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- Final Fantasy XV Guide to Summons - In the battle for the dominion of Lucis we will not be alone but as per tradition FInal Fantasy puts at our disposal powerful evocations with which to call on the land of the mighty experts. Let's find out together what they are and what to do to unlock them and use them in battle!

This section of our guide will show you how to unlock the Summons of the 6. Once you have obtained the blessing of one of these powerful spirits and survived his advent, defeating him in battle, you can invoke his help. To call them back into the field, simply press the appropriate button when recommended by the game. The attacks of the Six have a devastating power and hit all opponents in the game by inflicting different altered statuses when possible. These huge gods, however, guarantee their intervention at variable time intervals:

The game continuously checks if two fundamental characteristics are respected for the summons: TEAM VARIABLES and ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLES. If both are considered valid, you will be given the opportunity to invoke one of the Sixes. However, this does not mean that you have to summon one of the Sixes because once you do so, an invisible waiting counter will start and you will not be able to use the Summons for some time. Our advice, therefore, is to reserve these powerful Jolly for really tough fights!


We said that to evoke the Six the game will rely on two types of Variables, environmental and team variables that if respected will give you many possibilities to use an Invocation. So let's look in detail at the requirements for unlocking and using each Invocation:

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Defeat it at the end of Chapter 4.
TEAM VARIABLE: The more allies fall in battle the more likely it is that Titan will arrive.
ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE: It is more likely to occur in vast areas such as plains or desert areas.

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Defeat it in Chapter 5.
TEAM VARIABLE: The longer a battle lasts, the more likely it is to be unlocked.
ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE: Available in almost every area of the game including Dangerous Zones.

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Defeat it at the end of Chapter 9.
VARIABLE TEAM: Only when Noctis enters the state of Crisis, the more he remains in this state the more Leviathan can intervene.
ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE: Its help is linked to the water areas, lakes, rivers, coasts, etc.. The closer you are to these areas, the more likely your intervention will be.

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Defeat it at the end of Chapter 12.
TEAM VARIABLE: Varies according to the previous evocations of the other Six.
ENVIRONMENTAL VARIABLE: Available in almost every area of the game including Dangerous Zones, both outdoor and indoor.

HOW TO UNLOCK: Only in the battle against the Boss in Chapter 14.

HOW TO UNLOCK IT: Non-evocable.

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