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Surviving a hundred-player battle requires absolute knowledge of what you're going to shoot with and where you're going to shoot. Obviously between bullets you will need to dress your wounds, set deadly traps or disguise yourself as self-propelled shrubs; not to pass the time but to increase your chances of survival once again.

The objects have a great importance inside Fortnite because they allow the player to prolong his stay inside the island by providing him with health, shield or various kinds of help.

Fortnite object guide - Traps

Traps are one of the best ways to ambush enemies. They can be attached to walls, floors or ceilings. To select them simply use the construction menu and select the slot (F5 on computer) and then attack it as if it were any other construction.

The traps are found both inside the crates and on the floors of many structures.

Damaging trap(Not common)
The basic trap: it can be placed on floors, walls and ceilings to damage other players by surprise when they enter rooms or buildings.

After the exit of the Patch 4.2 the damaging trap inflicts 75 damage if you stay on it for more than 1.5s.
They are a great way to fortify buildings during the early stages of the game; if the floor on which it rests is destroyed it is also destroyed.

You can place two traps in front of each other to inflict up to 150 damage at a time, killing a good percentage of foolish enemies.

Thanks to the traps you can make kills even after your death, although they have no value at the level of experience points acquired.

Launch Platform (Epic)
One of the most useful objects in the game as it allows the player and his friends to move very quickly in open spaces. By jumping on it you are thrown into the air; after travelling for a few seconds you will need to reopen your parachute to land again.

The launching platform is able to save a group of players from very risky situations if used in the correct way. You can simplify your life by placing it above a very high, albeit improvised, construction. Enemies can also use the launch pad.

If you can predict the landing trajectory of an enemy you can place a launch pad under him, forcing him to a slow air flight that will allow you to escape in the opposite direction within a few seconds; this strategy is very dangerous to implement but is able to give some satisfaction to all kinds of players.

The launch pad wears out after 10 launches and disappears directly from the game.

Comfortable Bonfire (Rare)
Like his trampoline friend, this object is designed to help the player by prolonging his life. The comfortable bonfire is an enormously useful object because it cures 2HP per second for 25 seconds in the immediate surrounding area.

It is important to use this item properly because all players in its vicinity recover HP as the seconds pass. Placing a bonfire inside a fortatile or fortification while keeping the surrounding areas under control is a great way to use it.

Another interesting choice is to place it in a fort during a prolonged fight, so that you can benefit your team or your person with an extra 50HP.

You can place two bonfires very close together, doubling the rate of care and making friction discounts virtually impossible to lose. To knock down a bonfire, you have to knock it down with a collection tool or with bullets, just like all other types of constructions.

Bouncing Trap (Rare)
This curious type of trap is called the bouncing trap and is an absolute novelty in the world of Fortnite . It is positioned and should be used as a normal trap, attaching it to walls and ceilings and has the effect of throwing in the opposite direction any type of unfortunate person who steps on it.

This object is able to nullify all the damage caused by a fall and has a mechanism very similar to that of the jumping rocks; by placing a trap bounced on the ground just before finalizing a fall you will be able to avoid all the possible damage and jump away quickly.

This object has an extremely high skill ceiling because it allows a great variety of uses. You can use bouncing traps to cover your escape while you're enacting a construction war, use it to gain an advantageous position during a firefight, use it to move an opponent's path decisively or to land when you're really too high.

Bouncing traps can be found on the ground, inside the blades and inside the air supplies. They arrive in blocks of three units each and have a limited durability, so you need to calculate your movements a minimum in advance. While you are flying with the bouncing trap you can fire and build as you are not inclined to use the hang glider.

Fortnite object guide - Healing / support objects

The healing / support items, as per name, are related to the shield and life statistics of our character. They have rarities but, after removing the drinking jug, they can also be found on the ground. You can pass them on to your companions using the inventory and the appropriate commands.

Let's see what they are.

Shield Potions (Rare)
One of the most important objects of Fortnite ; you can find it both on the ground and in the coffers and it dramatically increases the chances of survival during a firefight.

To drink a shield potion takes 5 seconds; once the blue slop has been drained we will be rewarded with 50 shield points.
You can get to 100 shield points by drinking this potion.
It is a great item to accumulate when you are in pronounced resource advantage and have high quality weapons.

Small shield potion (common)
It works pretty much the same way as the above mentioned big potion except that it only offers 25 shield points per potion. They are found both on the ground and in boxes, in groups of 4 potions at a time.

It takes 2 seconds to drink a small shield potion. By drinking Small Shield Potions you can reach a maximum of 50 shield points forcing the player to find other ways to complete the remaining 50 points.

Apple (?)
One of the last objects added with the arrival of the very recent Patch 4.2; apples are fruits present in the vicinity of shrubs that can be used by pressing the action key (E on the PC) capable of restoring 5HP to the user.

Apples are found in the areas surrounding certain trees scattered throughout the map; these trees are recognizable because they are small and do not release apples when destroyed.

It takes a single second to eat an apple and you can increase your HP to 100 by simply eating them.

Mushroom (?)
Item added with Patch 4.3. The mushroom is the correspondent of the apple as far as the shield parameter is concerned. It is found in forests and prairies, in wet or dark places.

It is consumable by pressing the action button (E on the PC) and is able to restore 5 shield points to the user. To consume a mushroom you need a single second and with it you can increase your shield to 100, bypassing the limits imposed by the blue potions.

