Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Where to Find Music Discs

Final Fantasy 7 Remake among the various collectables has 31 music discs hidden throughout the game world. The music discs are objects that bring back to the player songs out of context taken from the original video game and that will delight all collectors and fans.

These music discs can be found in jukeboxes, vending machines, by merchants, talking to characters or completing certain mini-games.

Music discs are only available in certain chapters but are in no way missed by the player. After completing the story the player can replay the various chapters through the selector, with the game interface to indicate how many music discs are missing for each chapter.

The music discs in Final Fantasy 7 can be consulted through the inventory and have a specific identification number. The vast majority of these discs are obtained by simply completing the story but, in order to avoid absences in your inventory at the end, let's see together where to find all the music discs.

Where to find the music discs in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

The music discs described below are in chronological order of discovery during the title storyline.

Chapter 3

Music disc number 3: Tifa's Theme.
The first music record of all Final Fantasy 7 Remake is located inside the Seventh Heaven bar, in the residential area of Sector 8. After talking to Marlene the player will be given the opportunity to go around the bar and here, interacting with the Juke Box, will have the chance to get the first record.

Musical disc number 27: Hip Hop de Chocobo
The music track in question is located within the residential area of the slums and can be obtained even before entering the Bar Settimo Cielo for the first time. This track is obtained by talking to a man who is nearby, surrounded by other people.

Musical Disc Number 1: The Prelude
This music record is obtained by purchasing it from the first item shop you visit while Tifa is in your party, for a practically derisory amount of money.

Music disc number 4: Barret's Theme
This music disc can be unlocked after unlocking the secondary quests. In order to get this disc you need to go back to the train station where the game started and buy the disc from the owner of the item store for a small fee.

Chapter 5

Music disc number 28: Stamp
After fighting the two flamethrower turrets you can enter a secondary corridor where you can open a door. This will lead to a vending machine which will contain the music CD in question.

Chapter 6

Music disc number 18: Electric De Chocobo.
This disc is located inside the ventilation control room that you will encounter during the course of history. After turning on all three solar lights, instead of using the large elevator lifts, head east to a smaller lift and use this to reach the area where you can find a large number of fans. If you look hard enough in one room you will find a vending machine that sells, for a pittance, the aforementioned music record.

Chapter 7

Music disc number 2: Bombing Mission
This music disc is found just having seen Barret, Cheers and Cloud simultaneously press a switch to open a door. Behind that door you will find a vending machine that will sell the above mentioned music disc for little money.

Chapter 8

Music Disc 21: Cait Sith's Theme
This music disc is obtained from the vending machine called "potions & music" that you can find at the train station.

Music Disk 25: Tango Of Tears
This music disc is located inside the Jukebox that you can find inside the building to the left of the Leaf House, along with many elderly people. This record you can get just after seeing Aerith leave flowers at the Leaf House.

Music Disco 19: Costa del Sol.
This disc can be purchased by talking to the shopkeeper of the Matter store that you can find in sector 5.

Disco Music 20: Gold Saucer
We buy this record from the shop that asks for mogul medals for a single medal, inside the secret children's hideout in area 5.

Chapter 9

Music Disk 22: Cosmo Canyon
After taking Aerith with the mechanical arm you will be able to continue inside the collapsed highway; before arriving at the point where you will need to walk balanced above the greenish water there will be a seller from which you can buy the above mentioned music track.

Music Disc 10: Honeybee Inn
This record can be purchased from the object shop that you can find inside the Wall Market.

Music Disk 17: Farm Boy
This disc is obtained by talking to the cowgirl who is inside the walled market, at the end of several steps north of Chadley.

Music Disc 8: Under The Rotting Pizza
To obtain this music disc you will need to interact with the jukebox that is located in the area south of the Hotel in the Walled Market.

Music Disk 29: The Midgar Blues
To get this music record talk to the karaoke singer at the bar in front of the gym in the walled market. The singer after a few lines of dialogue will give you this music record.

Music Disk 26_ Let The Battles Begin! -REMAKE-
This music disc is related to a particular minigame and is easy enough to lose if you don't know the mechanics of the game. Inside the honeybee inn you will find the 3 girls in bee costume and talk to them to enter a dance challenge. Getting as a great rating on all ten key inputs you will get the above mentioned music disc.
To make obtaining this record simple, we recommend that you simply save it manually before entering the Honeybee Inn and then reload according to your wishes.

Music Disc 11: Don Of The Slums
After meeting with Aerith and Tifa during the Honeybee Inn events, you can purchase this music disc by interacting with the vending machine inside the room where you wake up.

Chapter 10

Music disc number 9: The Oppressed
This disc can be obtained from a vending machine inside the sewers, just after draining the water inside the first aqueduct.

Chapter 11

Music Disc Number 6: Let The Battles Begin!
This music record is obtained from a vending machine just outside the control room (east of this one, to be precise). As usual, this music disc can also be found just by sharpening your ears and listening to the music coming from somewhere.

Chapter 13

Music disc number 15: On Our Way
This music disc is located inside the shop of objects that you can find in the camp that has been created inside the park. This area is obligatory visited by the player during the playthrough and the music disc is sold for a measly 50 gil by the shopkeeper.

Music Disk Number 14: Main The Of FFVII
This music disc can be purchased from the vending machine that you meet inside a room while you are looking for Wedge. The vending machine of the case is impossible to avoid and is found shortly after facing an exasperated number of swarms of insects.

Chapter 14

Music disc number 23: Descendant Of Shinobi
This music disc is located in sector 5, near Johnny.

Music disc number 7: Turk's Theme
This music disc is located on the road from Sector 5 to Sector 6. Talk to the lady looking at the pond in the ruins to get the music disc delivered and get the beautiful Turks theme music.

Music Disc Number 16: Good Night, Until Tomorrow
This music disc is located within the area of the walled market, in the hotel more precisely. Talk to the elderly gentleman next to the receptionist to get the above mentioned song.

Music Disc Number 12: Fight On
Buy this record from the Souvenir shop inside the first room of the Colosseum.

Music disc number 30: Stand Up
To get this record you need to talk to the girl in the alley to the left of the Honey Bee Inn entrance.

Music disc number 24: Wutai
In order to get this record you have to go south of the colosseum of Mercato Murato, following the road that goes west. Along this path it will be possible for the player to find a man who listens to this music; talk to him to get the track.

Music disc number 13: The Chase
This record will be obtained by exploring for history one of the roads leading to the sewers. This record can be bought from the vending machine inside the small room at the fourth area of the aqueduct; because of the story you will forcibly meet this room during your playthrough.

Chapter 15

Music disc number 05: Lurking in the darkness
This music record is located inside a vending machine in front of the central tower; it is almost impossible not to stop there and buy it during a normal playthrough of history.

Chapter 16

Music disc number 31: Scarlet's Theme
This music cd is located to the right of the combat simulator that you will encounter during the course of history, inside the Shinra headquarters. The disc will be obtained by interacting with the juke box that will be in the area.

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