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You are looking for the fastest way to complete 100%. Final Fantasy VII Remake ? You are in the right place: our trophy guide will show you everything you need to get to the platinum trophy of the Square Enix game.

The game will provide you with all the information you need 54 trophies .The following lines will help you discover how to unlock them all, including 44 in bronze, 7 in silver, 2 in gold and the ever-present platinum trophy; all you have to do is scroll down the following lines to find out how to unlock them all.

Some preliminary advice

Let's start this guide straight away by telling you that, fortunately, no trophy Final Fantasy VII Remake is missing. Once you've completed the main plot, you'll unlock the ability to select a certain chapter, allowing you to recover anything you may have missed.

To get the platinum trophy, you will need to do two runs, one at any level of challenge, the other at the Difficult" mode. In your first run, we recommend that you devote yourself to collecting collectables, as well as completing all the side quests that the game has to offer.

As for the side missions, there will be 26 of them, and they will all be highlighted on the game map with green markers (pressing R2 you can get a real list). However, in the first playthrough, only 24 will be available; this is because, in chapter 9, some of these are mutually exclusive, which will force you to replay that particular chapter to complete them all.

As for the collectibleThere will be several scattered in the game, but the most important ones are represented by Music Discs, Clothes (in the first run you will find only 3 out of 9 present), Weapons and Places of Johnny's Accident (which are currently working on dedicated guides).

Know also that, every time you find a miniogocothere will be a trophy attached.

Repeat chapter 9 and gain experience in the Arena

In case you've completed the main quest and all the side quests, you'll have to play chapter 9 again and complete the two alternative secondary missions in this part of the plot.

Take advantage of this opportunity to do some healthy grinding at the Arena, bringing your team to the level 50 and, above all, raising the level of your matter spheres (you'll need it for the Battle Reports search).

Second run in "Difficult" mode

In this case, you'll have nothing else to do but select the various chapters and complete them at this particular level of challenge. As you'll notice, you won't be able to use any type of object. Refer to the trophy "Supreme Tenacity"to figure out how best to play this game mode.

In any case, your run at this level of challenge will have to be extremely essential, avoiding any kind of secondary mission, and focusing only on the trophies that you will be able to obtain exclusively in this mode.

Take the last three dresses

All that should be left at this point are the last 3 Wedding Dresses. Select the Chapter 3choose the last dialogue option of Tifa in its "Discovery Event" (exotic or sports). Finish the chapter and exit (be sure to play chapter 3 until the end).

Use the Chapter Selection and get to the Chapter 8You perform 3 of the 6 missions and finish the chapter to get Aeris' last dress (skipping chapters 4 to 7 does not involve any risk, and your choice will affect Chapter 9).

In Chapter 9, perform the alternative missions ...which you didn't get the first playthrough. So, keep playing until the end of chapter 9 to unlock Cloud's last dress.

Tailoring ambition

You went through all the outfits for the Horny audition.

To obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Dresses Guide.

Legendary handyman

Complete all the handyman missions.

In order to obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Guide to handyman missions.

Music collector

Get all the jukebox records.

In order to obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Music Discs Guide.

Analytical Mastery

Complete all the files required for the research dossier.

In order to obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Guide to Chadley's Search Dossiers.

Mastery of war

Learn all the skills of weapons.

In order to obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Weapons Guide.

Eclectic mastery

Learn all the techniques of the enemy.

In order to obtain this trophy, we refer you to our Guide to Enemy Techniques.

Gas intervention

Defeat the Molboro.

To meet this enemy, you'll need to have completed the game at least once, by unlocking the difficult mode. In this case, in the chapter 17, you will come across Combat Simulatorwhich will offer you some stimulating confrontations (do not confuse it with Chapter 16).

In this case, Molboro will represent the fifth round of the thirteenth challenge, entitled "Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend". Access to this series of fights will cost you 600 Gil, a very affordable price.

The team that we recommend you to deal with this boss consists of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith. Cloud is the strongest fighter, Tifa has the right skills to stun the enemy, while Aerith will have the task to heal the team, both from wounds and status alterations.

Beyond the advice we'll give you on the fight, don't forget to use the "Enemy Skill" Matter to learn the technique".Fetid Breath" of the boss (even if it means having to suffer this attack).

Before you get to the enemy in question, you will have to face a Bomb, a Tonberry, a Type 0 Behemot, and a Bomb and a Tonberry at the same time. Fortunately, none of these clashes pose a problem, so just worry about keep the team healthy for Molboro (even if, at the end of each battle, the Simulator will restore 50% of your life bar).

The best strategy to defeat Molboro consists inshoulder. The attacks of the boss, in fact, will be directed only in front of it and, precisely for this reason, place yourself behind it with Cloud, and attack with all your strength, also trying to exhaust him.

If the enemy should turn in your direction, change character, play Typhus, and while the Molboro is busy attacking Cloud, hit him from behind. The boss in question, it's good to remember, is resistant to magic, which is why delegate Aerith to only team care or, if the fight goes well, a few targeted attacks.

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