Fortnite Season Shoot a Clay Pigeon at Different Places

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Ok, we all know that actually "clay pigeon" in English means clay pigeon shooting but it's too funny while reading it; for the rest of this article where you read references to birds and clay replace the word "clay pigeon" so you'll be happy.

Finally something completely new arrives on our screens: this time the novelties are clay feathers never seen before within the world created by Epic Games for Fortnite .

This challenge, available only for Battle Pass holders, asks the player to shoot five different clay pigeons scattered throughout the game map to bring home a reward in battle stars, the bargaining chip with which you can level up within Fortnite : Royal Battle.

Let's see together how this challenge is composed and what is necessary to complete it without having to go crazy.

Fortnite Season 5 - what are clay pigeons?

This challenge asks the player to practice clay pigeon shooting using clay pigeons scattered around the game map. The clay pigeon shooting ranges are simply playgrounds where there is a machine that generates and shoots these pigeons in the air and the player is asked to take them out through any of his weapons.

The recommended weapon to complete this challenge is any weapon with a good range of fire: shotguns of any kind are recommended because they shoot a lot of bullets in each salvo and have a good chance of catching the target.

To complete this challenge without getting too damaged in insults and mischief, it is recommended to play at least in a duo, where one player tinkers with the machine and the other only shoots at the targets.

Let's see together where the various shooting ranges and the respective pigeons are located.

Fortnite Season 5 - where can I find clay pigeons?

To find the various pigeons scattered around the game world you can follow the map we made for you.

Here is a more precise description of the areas where we can find and complete the pieces for this subquest:

  • Sponde del plunder (E4): This clay pigeon is the easiest to find because it is located on the northeast beach of Sponde Del Saccheggio, near a large tree that is really impossible not to see.
  • Condotti Confusi/Laboratorio Della Latrina(D8): This clay pigeon is located in the unnamed area between Laboratorio Della Latrina and Condotti Confusi. To easily find this point, just approach the absolute edge of the island to find a nameless building with a large umbrella nearby.
  • Palmeto Paradisiaco (H9): This clay pigeon is not so easy to find: it is located on the road from Palmeto Paradisiaco to Approdo Avventuroso, between the mountain and the bridge near a caravan near the river. Keep your eyes open so you don't miss this pigeon either!
  • Lazy Links (Borgo Bislacco) (G3): This clay pigeon is located east of Lazy Links, near the large bridge connecting the location to Risky Rapids.
  • Pacific Park (B4): West of Pacific Park there is a hillock, below it we find one of the last clay pigeons. In the absurd case you can't see it immediately circumnavigate the hill until you literally bump into it.
  • Rifugio Ritirato (I4): This clay pigeon is located between Rifugio Ritirato and Bosco Blaterante; it is difficult to see it from above because of the large number of trees in the area. Landing at the Refuge that gives its name to the location, you only need to head towards Bosco Blaterante to immediately see the final target.

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