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Fate/Grand Order brings the universe of Fate/stay to mobile too! Chaldea, a mysterious organization with the aim of protecting humanity, has announced that in 2019 a disaster will lead to the extinction of our species... Our task, of course, is to change the course of history and make sure everything goes right. How do we do that? Hard to say, surely the tricks and advice in this guide could be very useful in your mission. Are you ready? Let's get started!

Watch out for the Master Mission

All players, especially newcomers, should remember to complete the master missions in the game. This way, in fact, you can easily get premium currency to spend in-game. Warning: missions arrive every day but expire after three days, so don't keep them on hold for too long... You may regret it in the long run!

Improve your servants

You can easily improve your servants by "merging" them with certain materials: they do not gain experience from battles and therefore do not automatically upgrade themselves. The purpose of upgrade cards is precisely this: to increase the level of your minions, improve their skills and lead them to evolution. Enhanced minions are the key to success - don't ignore them!

Discover the enemy's weaknesses!

Every servant and enemy has a certain tendency or class. There are two triangles that determine the advantage of one trend over another:

- The first is: saber beats lancher beats archer beats saber beats lancher beats archer beats archer beats archer beats archer beats archer beats archer beater.

- the second is rider beats caster beats assassin beats rider

Use these simple triangles to win the battle.

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