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In the mode Battle Royale of Fortnite , the place where you decide to land by jumping from the Battle Bus greatly affects the chances of success. Finding decent weapons and loot is a matter of various factors and one of them is the place you decide to land at the beginning of a match. The huge Epic Games update released in January added five new locations to the mode Battle Royale map, which prompted players to adapt their strategies to the new map layout. This guide will cover some of the best places to land in to Fortnite Battle Royale increase your chances of earning a win.

Moisty Mire / Prison

Moisty Mire is by far one of the best places to land during a match of the mode Battle Royale Fortnite , for several reasons. First, there is a prison in the northwest, which is a great place to find weapons and loot. The prison also has a lot of places to hide if you're trying to make camp for a while before you resume the battle.

Secondly, Moisty Mire is an area dotted with trees, especially around the swamp, which can be used to collect tons of wood for construction. In addition, Moisty Mire tends to be less crowded than other central points of interest, as the swamp is located in the southeast corner of the map.

Tomato Town

Just southeast of Anarchy Acres is Tomato Town, the medium-sized town with a huge restaurant and a nearby gas station. The Tomato Town restaurant usually has a trunk hidden behind the counter inside, along with lots of other areas to look for loot. Make sure you also look in the nearby tunnel, as the wall usually contains some hidden chests.

There are also tons of abandoned cars in Tomato Town that can be used to make metal out of them. However, destroying the cars in Fortnite can set off the alarm, alerting enemies of your location. Make sure you have a weapon ready in case you have to deal with an incoming enemy.

The map of Fortnite . In the mode Battle Royale can be decisive to choose the right place to land once you are launched from the Battle Bus.

Greasy Grove

Greasy Grove has tons of buildings that contain hidden crates and loot, making it one of the best places Battle Royale to land in Fortnite . Try looting the Gun Shop first, as there is usually a trunk hidden behind the main counter inside. The great Durrr Burger fast food restaurant will usually have loot as well, so check this building too.

The only downside to landing in Greasy Grove is the fact that it's very populated, which means you're more likely to run into enemies if you stay here too long. However, the buildings in this area are great hiding places, which are perfect for sorting out your team or flushing out your opponents. Keep an eye on other players and quickly loot Greasy Grove to gain an advantage.

Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills is one of five new points of interest that have been added with the Fortnite . Haunted Hills is a good place to land at first, as it's usually not too crowded. If you are one of the first to land in Haunted Hills, go immediately to the Mausoleum to look for hidden crates. If you're lucky enough to get a good sniper rifle, the main building has a tower overlooking the area and is great for sniping.

Haunted Hills is one of the best places to land in a Fortnite .

Depending on where the circle is moving, you can go north of Haunted Hills to Junk Junction, which has a lot of machines to destroy for scrap metal and resources.

Tower northeast of Haunted Hills

There is a large tower to the northeast of the Blaterante Woods overlooking the water. This tower is one of the best places to land Battle Royale Fortnite during a match to find crates and loot. Usually there will be at least three crates generated here.

When you make your descent from the Battle Bus, try to land on top of this tower and make your way along the structure. Cross the various floors that make up the structure and search the tower carefully to make sure you don't miss any loot. From here, you can go west to find other chests near the ice cream truck.

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