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We all saw the arrival of the black hole as the biggest of the many small changes that Eipc Games had in mind for his Fortnite , but very few of us could imagine a change of such magnitude within one of the most rooted video games currently out there. With the end of the astrophysical event, Epic Games has renewed all the cards on the table bringing a kind of sequel to Fortnite Royal Battle called Fortnite chapter 2, version of the title that will make us company (presumably) for the next ten seasons of the game or until the release of the title from the limbo of early access (because Fortnite still in early access).

No need to talk nonsense, what do we have with this new chapter two within the title?
We have a myriad of new things that we have more or less covered in a macro guide; we can talk about the fishing rods and their ability to turn a game on itself based on the luck of the player, we can talk about the renewed set of weapons within the title that transform the lucky challenges of recent seasons in a series of clashes much more reasoned, we can talk about motorboats and the possibility of swimming, real novelty of the title and driving force of new ways of playing.

Why not talk about the new map?
Full of places yet to visit and secrets yet to be discovered, full of many small novelties that will end up changing the way the more experienced players play, this time with less chance of skybuilding, less chance of doing something else, more need for precision. The addition of historical places, named places and old challenges will be back in today's guide, dedicated to all the challenges of the first season of the title.

What are we talking about?
Let's go see how you complete the new world challenges!

Fortnite chapter 2 - here's how to complete the shooting challenges

Make eliminations while you have fifty or less health points.

This challenge asks the player to take home two opponent eliminations when you have less than fifty health points, all in one or more games. To complete this challenge we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the Team Brawl mode to make the most of the continuous and infinite respawn. Basically get into the game, start playing and get injured until you reach the health point quota required for the challenge; once you've done that, get in there and show everyone who is the player with the best aim on the battlefield to complete the challenge.

If you have problems, remember to make intelligent use of the various hiding places that have become part of the Royal Fortnite Battle world with the arrival of Chapter 2; in this regard, we stress the importance of ambushes in this case, which allow the player to take many life points away from opponents quickly without risking too much when you have little life to fight with.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Eat the apples harvested in the orchard.

This challenge asks the player to consume several apples harvested at the orchard, a location north of Frenetic Farms with trees that spaw the juicy fruits. In order to consume an apple you must have suffered damage (which you can inflict yourself, of course, through grenades, missile launchers and other such travails). The location, located at quadrant F3 north of Frenetic Farms will be plausibly populated by many players during these weeks of challenge, which is why we advise you to be careful and use all your skills to get the better of your opponents or to stock up on health points without dying.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Eliminate opponents at Whispering Forest or at a monument

This challenge asks the player to make eliminations at either the Whispering Forest, one of the locations of the game or at the monuments (also known as historical places within the title lexicon). Foresta Frignante, specifically, is a location always quite populated during the first moments of the game so you will certainly have no problems to find one or more opponents to massacre, but the historical places are much less trafficked and scattered throughout the game map, which is why we advise you not to go looking for adveresari at such locations.

To be fair, in any case, we leave you a map with the complete list of historical monuments/places where you can complete this challenge; if you don't find anyone you know why.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

He dances at the wooded bivouac, the scarecrow and the plumber.

This challenge asks the player to use his favorite dance emote at three specific points on the game map during one or more games. The points where you will need to show off your best moves are as follows.

The wooded bivouac can be found in the area that separates South Sands from Holly Hedges, at box B4 of the game map.
The scarecrow is located in the area just south of Fattoria Frenetica, close to the tarmac road leading to the bridge. On the game map, this location can be found at quadrant E4.
You can find the plumber instead in the deep south of the game map, near the mountain behind Brumose Heath; on the map he is at box F8.

Reach those locations, open the emote wheel and start venting your dancer skills to complete the challenge and move on to the next delivery of this new series of challenges made in Real Fortnite Battle

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Get health by eating a small fish, a flopper fish and a juicy fish.

This challenge asks the player to regain health points through their fishing skills, great skills to put to the test with the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 2. Specifically, this challenge asks the player to consume three of the four technically present fish in the game: the small fish, the flopper fish and the juicy fish.

In order to be able to fish, as you probably already know, you need a fishing rod and get close to a stream: we bring you back an inscription from our guide.

Once you have equipped your fishing rod you simply approach the location with patience and press the fire button, this will allow the player to choose the length and height of your throw with a bluish bow clearly visible on the screen. Trying to aim for the circle of the fishing area, let go of the action button to start the line with the hook and be patient. In case of a wrong start, you can start over by simply pressing the action button again.

If the line and hook have ended up in the right place you just have to wait a few seconds until you see the hook sink into the water for a fraction of a second; this event will be accompanied by a very specific effect reminiscent of a splash. If these conditions come true, quickly bring the line back to shore by pressing the action button again and you will see the fruits of your catch.

