Fortnite - Different Storm Circles in a Single Match

A new challenge is driving some players crazy during this fourth week of the season. Season 4 of Battle Pass.

For five stars the title Epic Games asks the player to visit different centers of storm circleswithin a single game while the rest of the world takes an interest in taking you out.

A much more difficult challenge than it seems; let's see together how we can succeed.

Fortnite Season 4 - the storm chaser is you.

To complete this challenge you need to reach three centers of the storm in the course of a single game. They don't have to be consecutive, but it's easy to think that the further you go in the game, the harder it is to survive the crossfire of all directions.

The main problem with this challenge is thedoggedness of the playersThe center of the circle, throughout the week, will be a hellish place where many players will gather in an attempt to complete this challenge and, in addition to them, there will be real jackals interested in making kills without being interested in completing it.

not a beautiful situation of course.

To complete this challenge you need to have patience e attention to detailtwo qualities you may have learned while playing the title normally.

Fortnite Season 4 - how do I recognize the center of the storm?

The guys from Epic Games for this challenge of Fortnite Season 4 have really thought about everyone. At the center of each storm will now appear a purple symbol representing a lightning bolt and a circle; passing close to it for a few seconds it will rotate on itself and then disappear into the sky. If you see this scene it means that the title has understood that you have arrived at the circle of the storm.

Remember that with the arrival of the last two patches the percentage that the storm closes in the inner parts of the map has increased.

The best strategies to complete this challenge are as follows:

  • Throw yourselves in last
    Falling off the battle bus last means you leave the loot in the hands of your opponents but also being able to look for the center of the map in the early stages of the game without someone breathing down your neck in search of your blood. The early stages of the game are very hectic and the average player hardly leaves his area without first having thoroughly loot it.
  • Take shelter in continuation
    This advice has the taste of the obvious but is of vital importance. The center of the storm is one of the most dangerous places in the title since the release of this challenge because it is the crossroads of dozens and dozens of players plus the aforementioned professional player-killers. Without a springboard it is difficult to make a touch and escape on the location, so you need to take the right precautions and wait for the right time to look for it. Moving as a team is also an effective methodology to complete the challenge as you can observe a greater portion of territory thanks to the presence of more eyes.
  • Try it all for everything
    If you have not yet completed the challenge after the third circle it means that the territory occupied by the storm is huge in relation to the map. The center of the circle in this case will literally be surrounded by the most equipped and fierce players on the entire map. Attempting to complete the challenge during this game is complicated but possible, you just have to be able to catch the moment when the other players are kicking themselves with bullets and explosives. Prepare your best constructions, complete the challenge and, while you are at it, take out the remaining opponents to show them that you are the best on the field.

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