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In Final Fantasy NT, characters are divided into four main classes. These are Vanguard, Assassin, Marksman and Specialist, each of which has strengths and weaknesses to take into account. In this initial part of the guide, we will briefly explain all four classes of Final Fantasy NT, indicating their roles on the battlefield:

  • Vanguard - Characters in this class act as an advanced front in Final Fantasy NT Dissension, and are basically responsible not only for eliminating most opponents on the battlefield, but should also form an impenetrable wall for the benefit of other weaker characters fighting in the rear.
  • Assassin - Assassin is a good choice for players who prefer speed of execution to brute and blind force. They are more effective from a short distance than Marksman class characters, but do not have the ability to inflict the same damage points as the Vanguard. They still inflict a good dose of damage, the defense is not very high. Assassin is a shooter's number one danger.
  • Marksman - As you might suspect from the name of the class, the role of the Marksman or Shooter in Final Fantasy NT is basically to back down and hit enemies from a distance, whether they are bullets or magic arrows.
  • Specialist - It's pretty hard to define the characters in the Specialist class, but they're basically a mix of the Assassin and Marksman classes. They can be sent forward occasionally to do the dirty work, but they can also provide remote attacks if necessary.
Sephiroth is a character belonging to the Vanguard class.

Final Fantasy NT Character Guide

Vanguard Class Characters

  • Cloud Strife - From Final Fantasy 7, Cloud can engage enemies up close, charging them and sending them into the air with just a few powerful attacks.
  • Sephiroth - Equipped with a long blade that allows quick attacks in combat, Sephiroth is the antagonist of the aforementioned Cloud in Final Fantasy 7. Brute power yes, but his movements are faster than those of other characters in the same class.
  • Cecil Harvey - Cecil is a varied character, able to switch from close combat to long distance combat on the battlefield, he is also equipped with some beautiful aerial combat techniques.
  • Cloud of Darkness - This brawler is not to be underestimated, using Umbral Torrent's deadly ability to power up as the battle rages.
  • Firion - Able to switch between sword, spear and bow on the fly, Firion can chain multiple attacks simultaneously fast enough to perform deadly combos.
  • Garland - A warrior returning from the original Final Fantasy, Garland brings a great sword to the battlefield, which also has the ability to shape-shift.
  • Warrior of Light - A noble warrior with a sword and a shield at his side, can approach without sacrificing defense for the offense with some close attacks. Standing behind him provides a high level of security.
Cloud Strife is one of the most beloved characters in the saga.

Assassin Class Characters

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum - Lucis' heir to the throne in Final Fantasy 15, Noctis has the rather comfortable ability to summon more weapons from nowhere.
  • Lightning - From the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy, Lightning has the ability to go from magical attacks to physical attacks in Final Fantasy NT.
  • Jecht - This blitzball star has the unique ability to undo attacks mid-execution, throwing opponents off balance in the fury of battle.
  • Tidus - Another blitzball star, Tidus has the ability to take down opponents with his bliztball skills, combined with his close attacks with the sword.
  • Kuda - The only character in Final Fantasy NT to be able to hit as he slips, Kuda is also known as the Angel of Death, being able to hit from above with a variety of spells.
  • Zidane Tribal - A brave fighter, Zidane has the key ability to dodge incoming attacks, especially when dueling with enemies in mid-air.
  • Kain Highwind - With very high stats in speed and various skills, Kain also has the ability to hit enemies from a reasonable distance in mid-air with his spear.
Zidane Tribal can dodge attacks while fighting in mid-air.

Marksman class characters

  • Y'shtola - This character supports his teammates with spells to damage the opposing team, as well as modifying the battlefield with several unique spells.
  • Shantotto - The more bravery attacks Shantotto makes in a single battle, the more powerful all his spells become.
  • Ultimecia - His EX ability can be used to hit enemies with magical blasts from any ray, and he also improves his magical ability every time he hits an opponent.
  • Kefka Palace - While some of the Marksman class characters in Final Fantasy NT Specialize in fast spells, Kefka can also cast spells that cover large areas of the battlefield, effectively changing the game in the blink of an eye.
  • Terra Branford - With his strength in magic, Terra can cast spells that hinder opponents or launch a barrage of magic bullets across the battlefield.
  • Golbez - In addition to being able to freeze enemies, Golbez is aided in battle by a powerful shadow dragon.
  • The Emperor - The Starfall ability can block enemies in place for a while, while The Emperor can also trap opponents on the field with various other abilities.
  • Ace - This Final Fantasy Type-0 character wields the playing cards and uses them as a lethal throwing weapon, giving him the ability to attack any opponent from a significant distance.
Kefka Palace can cast spells with a very wide range.

Specialist Class Characters

  • Vaan - Supporting his teammates in battle, Vaan of Final Fantasy 12 has a wide range of offensive weapons.
  • Exdeath - This mage focuses primarily on the ability to obstruct his opponents, for example he can prevent the use of EX abilities, as well as limiting the movements of enemies.
  • Bartz Klauser - This Final Fantasy 5 character has the key ability to improve the strength of his attacks whenever they hit.
  • Onion Knight - He may be the youngest warrior on the roster of Final Fantasy NT, but Onion Knight is a tough nut to crack for any opponent, in fact he has above average speed coupled with his sword skills. Very strong in close attacks.
  • Ramza Boulve - From Final Fantasy Tactics comes Ramza, a sharp warrior who has the ability to make himself and his entire team stronger through his magical arts.
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