Final Fantasy7 Remake: Bonds of Friendship Trophy Guide

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a game full of things to do.
Among the secondary content that the game includes is a long subquest starring Johnny, one of the forgotten secondary characters that existed in the original game.

Johnny will appear five times during the course of the game in different chapters and each time will ask us for a hand with problems that grip him.

Let's see in this guide how to solve this and how to earn the "special friendship" trophy.

All meetings with Johnny

Chapter 3

The first meeting with Johnny

The first meeting with our dear Johnny takes place in a compulsory way during chapter 3 of the story. After completing the first handful of secondary events related to the continuation of the storyline you will need to return to the Settimo Cielo bar. Out here you will find a large crowd and as we approach we will start a cutscene with our dear Johnny.
This first meeting is linked to the events of history and is therefore not to be missed in any way.

Chapter 9

The second encounter with Johnny

In the area of the walled market, south of Chadley, you can meet Johnny running away from us (event in purple on the game map, take a look to see exactly where). If you follow Johnny talk to him and answer affirmatively to his phrases to complete this second encounter as well.

Third meeting with Johnny

This meeting is only available after completing the secondary quest "the party never stops".
This secondary quest asks the player to chase Johnny around the walled marketplace by repeatedly talking to him in front of various buildings marked by the appropriate beacons. By completing all the discussions you will have also solved this third point.

Chapter 14

Fourth meeting with Johnny

This meeting with Johnny is all about the secondary Tomboy Bandit quest, which starts by exploring the train station at the underground station in Sector 5.

Fifth meeting with Johnny

The last encounter with Johnny is always linked to the completion of the secondary Tomboy Bandit quest. By completing the quest and returning the maltolto poor Johnny we'll finally rid him of his problems and get the trophy Eternal Friendship.

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