Final Fantasy XIII-2 : How to Defeat the Bosses Guide

Immediately after solving the riddles of the time mazes at the Ruins of Bersah, activate the awakening device. Let's say that defeating Atlas won't be a piece of cake, but if you've got a Yenicer, fully powered up, at your disposal, position him as the team's main sentinel...he'll be a lot of help! As soon as the little monster goes into crisis, also, set Inexorable Raid and ... hello Atlas! This isn't over yet. Don't get distracted. After the fight, there will be an action sequence. Now it's really over, retrieve the Atlas Particle and a bonus of 2,500 PCs!

Don't let them fool you! Don't underestimate him, as vulnerable to the Air he's really tough but the whole thing could resolve quite quickly if you have a Yenicer at your disposal and position him as a sentinel of the team. Also pay attention to the two instant actions, one at the beginning and one at the end of the battle.

This time, in the Yaschas Mountains, you're looking at a rather powerful creature, it's in good, very good health - 52990 PV - and uses the Seismic Rhombus to hit the whole team at the same time. My advice is to get you a good therapist or alternatively a sentinel with the Optimum Attack Delta. At the end of the battle you will receive the Aloade Particle and the chance to meet Hope.

We're in Oerba and the boss in question tends to focus his attacks on just one member of the team, so using Inexorable Raid he should be on the ground in no time!

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