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We've all seen the arrival of the black hole as the biggest of the many small innovations that Eipc Games had in mind for theirs Fortnite but, in very few, could we imagine a change of such magnitude within one of the most entrenched video games out there today. With the end of the astrophysical event, Epic Games has revamped all the cards on the table by bringing a sort of sequel to the Fortnite Battle Royale called C Fortnite chapter 2, a version of the title that will keep us company (presumably) for the next ten seasons of the game or until the title's release from early access limbo (because Fortnite is still in early access).

What do we have with this new chapter two in the title?
We have a plethora of new things that we've more or less covered in a macro guide, we can talk about fishing rods and their ability to turn a game into a game in itself based on the luck of the player, we can talk about the revamped set of weapons within the title that turn the lucky challenges of the last few seasons into a much more reasoned series of confrontations, we can talk about speedboats and the ability to swim, a true novelty of the title and driver of new ways to play.

Why not talk about the new map?
Full of places still to visit and secrets still to discover, full of many small news that will end up changing the way of playing for the most experienced players, this time with less chance to build the sky, less chance to do something else, more need for precision. The addition of historical locations, named locations and old challenges will be back in today's guide, dedicated to all the challenges from the first season of the title.

What are we talking about?
Let's see how they complete the new world challenges!

Fortnite chapter 2 - "Forged in the sip" challenge guide.

Finding chests in the palpation sludge or in the trade course.

This challenge asks the player to go and find seven treasure chests of any rarity in two specific locations on the game map - Palpitating Sludge and Corso Commercio. The former is the location between coordinates C6 and C7 on the game map and the latter between coordinates G6 and H6 on the game map; both locations are quite rich in treasure chests with more than fifteen each and therefore will certainly not pose a challenge for Fortnite navgati minimum players.

To find the chests you should always remember their visual characteristics and turn up the game's volume as much as possible; the wooden chests emit a golden glow that pierces the walls making finding them anything but a problem and have a characteristic tinkling sound that resonates within the areas where they are found and can help the player find the treasure. Remember not to knock over the floor tiles they rest on with the collecting tool and not to destroy them with pickaxes otherwise you will lose the chest forever. In a couple of games you can find these fateful seven chests and move on to the next challenge.

Eliminate opponents with a weapon of each rarity level.

This challenge asks the player to eliminate five opponents using one weapon of each rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary). In common there are items, the higher the rarity of the weapon in question, the more damage it will do and the easier it will be to get the kill; try your best and all will be well!

Upgrade a Weapon Using an Upgrade Station (0/3)

This challenge asks the player to make smart use of one of the most important new features in Fortnite Chapter 2, namely the upgrade stations represented by workbenches. Upgrade stations are scattered workbenches so that all named locations have a chance to increase the rarity of the weapon we feed them with in exchange for resources. We copied here all the most important information about these stations which you can also find in our weapon guide which you can find linked at the end of this article.

Here is the amount of resources needed to upgrade the weapons:

  • From common to uncommon: 50 units of wood, 50 units of stone, 50 units of metal.
  • Uncommon to rare: 150 units of wood, 150 units of stone, 150 units of metal
  • Rare to epic: 250 units of wood, 250 units of stone, 250 units of metal...
  • Epic to Legendary: 350 units of wood, 350 units of stone, 350 units of metal...

To help you find the workbenches inside Fortnite in Chapter 2 we've made a map for you with all the workbenches we've found during our wanderings. The map may change over the next few months, but it's fair to think that the position of many workbenches will remain unchanged over time.

Here is a textual description of the location of each workbench we found.

  • One workbench is located on the small island northeast of Steep Cliffs, inside a log cabin.
  • A workbench is located on the beach east of Cliffs Cliffs.
  • A workbench is located on the west side of Pacific Park, inside the military base that runs along the river.
  • A workbench is located at the gas station northwest of Pacific Park.
  • A workbench is located in the log cabin inside the east side of the drive-in that was once Risky Rapids, now very close to the west side of Frantic Farms.
  • A workbench is located at the Pressola military base on the street north of Abused Piers.
  • A workbench is located at the landfill west of Abused Docks, inside a building.
  • A workbench is located in the garage on the northern border of Abused Piers.
  • A workbench can be found in the garage inside the large white house at the top of the hill northwest of Siepi D'Agrifoglio.
  • A workbench can be found in the fisherman's house at the pond south of the Sweaty Beaches.
  • A workbench can be found inside the large hangar along the road south of Holly Hedges.
  • A workbench can be found inside the factory located in the western area of the Whispering Forest
  • A workbench is located inside a garage at the campground that is located in the west area of Whispering Woods
  • A workbench is located on the top floor of the structure in the northwest corner of the Palpitante Swamp
  • A workbench is located inside the garage that can be found at the large dam in the eastern area of Whispering Forest.
  • A workbench can be found inside the military base in the hills southwest of Brumose Heath.
  • A workbench can be found inside the workshop on the eastern side of the small island that is located in the southernmost part of the map, between Brumose Heath and the Trade Course.
  • A workbench can be found in the genre construction room underneath the aqueduct in Course of Trade.