Remember that you have to be injured in some way in order to use the fish, which is why it is best to hurt yourself slightly first through the use of grenades or falls from dangerous heights in order to complete this challenge. Remember that you can also use the speargun to complete this challenge.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Eliminate opponents using only guns

This challenge asks the player to eliminate opponents scattered around the game map using only guns as a weapon. Guns are among the weakest weapons in Fortnite the game, which is why it is legitimate to think that this challenge is able to worry more than one player as it must be completed with a lot of work. Our advice to complete this challenge is to take the gun with the best rarity among those that you can find and go into team brawl mode to try to dominate the opponents through the presence of the respawn that, no doubt, will end up simplifying everything.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Visit 3 named locations in a single game.

This challenge asks the player to go around three locations in a single game. The locations with names, which we list below, are all those areas of the game map that have a name written on them and represent the cornerstones of the Fortnite visa action that includes the majority of players match by match. To complete this challenge we recommend a route to follow in order to save time and money while trying to minimize plausible damage.

The three locations closest to each other are Borgo Bislacco, Foresta Frignante and Siepi D'Agrifoglio; to quickly complete the challenge land in Borgo Bislacco or Siepi D'Agrifoglio, head to Foresta Frignante using the plants as cover and then exit to the remaining location, hoping that no one has the dazzling idea of taking you out.

Here is for convenience the list of locations where you can complete the challenge:

Borgo Bislacco
Frenetic Farm
Pacific Park
Craggy Cliffs
Foschi Fumaioli
Sweaty Sands
Molested Wharves
Trade Course
Languid Lake
Bruminous Heath
Palpitating Mire
Whispering Forest
Agrifolium Hedges

Complete this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Inflict damage using shotguns

This challenge asks the player to go around the game map inflicting damage with shotguns, a category of weapons that includes two different types of firearms (both quite strong): Pump Rifles and Tactical Pump Rifles. Pump guns are top dps weapons that shoot myriads of bullets to save used and do considerable damage, this allows them to be among the most popular weapons in the game in virtually any rarity and are perfect for a challenge like the one outlined by the delivery above.

To conclude this challenge we suggest, for a matter of simplicity, to do everything in Team Fight mode where the presence of the respawn will simplify the completion of the challenge through lesser risks for death.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Saved from falling damage by landing at a hiding place.

This challenge asks the player to nullify fall damage by entering a hiding place. Basically to complete this challenge you need to wisely use the open straw bales or garbage bins inside which you can hide to avoid enemy blows. First of all you need to define the positions of each hiding place on the game map to complete this challenge, which is very easy since each city has at least one dumpster where you can hide and hectic farms is full of piles of hay to throw yourself into at high speed.

Found the hiding place to launch into simply create a staircase at least five floors high and throw yourself on them by taking the contextual button when required; this will nullifliferà the damage and allow the player to complete the challenge in question then moving on to the subsequent requests of Epic Games about how to play a game of Fortnite . If you have problems completing this challenge you can always use the team brawl mode to simplify it, as there will be an entire half of the map free from opponents to use to complete the requests.

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Cured within 10 seconds of taking damage from an enemy

This challenge asks the player to heal within ten seconds of taking damage from an enemy through any of the many items available in the game. To complete this challenge, you'll simply need to have bandages or a blindfold, get into battle with opponents, get injured and then use the object in question to quickly heal yourself and complete the challenge.

Here too the blindfold launcher is highly recommended; the possibility of using the bullets immediately to cure yourself makes the challenge decidedly simple while we strongly advise against the use of the medikit, since it takes more than five seconds for the activation of the medikit itself; in five seconds it is possible (unfortunately) to pass directly amiglior vita

Nothing simpler, after a firefight it very often happens that you have to take care of yourself to get back on track. If you have treatment available, use it within 10 seconds of the last damage suffered, and the challenge is complete!

Completing this challenge will reward the player with fifty-two thousand experience points.

Look for the letter T hidden inside the Shooting Shooting Load screen.

If you have completed all the challenges we have talked about above in the Shooting category, Epic Games will reward you for your work with an exclusive screenshot called, in fact, shooting.

The letter T that must be found to conclude this challenge, to be precise, is located under a bridge that can be found in a wooded area. Head towards Foresta Frignante and start skirting the watercourse going north to find the bridge and the letter T hidden between the beams. To make the letter appear, remember that you must arrive in the vicinity of the precise location.

If you also have problems with the wonderful world, Fortnite consult the guides we have created for you and your problems.
The guides are divided into two macro scripts, those related to the weekly challenges that Epic Games offers to players through the battle pass (no generic challenges for now) and a series of encyclopedia guides with all the relevant information if someone wants to have tips and tricks on how to better use weapons or where to land!

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