on to the next projector. The second Bat Signal is located in the northwestern area of the roof of the large prison that emerged from the desert after the appearance of Aquatic Palms, looking towards the southern center of the game map. The third and last bat signal is in the northeastern area of snobby beaches, in the highest parts of the mountain that looks towards snobby beaches; here, too, interact with the projector to complete the challenge.

Defuse the gas bombs placed by the Joker in different places with names.

This challenge asks the player to go around the game map to defuse some nice gas bombs placed by that bontempone Joker at the Fortnite X Batman event. In order to complete this challenge the player will simply have to go around the various named places (i.e. those that have a name on the game map) in search of gas bombs, once found just get closer and press the interaction button until you receive some output from the bomb.

The bombs to defuse to complete this challenge are 3, we will write you tips on how to defuse all the bombs that we were able to find within the game.

Here is a handy map with which you can check the position of the bombs inside the game map.

The Joker's gas bomb positioned at the Pressure Plant is located near the absolute centre of the place, just south of it.
The joker gas bomb positioned in Boschetto Bisunto is also located near the absolute center of the place, just north of it.
The joker gas bomb placed in Pacific Park is located in the central area of the town, in the middle of the park near a wooden bench.
The joker gas bomb positioned at Confusi Condotti Confusi is located inside one of the confused conduit tunnels, just after coming down the stairs behind some wooden crates.
The Joker's gas bomb placed in the Lethal Landes is located inside one of the central barns, among bales of hay.
The Joker's gas bomb located in Sponde Del Saccheggio is located just east of the absolute center of the place, near the end of the time bubble in which everything is wrapped.
The joker gas bomb placed in that of Corso Commercio is in front of the shop selling tacos, under the table and chairs that you can find just outside the entrance of the shop.
The joker gas bomb placed in that of Aquatic Palms is located practically in the center of the area, below a giant stilts.

If you have problems to complete this challenge try to raise the audio of the title as much as possible; the gas bombs paired by the joker around the game map make a particular beep that increases in omdo proportional to how close you are with the bomb itself!

Use a Bat Rampino in different matches

This challenge asks the player to use the bat grappling hook weapon, the batman version of the grappling hook that some more experienced players might find in three different games. The bat grappling hook works exactly like the other weapons in the game and you can find it inside the crates or inside the air supplies and it is an epic weapon of rarity; its use is literally identical to that of the old grappling hook, which is why we refer you to the description we have made for you on our weapon guide

Pressing the button to shoot the grappling hook will pull its sucker towards the target marked by the player by dragging the character; this will move extremely fast (but will have no invincibility frames) and the grappling hook's rope will automatically come off when the player impacts solid objects of some kind.

If used inside Gotham City the Bat Rampino will automatically open the hang glider once the descent starts.

To use a grappling hook simply pull the trigger and hold on to something, doing so for three different games will complete the challenge in question and you will get your reward in battle stars.

Inflict damage to opponents within 30 seconds of using the Bat Rampino

This challenge is directly related to the first one and asks the player to inflict damage on opponents within thirty seconds of using the bat grappling hook. To complete this challenge in essence, you must inflict a single damage to an opponent within thirty seconds of pulling the trigger while equipped with the grappling hook. To complete this challenge you will simply need any weapon and the above mentioned grappling hook.

To easily damage your opponents, get a short-range weapon (or a mid-range weapon such as the assault rifle) and use the bat grappling hook to quickly nullify the distance between yourself and the opponent you intend to attack. If the latter is unaware of your position doing a single damage will be child's play and you can move on to the next Fortnite X Batman challenge very quickly.

Fire up a Bat Signal, use a Bat Rampino and inflict damage with an Explosive Batarang in one game.

This challenge is basically a kind of summa of the challenges mentioned above with only one substantial difference: everything has to be done in a single match. To turn on the bat signals use the map above and remember to open as many boxes as possible to get your hands on explosive bat grappling hook and batarang; once you find these two resources you'll simply jump on opponents with the grappling hook and then launch the batarang from close range, ensuring a good dose of damage.

Remember that in order to complete this challenge you must end your game with a victory or a defeat, leaving the game through the game menu will invalidate the completion of the challenge.

If you too have problems with the wonderful world, Fortnite check out the guides we have made for you and your problems.

The guides are divided into two macro scripts, those related to the weekly challenges that Epic Games offers players through the battle pass (no generic challenges for now) and a series of encyclopaedia guides with all the relevant information if someone wants to have tips and tricks on how to better use weapons or where to land!

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