Banana (?)

The banana is one of the items added with patch 8.20. The fruit has the same exact functioning as the above mentioned apple, simply is only traceable within the tropical biome present in the northeast part of the game map.

A banana restores five health points when it is eaten, it is attached to certain trees that no longer release such items when destroyed. Consuming a banana takes a single second and you can increase your HP to 100 through their use.

Coconut (?)

The coconut is one of the items added with patch 8.20. This fruit works similarly to banana and apple, and can be found inside the desert biome and tropical biome; we're talking about the southwest/palmond paradise zone or the northeast zone of the map.

The coconut when eaten provides, within a second, 5 effective health points. If you have reached the maximum of your health, consuming the coconut will help the player to restore your shield for five points at a time. Coconut can be obtained by damaging palm trees scattered around the above mentioned biomes.

Pepper (?)

The pepper is one of the items added with patch 8.20. This vegetable has a special function compared to those that have appeared so far because it allows the player to get 5 health points up to a maximum of 100. Using a pepper you can increase your movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds spun.

The pepper can only be obtained in the desert biome, the southeast corner of the map near Palmeto Paradisiaco.

Pieces of cake (?)

Cake pieces are consumable items that are only found in the vicinity of the large birthday cakes that Epic Games has included in the game to celebrate the first year of the title. These consumable items are only found near the cakes and will be available for a limited time, after which they will (probably) be available for the next birthday event in July 2019.

They are exactly like mushrooms and apples and have the advantage of restoring 5 health points and 5 armor points. Use as many as you can to ensure you get a good boost to your stats before you jump into the middle of the fray.

Bandages (Municipality)
One of the most common objects present within Fortnite ...practically traceable in every crate and every floor. The bandages are the lowest step of the healing items in the title, treating the player for 15HP at a time with a usage time of 4 seconds. Using the bandages you can cure up to a maximum of 75HP. They are available in packs of 4 units.

Medikit (Not common)
The medikit is the next step after the bandages. This first aid box needs a good 10 seconds to be used by the player but it cares for 100 health points always bringing the user's energy back to maximum.
You can find it both on the ground and inside crates or distributors.
The medikit is the classic object that should always be within a player's inventory because it allows the user to reset a fight in one way or another regaining all the lost energy.

Drinking Jug (Legendary)
100 health points, 100 shield points, 15 seconds to swallow all the slop.
The drinking jug is the ultimate healing object, able to resurrect everything that is not yet dead. The drinking jug has the defect of being particularly rare and rather expensive in terms of time to use it; if you intend to use it during a firefight try to fortify yourself in the best possible way.

The drinking carafe is the classic object that should always be inside a player's inventory as it allows the user to reset a fight in one way or another and regain all the energy lost.

Juicy Juice (Epic)
Juicy juice is the all-rounder in the sample book of Fortnite . It restores 25 health points and 25 shield points within 25 seconds avoiding any kind of limitation. Consuming juicy juice takes 2 seconds away from the player. Only one juicy juice can be activated at a time. This item is especially useful because it is a good substitute when you have reached the life cap or shield through small shield potions and bandages and you want to get more life.

Bush (Legendary)
The bush is one of the funniest objects in the whole game. You wear it using it as a potion or blindfold in three seconds and it gives your character the identity of a self-propelled shrub. If you squat down while wearing the bush you are extremely difficult to spot. Very useful if accompanied by a sniper rifle or long range weapons, allows you to get some kill without being discovered if used with the right timing and in the right environment.

While disguised as a bush you will be able to do all the actions of the normal game; the bush will disappear if you take damage from any source, including storm and fall damage.

Fortnite object guide - Backpacks

The backpacks are the latest arrivals of the title, landed with the same patch that brought the solid gold mode v2.

They occupy an inventory slot and can be moved to different places; you can have in your inventory only one backpack at a time, collecting a new one will replace the one currently in use.

Let's see which backpacks exist in the world of Fortnite .

Jetpack (Legendary)
It brings the battle into the clouds. The first of a new type of items, Backpacks.

The description of the Jetpack and the historical memory attached to the name itself already heralds sparks. This backpack will allow our character to fly within the game area in an almost unlimited way. Once in flight it will be possible to do almost (not possible to use close aim) everything. The Jetpack is of legendary rarity and is only found inside the treasure chest.

The Jetpack has a bar, visible both in-game and from the object selection menu, which indicates how much more you can use it. This bar is exhausted by flying or activating the backpack. You can fly the Jetpack or more generally activate it by pressing the jump button while in mid-air; the Jetpack recharges very slowly when not in use. Once the bar has been completely worn down it will break.

If you activate the Jetpack while falling from high altitudes, you can nullify any fall damage with the right timing. It's also extremely useful for running away when you're inside the storm thanks to its ability to make obstacles easy to get over.

The strength of the Jetpack is in giving close combat with shotguns or slow guns (revolvers, handcannons) a new kind of rhythm. The increased mobility allows the player to deceive and find new glimpses from which to ball the unfortunate opponent. To do this, use the Jetpack just enough to get a little boost and disorient the opponent. It is not recommended to use the Jetpack for long and medium distances.

The Jetpack has been put back into balance after the 4.7 patch and is therefore currently completely unusable.

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