Fortnite - Guide for Building and Materials, Tips

One of the features that made the gameplay of Fortnite so compelling compared to his opponents is the possibility of fortifications. The world in which it is set Fortnite Battle Royale can be destroyed and reshaped using its own survival collection tool.

In the final stages of the game it is very important to create points of advantage over the opponents in order to be able to exploit their war power in the correct way; to do this it is necessary to have a good mastery of the mechanics related to the construction of buildings. It is important to knowwhich materials are great for certain stages of the game, how to modify your creations according to your purposes.

With this guide we see specifically what the game world is made of and what kind of constructions we can achieve with what we dig.

Fortnite guide - What materials exist?

In the world of Fortnite Battle Royale the resources that can be obtained through the collection tool are 3: the wood, the stone and the metal. These three resources represent the fuel with which your character builds and designs fortifications.

Game resources are obtained by using the collection tool on the objects in the world of Fortnite eDepending on their appearance, the objects will give a different material. The best way to earn material during the game is to find particular objects that serve as small resource mines.

For the wood for example, the best objects are the trees and the palletsfor stone the best objects are the rock formations, for the metal it's better to pickpocket cars or ferrous rocks. Each of these objects will give our character a different amount of material depending on its size.

Trees larger than Fortnite , those present inside Putrid Marsh...donate up to 100 units of wood to the player who knocks them down.

The best place to lootare a lot of stone are the scattered mines for the game map; they have the shape of inlets in the ground studded with small rocky monoliths able to give the player up to 50 units of stone each.

Metal, given its strength and strength within construction optics, has no real looting points. It should simply be collected wherever you see it, if you are going to build a lot of structures using this material.

When you hit something you have to pay attention to the blue circle that will appear above the polygonal model of the object in question: hitting this circle we will accomplishdouble the damage and we'll complete the collection of the resource we want more quickly.

The collection tool it works the following way:

  • Each blow inflicts 10 damages to any players, you can't take headshots and double the damage.
  • Every blow inflicts 50 damage to any kind of object not made by the player; if you hit the blue circle that appears after the first shot the damage becomes 100.
  • Each blow inflicts 25 Damage at objects created by playersthe damage becomes 50 if you hit the above blue circle.

What can we build in Fortnite ?

Building structures is one of the cornerstones of the gameplay of Fortnite .
In the course of the game the facilities will come to our aid so many times that after a few hours we will fully understand their real potential. The speed of construction of the various structures depends on the type of material we have chosen.

The first construction slot is dedicated to the wall
The second slot is dedicated to the floor/ceiling.
The third construction slot is dedicated to stairs
The fourth construction slot is dedicated to the roof.

To build, simply access the menu during your games. The menu consists of five different types of structures that can then be built with a simple click.

Such facilities are:

  • Walls
  • Floors / ceilings
  • Stairways
  • Roofs
  • Traps

They cost (traps excluded) 10 resources; you can select the resource with which you want to build with and it will affect the amount of HP of the structure itself. During the construction phase you can choose, through the button R, orientation of his own creation.

By creating a structure this will appear with about half his Total HP; the energy will fill up in the following 5 seconds. You can walk and edit the structures still under construction without any problems whatsoever.

You can customize your creations using thespecial function.
This will show a geometric grid that varies from structure to structure; by eliminating or modifying the number of squares present you can change the shape of your building by adding doors, windows or changing its orientation vertically (for stairs and roofs).

If a resource is exhausted during the construction of a structure and the "Automatic Material Change" option is enabled from the Options menu, your character will automatically change resource type for the next structure.

For a complete list of possible modifications to a construction we refer you to this video.

Small tips for building

  • The stairs must be built by wedging them between three walls; doing so will reduce the possibility of being hit on the sides and will force the opponent to gain an advantage in height to bring us down.
  • You can trap your opponent inside rock or metal walls to gain time.
  • By replacing walls, floors and ceilings inside houses you can set traps in unexpected places and sneak up on your opponent.

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