Far Cry Guide 5: How to Craft Explosives and Medicines

Crafting in Far Cry 5 is a key part because it allows you to create explosives, which give you a big advantage in combat, and homeopathic remedies, a kind of medicine that act as temporary power-ups that increase certain character characteristics. In this Far Cry 5 crafting guide we'll see what ingredients to use to create all the explosives and medicines in the game.

How to create explosives in Far Cry 5

In Far Cry 5 you can create explosives, which are very useful in facing the cult and the many dangerous wild animals scattered around the game world. Below we've listed the explosives available in the game and the ingredients, with their quantity, that are used to make them.

To access the creation menu, open the weapons wheel, then highlight the options at the bottom left or bottom right, then use the arrow keys to scroll through the options. Items that can be made will be highlighted.

  • Molotov - 2x Liquor + 2x Fasteners
  • Remote explosive - 2x Fasteners + 2x Nitro + 2x Trigger cap
  • Proximity Explosive - 2x Enclosure + 2x Nitro + 2x Trigger cap
  • Dynamite - 2x Fasteners + 2x Casing + 2x Nitro

How to create homeopathic remedies in Far Cry 5

During our adventure in Hope County, we will not always be able to advance among crazy cultists and wild animals annoyed by our presence without using some help. These aids in Far Cry 5 are homeopathic remedies, but if we call them drugs we're not wrong by much, which give the character a temporary boost in a certain skill. There are four available in the game. To access them just open the weapons wheel and go to the second card,. Every homeopathic remedy needs ingredients to be created.

The Furious

Increase the damage of melee attacks for a limited time.

2x Oil of Bliss
2x Prairie Fire

With The Furious, your hand-to-hand attacks will hurt like hell.

The Fast

Increase your speed for a limited time.

2x Oil of Bliss
2x Jimson's Grass

The Fast is the drug that increases speed

Ultimate Hunter

Automatically marks all animals and enemies in your field of vision and makes predators flee.

2x Prairie Fire
2x Mustard
2x Jimson's Grass

Become a merciless hunter for a limited time.

Ultimate Survivor

It considerably reduces the damage you're getting.

2x Lupines
2x Pungent Lettuce
2x Oil of Bliss

It reduces the damage suffered. One of the most effective remedies to survive in Far Cry 5.

You can also create liqueurs and 'oregano', which will temporarily intoxicate you. You can create them from the same menu as homeopaths.

Can you create Medikit in Far Cry 5?

It is very easy to suffer a lot of damage in Far Cry 5, so it is recommended to use medikits. It's assumed, then, that you can create medikits considering the attention paid to crafting mechanics... but in reality you can't.

You can't create medikit in Far Cry 5, which is quite bizarre. Medikits can be bought in stores or found in the game world, but they cannot be created.

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