Far Cry Guide 5: How to Get the Cheeseburger Bear

Getting the people of the State of Montana out of John Seed's murderous madness is undoubtedly a difficult feat. For this very reason, in Far Cry 5 we can count on the help of allies, both human and non-human. The animal world of this new chapter of the Ubisoft franchise will guarantee us three "furry companions" that can literally turn the outcome of a confrontation upside down: a dog, a cougar and a bear. The guide in question will dwell on the bear Cheeseburger, whose name is already synonymous with sympathy and, above all, power. In this article, we will tell you how to recruit Cheeseburger and what his unique skills are.

Far Cry 5: Where to Find the Cheeseburger Bear

While "hiring" Boomer the dog and Peaches the puma was a simple task, with Cheeseburger things will be a bit longer and more challenging. Simply put, you'll have to go on a big adventure to make our cute diabetic bear (yes, Cheeseburger has diabetes) a member of your alliance. First of all, we will have to head to the F.A.N.G. Center in Jacob's territory, northwest of Baron Lumber Mill.

The F.A.N.G. Center, as you can easily understand, is under the control of cultists. Precisely for this reason, when you reach the area, you will have to clear the outpost of their annoying presence. We invite you to be careful: this is a rather demanding undertaking. Our advice is to take out as many enemies as possible in stealth mode, trying not to be too conspicuous and above all not to attract attention. The moment you are spotted by the cultists, they will not hesitate to call for reinforcements, which will definitely complicate your plans. However, prevailing will never be an impossible task. The moment you feel too outnumbered, you can find refuge in the surrounding woods to overwhelm your enemies once.

This is where the quest to save Cheeseburger begins.

When you've freed the F.A.N.G. Center, you'll need to talk to Wade, who will appear to you as a new available character after you complete the task. He will be the one to tell you about Cheeseburger. It seems that the bear in question has been captured by cultists and, of course, it will be up to us to find him. Wade will also advise us to take some salmon with us; however, we will not be able to simply buy it: we will have to get it by fishing.

Following the marker of the quest, we will reach a small stream where we can actually fish our salmon, breaking the rhythm with a touch of originality really nice. All we have to do, in this case, is throw our hook into the water, and wait for a fish to bite. Just follow the instructions on the game screen to catch the salmon and pull it up. It may take a while before you master the mechanism well, so be patient. Once we get our "fish stock", it's time to get on the trail and save Cheeseburger!

To continue, we will need to head to Linero Building Supplies and eliminate all cultists present. They're the ones who imprisoned Cheeseburger. We can't get him out of there until we kill them all. When they're all dead, take a look around and you'll find our bear friend, with a very low morale. Give him the salmon and make him your best friend right now. Don't think you're done with the shooting, though. The cultists will come back and try to take our furry ally away. Once again, we'll have to take out every opponent who stands before us. Only after we beat the cultists, Cheeseburger will be put on the Far Cry 5 ally roster.

The skills of Cheeseburger

Having a bear for a friend is definitely a great prospect.

Once recruited, the Cheeseburger bear can be assigned to your ally slot. In case you have unlocked the "Leadership" perk, you will have a new slot available. As you can easily understand, our dear Cheeseburger will have incredible fighting skills. However, the bear friend can also rely on two unique skills. With "Bear Arms", for example, Cheeseburger will start attacking the enemies present, while with "Cross to Bear", he will attract the attention of our opponents during the combat phases.

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