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With the new week of Fortnite Season 4 come new challenges, among them one (probably) dedicated to the 2018 World Cup of Russia started just in these days.

This time Epic Games sent us to do the goleador, asking us to score goals inside the many indoor and outdoor soccer fields on the island where it is set. Fortnite and his constant slaughter.

For the occasion Epic Games has once again remodeled the game map by adding here and there football fields to simplify the challenge and celebrate the most popular sport in the world.

Let's find out together what they are and how many you need to take home, again, the different stars of the battle.

Fortnite Season 4 - better than real football.

As mentioned above, Epic Games has decided to renew the map by increasing the number of football fields on the island. Now, in addition to the two that we knew before, there is one, much larger in the vicinity of Ciarpame Crossroads.

This football pitch resembles those of real life, with stands, dressing rooms, stands and an architecturally realistic entrance.

Epic Games has also added improvised soccer fields scattered all over the map, these also apply to the 4 season to 7.

They can be found at the following points on the map:

  • Latrine Laboratory: the improvised football field is located in the parking lot.
  • In the container warehouse south of Tomato Town
  • Lethal Lands: the improvised soccer field is located in the middle of one of the cultivated fields; the goals are made of wood and pieces of recovered wood.
  • Risky Rapids: the improvised soccer field is located under the big screen of the drive destroyed by the meteorite; the goals here too are improvised and made with pieces of metal recovered from cars and trash buckets.

Below we find the map with all the locations that contain a soccer field; in yellow the big soccer fields and in red the improvised soccer fields

Fortnite Season 4 - how do I score goals?

When you get to the field from soccer you will need to find the ball: it is always in the center of the field and must be carried through the movement of your character inside one of the two goals on the field. Every time a player scores a goal

The ball doesn't suffer the blows of bullets but only the kicks that one's character takes since walking or running; it's nothing too complicated. Whether you play alone or as a team, be particularly careful not to end up as a victim of some jackal in the vicinity of the soccer fields to kill yourself while you try to finish the challenge.

If you have problems with the world of Fortnite or you are curious to see how some old challenges are solved you can check out the long line of guides we have prepared for you! If you haven't completed them in the weeks before the season's challenges are still valid for completion! Remember that by completing all the challenges of the week you will have access to the new Blockbuster challenge, necessary to maximize the Carburo and Omega costumes!

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