Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age: Five Useful Tips

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After years and years we finally all have the opportunity to get our hands on the most battered chapter of the huge Final Fantasy saga thanks to a remaster called
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age . We thought we'd draw up a handy set of useful tips to make your game a little more satisfying.
All tips were given without offering any relevant plot information, so they are perfectly Spoiler Free.

Experience and license points the rare monster Dustya

One of the most convenient ways to earn experience points and license points quickly and with relative effort is to repeatedly kill the rare monster Dustya.
This method present in both games allows you to simplify and start the first few hours of play-

It can be found inside the West Desert of Rabanastre - sand corridor, the necessary condition for the monster to appear is the presence in your party of a character with Hp equal to or less than 10% of its maximum value.
So as we enter the area, we'll witness the appearance of this monster who will immediately attack us with Dark magic. But you can comfortably eliminate the monster by casting a phoenix tail over it.
Because of the undead type, the dear Dustya will be dropped instantly making exp and lp appear almost immediately.

As soon as the monster is dead, if the player crosses the threshold between the sand corridor area and any other before experience and license points appear, it will be possible to meet the rare monster again and start the process all over again, allowing the player to get more exp and other license points.
The monster can be tackled practically from the beginning of the game and is the fastest way to reach level 20 as killing the monster in complete solitude will lead to 1,100 experience points.

The phoenix tails are obtainable from the merchant just outside the Nalbina Fortress, to it will also be possible to sell the loot obtained with the defeat of the monster thus earning money to continue farming.

Getting the excellent Spear

The excellent Spear was in the original version of the game the strongest weapon obtainable within the game from the point of view of mere physical strength.
Although in Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age has been overcome by an ultra rare bow called Seitengrat and by the Trango Tower sword it remains excellent for any task.

The excellent spear in the game can be obtained in the following ways.

  • Advance within the hunting club's quest within the Costa Phon.
    Bringing more than 15 trophies to Bangaa Atak will reward you with the weapon.
    Bringing 10 trophies to Atak, 10 trophies to Stok, and 10 trophies to Blok will be bundled with the shield of excellence for 999,999 guil.
  • You can find the weapon in a chest inside the special area of Henne Mines. The chest has 1% to appear and definitely contains the much coveted weapon.

Get the Canopus

The Canopus is the protagonist of one of the trophies that can be obtained through the game; it can be obtained by selling three items in the bazaars and buying the Creepy Vase offer for 250,000 Gil:

  • Flame of Horakti: obtained as a reward for the mission starring Orthos
  • Enamel of Phobos: Obtained as a reward for the hunting mission starring Guiltarta
  • Clay of Deimos : obtained as a reward for the hunting mission starring Trickster

It will allow rare monsters to drug the Grandarcana object and all the others to drug simple Arcana and give the player the Collector trophy.

Increase the drop rate of objects through the rules.

Most in-game items are obtainable through the sale of monster drops within the game setting.
Within the title there are seven items called the Rule of; once obtained they passively give extra percentages for the monster item drop rates. More specifically, each rule allows a monster type to drop more common objects.

They can be obtained from offers in the following way:

  • Hunter's rule: obtainable after defeating the wanted Texta and talking to Gasli inside in the west quarter of Rabanastre. Influences on the monsters of the Magybetic and aviomonster type.
  • Knight's rule: obtainable after talking 30 times with an arms dealer. Influence on giant and insect-like monsters
  • Dragon Rule: Obtain it after defeating the wanted Lost Tomato by checking the game board 40 times. Influence on plant and dragon monsters.
  • Wise man's rule: obtainable after talking to the merchants 100 times. Influences on elemental type monsters
  • Wizard rule: obtainable after talking to the magic merchants 25 times. Influences on monsters of the magical type
  • Paladin rule: obtainable after defeating the wanted Lost Pomodoro and checking the board 20 times. Influences on undead and soft monsters.
  • Scholar's rule: obtainable after talking to protection merchants 15 times. Influences on mass type monsters

Get powerful weapons at the beginning of the game.

You can comfortably tackle the whole adventure by arming yourself at all points during the first moments of the game; in fact, you can get quite powerful weapons compared to those normally found in shops by stealing or killing certain monsters:

  • Killing the Aquilon of the desert west of Dalmasca you can get a burning Arch (64 ATK).
  • By selling 2x Sharp Horn, 4x Molboro Fruits and 6x Aeromagiliti you can get the offer containing the Francisca axe (86 ATK)
    The items are obtained from the monsters Lukertol, King Magnus and Aquilon respectively.
  • By killing the rare monster Werewolf you can get the Slasher axe (54 ATK)
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