Fortnite - Season 4: Guide to Find Seven Hungry Gnomes

The eighth week of challenges Fortnite Season 4 has arrived with the usual weirdness to which Epic Games he's got us used to it. This time Epic Games It fishes directly from past seasons the garden gnomes and sends us back to their search for the game map.

As always the motivations are obscure and really uninteresting, we only know that are hungry and that it's our job to find them. Once we find a gnome it will simply be necessary interact with it with the appropriate button to mark him in our challenge.

The seven gnomes must be found consecutively but also within different games; this more than difficult challenge simply needs patience and attention to detail because the dwarves have good skills in the game of hide-and-seek.

Let's see where they've gone this time.

Fortnite Season 4 - where are the hungry gnomes?

At the moment we have found eight different gnomes within the game map of Fortnite ; it cannot be excluded that there are more hidden around.
To complete the challenge, those we have mentioned are enough and advance.

  • A gnome is hidden within an area with no name at all; this area is located northeast of the Latrine Laboratory and the gnome is contained within the northernmost building. Inside this building there is a large dance floor, the gnome is located on the south side of this building, hidden behind vending machines that must be destroyed by picketing.
  • A gnome is hidden inside the large building of Tomato Town, the one with the tomato revolving on top. There is another hungry gnome behind the counter inside the large building of Tomato Town with the giant tomato on top.
  • A gnome is located inside the basement of a building in the area of Boschetto Bisunto; the basement is located in the western side of that building, breaking the basement by picketing you will be able to enter the secret basement.
  • A gnome is located inside the gas station located northwest of Parco Pacificio, hidden in the corner between the shelves. It is not necessary to break them to pickaxes in order to interact with the gnome.
  • A gnome is inside a petrol station at a point with little traffic on the map, at box I7 of the map. This gnome is located behind the cash register, inside the premises.
  • A gnome is inside the shop with a dark roof in the northeast area of Corso Commercio, a place already recommended for landings in the special guide. This gnome hides in a corner inside the building.
  • A gnome is located inside a building in the very central area of Hanging Pinnacles, on the ground floor. As always, when it comes to hanging pinnacles, incredible attention is required in order not to be snipped by rifle and gunfire in a few seconds.
  • A gnome is inside the service station of Borgo Bislacco, another quite populated place that risks becoming the player's grave due to the large number of opponents present there.

The usual advice applies: since many players are facing the same challenges as you, there's a good chance of getting killed in an attempt to bring a gnome home. Playing as a duo or squad simplifies the situation given the increased firepower and safety that one or more of your teammates brings.

If you have problems with the world of Fortnite or you are curious to see how to solve some old challenges you can check out the long line of guides we have prepared for you! If you have not completed them in the weeks before the challenges of the season 4 are all still valid for completion! Remember that by completing all the challenges of the week you will have access to the new challenge Blockbuster necessary to maximise the costumes Carbide e Omega!

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