Fortnite - Season 8: Guide to all Challenges for Week 6

Week after week we've once again arrived at the fifth, cursed, challenge that Epic Games develops to create content for players who want to play . This time the challenges came out according to the usual schedule during the day on Thursday, restoring the order and punctuality that had characterized the seven previous seasons of the game.

The challenges that players have been asked to complete this week are generally already seen within the Royal Fortnite Battle History but there are also interesting new toys to bounce around on the game map.

What is different in this season is the environment, this time volcanic, this time hostile; inside comfortable gyrosphere the player is called to explore an island even more divided in its biomes because of the continuous environmental change. We will find ourselves to travel, because of challenge, inside the most hostile jungle, inside the snowy areas and inside the most desert and hot areas of the game environment; without ever losing sight of the goal of completing all the challenges in the shortest time possible.

Cut the chatter, grab your trusty peripherals and immerse yourself in the completion of this week's Fortnite Battle Royale challenges.

Guide Fortnite Season 8 - free challenges of week 6.

These challenges can be completed without purchasing a battle pass and are therefore available to all players who have Fortnite installed them on their device/console/computer.

Visit a wooden rabbit, a metal blade and a rock pig.

This challenge asks the player to find these three points scattered around the game map well represented by an impressive animal made of some material. Completing this challenge will be quite simple considering the conspicuous number of points requested by the Epic Games guys.

This challenge can be completed in a single match or in more than one match, so you can jump directly from the battle bus directly into the described points on the map.

Let's see together where you can find these three bad boys:

  • Wooden Rabbit: The Wooden Rabbit is located near Snob Beaches, just north of the section with houses on top of a hill. Given its size it is difficult not to see it.
  • Metal Blade: the metal blade is located in the northern area of the junk crossroads, in nu point perfectly visible even from the most famous landfill of the island where it is set Fortnite .
  • Rock pig: the stone pig is located near Approdo Avventurato, on the top of a hill near the location with its name characterized by pagodas and large cherry tree.

Below you will find a convenient map to understand where you need to arrive to complete the challenge

Obviously there is no pre-established order on how to complete this challenge, the quickest and safest way to bring home the battle stars that serve as a reward in this case.

We recommend that you first go to the metal blade at the Crossroads of the junk, once you reach the blade by returning to the Crossroads you can find one of the vehicles that spawn there.

Take the vehicle and simply drive along the cliff and move south to the wooden rabbit north of Snob Beaches.

Always using the vehicle will be enough to get to Approdo Avvenrurato, avoiding as the plague Pinnacles Pending to avoid being blasted by the large number of opponents that you might find in the area.

Visit the five highest points on the island

This challenge asks the player to reach five different points on the map with a high altitude. The points are marked in game by wooden signs with the altitude at which they are located in relation to sea level.

The Points are: the new volcano that appeared with the eighth season, two mountains located near Polar Peak and Ice Cliffs and two mountains near Snob Beaches and Pacific Park.

Here is the route we recommend you to take in order to complete this Royal Fortnite Battle Challenge in an easy and fast way:

  1. Land on top of the Polar Peak Castle.
  2. Use the ziplines to get to Allegre Ramps and look for the point with the highest height in that area.
  3. Start traveling (possibly with a vehicle) towards Pacific Park, building ramps to get to the top of the mountains.
  4. Use ziplines or a portable slit to change mountains and get the peak there too.
  5. Travel to the volcano with any vehicle.

Obviously it is possible to complete the challenge even without doing everything in one trip: simply land on the various places designated from time to time by the battle bus.

Delete opposing Laguna Languida or Polar Slopes

This challenge asks the player to eliminate, in one or more games, three opponents in one or both locations designated in the delivery: Laguna Languida and Piste Polari.
Both locations have arrived relatively recently and therefore may not be very popular. We at , recommend that you aim for Laguna Languida, a location where the fights are medium to long range, armed with assault rifles and search the area with the ship in order to shoot down as many enemies as possible in a single game.

Guide Fortnite Season 8 - Battle Pass Challenges of Week 6

These challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased the battle pass from Epic Games' in-house store for 1000 v-bucks (around ‚ā¨10).

Staged Challenge

This challenge asks the player to land in a number of different named locations around the game world. To land in these locations it is simply necessary to start a new game and jump with your hang glider in the locations indicated on the map, having then the accuracy to finish the game through a victory or a defeat. Leaving the current game quickly using the game menu will not validate the completion of any stage of the challenge.

Let's not talk nonsense, let's see which locations you need to land in order to complete this challenge.

Step 1: Land in Lethal Landings
Phase 2: landing at Laguna Languida
Step 3: Land at Confusion Ducts
Phase 4: Land at polar ramps
Step 5: Land in Pacific Park

Search at the point indicated by the knife on the treasure map loading screen

This challenge asks players to reach a specific point on the map to get battle stars. This point is indicated on the loading screen that all players got at the beginning of the eighth season and is indicated by a knife on the right side of the screen.

To complete this challenge, in essence, simply reach the wooded area between Rifugio Ritirato and the Kart racing track; exploring them you will be able to see the star of the battle mentioned above rise from the ground and finally conclude the challenge.

Get an elimination with a muzzle-loading pistol or an explosive bow.

This challenge asks the player to get an elimination with one of the two new weapons that have been introduced in Royal Fortnite Battle with the arrival of the last two updates. The muzzle-loading pistol is a single-shot pistol per magazine that has good close-range damage and is capable of projecting its user in the opposite direction to where you fire while the explosive bow is a ranged weapon that can throw arrows that explode after a few seconds, just like Turok's good old teak bow!

The first weapon is perfect for all those locations where close combat is very important if not recommended, the bow has a greater range and is also good in construction battles for its ability to destroy construction pieces with relative ease.

Use different throwable objects in a single match

This challenge asks the player to use two different throwable objects and use them during a single game for any reason, no need to do damage to opponents or something like that. Throwable objects are all those objects that fall within the grenade strand: we've got stinking grenades, dance grenades, fragmentation grenades, TNT and whoever else has more. Just look for a few by opening as many crates as you can and you'll have quickly solved this Fortnite Battle Royale challenge as well.

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