Final Fight SNES cheats and codes

Final Fight (which in Japan is known under the title of Fainaru Faito) is a genre coin-op arcade video game fighting horizontal scrolling, manufactured by Capcom in 1989.

Authentic milestone of this kind, together with other masterpieces such as Double Dragon (from an earlier era) and Streets of Rage (available instead for Sega Mega Drive), Final Fight is one of the games still most revered by lovers of scrolling fighting games. The plot of the game is quite classic: Jessica, the daughter of the mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar, was kidnapped by the gang of thugs called "Mad Gear". 
Just Haggar decides to hire Guy e Cody to rout the gang and free his daughter; in addition to the two boys, the former green beret and the damsel's father also sets out to hunt the criminals. If you've played Final Fight but don't know all of them the tricks and secrets, the tips you find below are for you.

Hold L and press Start on the home screen to access a secret menu.

Save the three best scores with the names of CAP, COM and GUY respectively, to start the next game with 5 credits instead of the classic 3.

On the home screen, hold L + R and press Start, then press Up, Down and X to change options. Press R to hear the music and sound effects.

Final Fight - SNES


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