Dance on the compact cars, at the Lockie lighthouse and at the weather station.

This challenge asks the player to use the dance emote in three different locations in the Fortnite world, namely in compacted cars, at Lockie's lighthouse and at a weather station.

The first location, the compact car location, is nothing more than the car dump located west of Moli Molesti, at coordinates G4 on the game map. This location, inspired by the garbage crossroads, is nothing more than a small car junkyard full of car corpses reduced to metal blocks and garbage!
On our map it is indicated by the number 1.

The second location, Lockie Lighthouse, is nothing more than the giant lighthouse located on the small island north of South Sands at coordinates C1 on the game map. This challenge can be completed by dancing around on the ground floor or on top of the lighthouse, so it would be legitimate to complete it in a sprint right after you landed after the battle bus launch.
On our map it is indicated by the number 2.

The third location, the weather station, is on top of one of the mountains in the southern part of the map, at coordinates G7 on the game map. The area is very large, full of antennas and metal structures for detecting weather conditions, go wherever you want and use the thrill of the dance!
On our map this location is indicated with the number 3.

Conflict damage to opponents using common weapons

This challenge asks the player to inflict 500 damage to opponents, during one or more matches, using only weapons of the common rarity. In Fortnite chapter 2 common weapons are found with almost absolute simplicity and you just have to choose one suited to your play style to use it to the best of your ability in appropriate situations to complete this challenge. Heavy tactical rifles, for example, are capable of doing a good amount of damage and are very easy to use even for players who are not used to aiming, just use them at close range.

Report a rare, uncommon and epic item (0/3)

This challenge asks the player to point out through the appropriate ping command three objects, one of uncommon rarity, one of rare rarity and one of epic rarity. As previously mentioned, item rarity in this Fortnite Chapter 2 is at the center of a major rework, so as a challenge it will be slightly more complicated than normal to complete.

Normal chests and drops to the ground usually unlock weapons of maximum blue rarity, while to find the epic and legendary items you'll have to rely on ultra-rare chests (which we talk about in our weapon guide at the end of this article) or aerial supplies - that is, those chests that appear during the later stages of the game that slowly descend from the sky and contain items of considerable rarity.

Fortunately you don't have to do anything more than look at the item and press the appropriate button to continue this challenge.

- Eliminate opponents at E.G.O. outposts or in the course of trade.

This challenge asks the player to eliminate three opponents at a series of specific locations within the game map: the EGO outposts and the Trade Course. The latter we already know well after the previous sieves of the game and can be reached at coordinates G6 and H6 on the game map while the story is different for the EGO outposts, unnamed locations scattered on the game map.

To find the different E.G.O. locations we decided to create a convenient map to interact with to find your opponents' tombs, you can find it below!

Open a supply drop in different matches

This challenge asks the player to reach the advanced stages of the game and open, in three different games, a supply drop. Resupply drops are those blue boxes that are dropped into the game world by using balloons containing high quality weapons and resources that spawn in a few units during standard mode matches.

To complete this challenge as simply as possible, we recommend that you take advantage of the team fight mode to greatly increase the drop speed of these items. In this mode, supply drops are virtually continuous for both players and will make this challenge an absolute triviality. You can use the map to identify the drops (there is a special blue marker indicating their location on the map) or simply watch for smoke bombs as the supply crates hit the ground, knocking down the balloon holding them while they are in the air.

Conflict damage to opponents using legendary weapons

This challenge asks the player to walk around the game map carrying legendary weapons (i.e. the ones inside the mode will surely help players reach the two hundred and fifty damage crate and complete the challenge quickly, without having to go crazy looking for special chests.

Find the 'R' hidden in the loading screen of Forged in Slurp

This challenge asks the player to find the letter R, hidden somehow in the loading screen of Slurp Forgings. The loading screen in question shows one of the skins that can be unlocked with the battle pass inside the Slurp Lake found on the in-game map, near the Palpitating Swamp with a nearly transparent letter R near the dock that supports the drain.

To essentially find this letter, just get to the northeast area of the swamp, at coordinates C6 on the game map. Here is a map to more quickly understand the position you need to get to within the map to find the letter, in the vicinity of one of the support posts.

If you also have problems with the wonderful world Fortnite check out the guides that we have created for you and your problems.
The guides are divided into two macro scripts, those related to the weekly challenges that Epic Games offers players through the Battle Pass (no generic challenges for now) and a series of encyclopedic guides with all the relevant information if someone wants to have tips and tricks on how to best use weapons or where to land!

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