Fortnite Season 4 Dancing in a group at Loot Lake

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The week just passed was really weird for the world of Fortnite between a new release date for Battle Pass Week and seeing some of the Epic Games challenges taken care of and changed some of them in the process.

Goodbye Gravity Stones (which we could not see in action, unfortunately), welcome Saturday Night Fever: "Dance with the others to raise the disco ball near Loot Lake".

Fortnite Season 4 - Dance with the others to raise the disco ball near Loot Lake

In an attempt to put a patch on the gravity stones mentioned above Epic Games decided to mount a dance floor (yet another) inside a building in Loot Lake; initially the community on reddit theorized the arrival of a new Easter Egg with the dance in between but this time it went much better.

This challenge is particular: it can only be completed within the Team mode because you need four simultaneous dances in the corners of the room to complete the challenge. Anyone playing solo will need to go looking for some friends because otherwise the challenge will become quite complicated, especially if we get in the way of the language barriers that may be there.

Once a tight-knit team has been created, it will be necessary to get inside the building circled in the map; on the ground floor there is a large room with four corners of the pads for dancing and a giant disco ball in the middle.

Fortnite Season 4 - Where do I go?

Once you enter the room you will need to coordinate with the other players to settle in the four corners of the room and then start any emote of Dance at the same time; choosing the same emote the maximum advantage you will get will be aesthetic and you will have some fat laughs together with your fellow misfortunes.

It will be necessary to dance several times to slowly raise the disco ball; the challenge will end once the sphere has reached its maximum height. Once this height is reached, a pop-up will appear to signal that the challenge has been overcome.

As scheduled the next two or three days Loot Lake, especially in its team version will be literally flooded with players who will try to turn Saturday night fever into your last action before a new game. To overcome the problem you can wall up the inside of the doors and walls with steel or stone objects; otherwise you can also complete this challenge by choosing the temporary team modes: Blitz and 20 vs 20.

If you have problems with the world of Fortnite or you are curious to see how to solve some old challenges you can check out the long line of guides we have prepared for you! If you haven't completed them in the weeks before the season 4 challenges are still valid for completion! Remember that by completing all the challenges of the week you will have access to the new Blockbuster challenge, necessary to maximize the Carburo and Omega costumes!

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