Fortnite - Season 7: Guide to all Challenges of Week 10

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We have finally arrived at the one that in previous seasons of Fortnite : Royal Battle was considered the last week of challenges to be completed to gain experience and resources to get the skins so appreciated by most players. Epic Games and its team of programmers and game designers have set to work to create a new long series of challenges to deal with in our free time, making us do a lot of different things this time.

We will have, for example, to deal with the brand new mounted turrets (this time necessary for the completion of a challenge), we will have to look for chests within specific locations that we now know as our pockets. Of course, in addition to this you'll need to fight with freezing grenades or expedition outposts, but nothing that experienced players can't handle with complete ease.

That said, let's see together all there is to complete this week of challenges by reading this Royal Fortnite Battle Guide, without worrying about whether the challenges are free or not.

Fortnite Season 7 Guide - Free Challenges of Week 10.

These challenges can be completed without purchasing a battle pass and are therefore available to all players who have Fortnite installed them on their device/console/computer.

Position a mounted Turret or a Damage Trap in different matches.

This challenge asks the player to place a mounted turret or a freezing trap within three different Royal Fortnite Battle games. As predictable this first challenge is certainly one of the easiest ever proposed by the boys of Epic Games and is really completed within a few seconds per game, just find one of the two items required. Mounted turrets and freezer traps are not particularly rare construction items that are likely to be found inside crates or even on the ground; if you find a spare blade you will find at least one of the two items for sure, which is why the completion of this challenge is a simple matter of patience with which to fight.

Search for Pompous Pastime Chests or Stale Depth - 5 stars

This challenge asks the player to open seven different chests within two specific locations on the game map, namely Pompous Pastimes and Stale Depth. Enter the locations are known to contain a good number of chests, which will undoubtedly simplify the game a bit. The location of Pompous Pastimes is, specifically, very large and contains a lot of hidden chests for its various hovels, all of which can only be reached through the open field. This will undoubtedly put you in danger because of the ubiquitous opponents who might hit you from a distance. Sprofondo Stantio, on the other hand, is a much more closed location where the risk is to come face to face with your opponent's shotgun, which is why we recommend that you play carefully.

Eliminations with assault rifles (DIFFICULT)

This challenge asks the player to eliminate three opponents in one or more games using only weapons belonging to the assault rifle family. The Assault Rifle family is one of the largest families in the entire game and contains the following types of weapons: Assault Rifle, Vampafucile, Assault Rifle with Viewfinder, Assault Rifle with Thermal Viewfinder, Heavy Assault Rifle. The weapons belonging to this family are among the most versatile and powerful among those present in the game, which is why we do not think there is any need to consider this challenge particularly complete. Just remember that assault rifles skillfully mix precision and damage, resulting in strong weapons in virtually any situation.

Guide Fortnite Season 7 - Battle Pass Challenges of Week 10

These challenges can only be completed by players who have purchased the battle pass from Epic Games' in-house store for 1000 v-bucks (around ‚ā¨10).

Inflict damage to opponents with sight weapons

This challenge asks the player to inflict 200 points of damage to one or more opponents using only weapons with a viewfinder, i.e. weapons that have a specific animation that can enlarge the view with a dedicated button. These weapons are: all types of sniper rifles (sniper rifle, semi-automatic sniper rifle, heavy sniper rifle), the assault rifle with sight, and the revolver with sight. Sightguns normally have higher critical multipliers, which is why we recommend that you aim at your opponents' heads to quickly resolve the challenge and move on to the next part of the competition.

Stage Challenge

This phased challenge asks the player to reach three different shooters scattered around the game map and get a score of at least 5 on them. In this way it will be possible to move on to the next phase of the challenge and quickly reach the end of the whole. The shooters are places with which you can interact that will start a kind of minigame; this minigame asks the character to quickly shoot down targets that will be flown for the occasion.

To complete this minigame quickly, we recommend that you choose between two types of weapons: heavy rifles, which with their wide range of bullets can hit the target without having to be hyper accurate, or small-calibre machine guns, weapons with a particularly high rate of fire that will allow a rapid resolution of the challenge. You can restart the shooting event as many times as you want per game.

Here's the map with all the locations you need to reach in order to find the shooters:


Phase 1: Pull east of Bosco Blaterante

The target to visit to complete the first phase of this episodic challenge is located near the edge of the island's eastern cliff. To find the point with simplicity, simply reach the blathering wood to find the grove with the draft stick.

Phase 2: Pull up north of Corso Commercio

The pull to visit to complete the second phase of this episodic challenge is located in the northern area of Corso Commercio, inside the forest that runs along the intersection of several roads.

Phase 3: Pick up to the northeast of Palmeto Paradisiaco

The tugboat to visit to complete the second phase of this episodic challenge is located in the area northeast of Palmeto Paradisiaco. As the targets to hit to complete this stage of the challenge are located at a considerable distance, we recommend that you take up long-range weapons to complete this stage of the challenge calmly!

Visit the outposts of the expeditions in a single game (DIFFICULT)

This challenge asks the player to go and visit a series of hidden buildings for the game map called "outposts for the expedition".
The outposts of the expedition are recognizable buildings due to the in case you have problems here is a custom game map to easily understand the positions to be reached for the completion of the challenge.

There are currently seven shipping outposts within the game and they are located in the following locations.

  • An expedition outpost is located northeast of Pacific Park
  • An expedition outpost is located northwest of Tomato Temple
  • An expeditionary outpost is located west of Refuge Retreat
  • An expeditionary outpost is located west of Stale Depth
  • An expeditionary outpost is located northeast of Snob Beaches
  • An expeditionary outpost is located northeast of Borgallegro
  • An expeditionary outpost is located west of Paradise Palm Grove

Hit an opponent with a Freezing Grenade or a Dancing Bomb in different matches (DIFFICULT)

This challenge asks the player to hit in three different games one or more opponents with one of the two weapons mentioned above: the dancer bombs and the freezing grenades. The two types of weapons required to complete the challenge are rather special throwing weapons because they do not inflict damage but allow you to control the flow of the fight by making enemies dance or turning them into blocks of ice. To complete this challenge it is first of all necessary to find such weapons on the ground, a task not particularly difficult due to the non-rarity of such items that can be easily found inside crates or directly on the bare ground. Once in possession of such tools of destruction you will simply need to meet one or more opponents, or simply join a battle already underway and then unleash your arsenal. The Dancing Bombs, specifically, are weapons with a wide range of action: just launch one in a hectic battle to hit at least one opponent in an almost ascertained way and move smoothly to the next stage of the challenge. The only possible problem derived from the use of such a weapon is to fall within its range, which will force our character to a wild dance!

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