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The new Far Cry has literally catapulted us into the vast, sunny county of Hope in the state of Montana. In this adventure of ours, we must get the better of the dangerous John Seed sect. Like every game in the series, Far Cry 5 has so many goals to achieve. There are 51 trophies available: 38 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and the inevitable platinum. As in previous incarnations of the franchise, there will be no missing trophies. Once the main quest is completed, in case you need to unlock a few more trophies, you can easily get them later, without being forced to start all over again from the beginning. For this very reason, we recommend that you enjoy the story without too much trouble, and only devote yourself to the trophies later.

Far Cry 5: some preliminary advice

As mentioned above, at the end of the game there will be a free roaming mode, which will allow us to get the missing trophies. However, it should be noted that some of them can be obtained more easily during the course of the game. For example, once you have cleared a region, the presence of enemies will decrease. Precisely for this reason, if you want to unlock an objective related to the performance of certain actions, you'd better get it before the aforementioned release, to avoid having to reset the various outposts. The only attention you need to pay is the "Crazy Expenses" trophy. In this case, you will have to spend $50,000 on cars. For this very reason, we advise you to accumulate the necessary money as soon as possible. Don't buy weapons or accessories that you don't need immediately, you may be forced to grind a lot when the game is over.

All trophies related to the main quest can be played both solo and co-op. However, there is a note to be made: the trophies in question will be obtained only by the host, and not by the guest player.

As for the Arcade mode, the only trophies related to multiplayer are only two, and they can be obtained in a short time. Before going any further, there's an important premise: THE TROPHY GUIDE CONTAINS SPOILER! Therefore, continue only if you have already completed the main plot.

Bronze Trophies

The spark
Complete the introduction of the game by unleashing Dutch's Island (single campaign only).

Trophy related to history, impossible to miss. You will get it after completing the prologue.

An adventurous ordeal
Make sure that the baby is born safe and sound (single campaign only).

To get this trophy, you'll need to complete a secondary mission called "Special Deliveries". You will get it from Rye & Sons Aviation in John's region. The quest will only become available once you have cleared the territory. From that moment on, you will receive a call from Kim Rye, who will ask to meet you, thus starting the quest. In case you would like further clarification, we leave a video attached.

Walk down the street
Discover the Gaudio (single campaign only).

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You'll get it when you complete the main mission "The Joy", in Faith's territory, during the second dream sequence.

The rescue of Sheriff Whitehorse
Save Sheriff Whitehorse (single campaign only).

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You'll get it once you've cleared Faith's region.

The rescue of Deputy Pratt
Save Deputy Pratt (single campaign only).

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You'll get it once you've liberated Jacob's region.

Science says so
Forget skepticism and help Larry (single campaign only).

Could the aliens have missed in Far Cry 5? To get this trophy, you'll have to find Larry first. It's an NPC, which you'll meet in John's region, precisely near the Parker Laboratories' Fast Travel Point, west of Fall's End, the main city in the area. Our Larry will be trapped behind an electrical barrier, which you can turn off by turning off the three generators nearby (which will be marked on the map).

As soon as you get him out, Larry will give you four side missions:

  1. Clear Larry;
  2. Hero's Journey;
  3. Close encounters;
  4. From another planet;

Once you've completed all the missions, go back to Larry and get the trophy. You'll be able to access the quest at practically any moment, since it's a secondary mission and not related to the main story. In case you need further clarification, we leave you a video attached.

Don't be shy
Who are these people? Talk to 50 Hope County residents (country single only).

Although the description of the trophy is quite simple, there is a clarification to be made: we won't only have to talk to 50 inhabitants, but listen to 50 unique dialogues. The moment you talk to a person, listen completely to what they have to say to you, without skipping any dialogue. There are many ways in which you can find people to talk to. First of all, during the various missions, there will be many NPCs that you will meet: talk to each one of them and you will accumulate a large amount of dialogue. You'll be able to talk to the same characters even more than once, so you'll "exhaust" everything they have to say to you.

In case you didn't get the trophy during the main story, all you have to do is go to the various Quick Trip points and talk to all the tricksters" to get the trophy is to go to the three main bases in the three territories you see on the map: Fall's End in John's territory, Hope County Prison in the Faith region and Wolf's Den in Jacob's territory. In these places, you'll find plenty of NPCs to talk to and unlock the trophy. Another thing: you don't need to talk to 50 different people, you just need to access 50 unique dialogues.

Already seen, already done
Complete all hunting and fishing challenges (countryside only).

There are 16 animal species and 12 different fish in Far Cry 5. To get the trophy, all you have to do is complete all the hunting and fishing challenges concerning individual animals and fish. Some of these challenges will require you to obtain more prey of the same type.

Before you go any further, a few tips might come in handy:

  • When you get the Boomer dog, your loyal ally will help you locate the animals nearby and mark them on the map. All this will prove to be extremely useful, and will save you a lot of time;
  • Complete the "Hope County Fishing Master" quest, which will require you to catch every fish in Far Cry 5. In this way, you'll already be halfway through the work;

The presence of animals is completely random. The hunting points indicate only the general spawn area. Animals usually appear within a radius of 200 meters around that area. Walk with Boomer for a minute and try to locate prey. If you don't find anything, use the nearest Quick Travel point and check again. Some of these animals (such as hares) can be quite rare.


Pronghorn Antelope
American Elk
Hare (note: if you can't find them in the hunting grounds, use the quick travel point at "Harris Residence" in the northwest of John's region, and hit them from the roof)
Black Bear
Grizzly bear


Arctic grayling
Golden trout
Rock Bass
Small Mouth
Bull trout
Lake trout
Rainbow trout
Pale Sturgeon

Please note: only the animals and fish in the list are useful for obtaining the trophy. Killing other animals such as bulls, cows, pigs, snakes, dogs, etc. will have no value for the target in question.

Free 5 places from Eden's Gate Project (campaign only).

The trophy description has already told you everything. It will be one of the first targets you will unlock, from the very first stages of the game.

Treasure Hunter
Follow the clues until the end of 3 treasure hunts (single campaign only).

To get this trophy, you'll have to complete the activities in 3 Prepper Stations. There are 27 of them scattered throughout the game, and they will be marked with a green diamond shaped marker. Once you get there, you'll have to read the notes that will appear or talk to people to figure out what to do.

Please note: this trophy can only be obtained in single player and not in co-op.

Now what?
Complete 3 side missions in Hope County (single campaign only).

Nothing could be easier. After completing an outpost, you will usually be assigned 1 or 2 side missions. You will need to complete them to get the Resistance Points you need to free each region. Complete three side missions to get the trophy, which you will probably unlock without even realizing it.

The biggest BoP in history
Run a Nixon Clutch number in all regions (single campaign only).

In this case, you'll have to wear the stuntman's clothes! There are eight stuntman missions in Far Cry 5 (2 in John's region, 3 in Jacob's and 3 more in Faith's). To get the trophy, all you need to do is to perform one in each of the three territories listed. In case you are in trouble, please see the attached video.

A stick and a prayer
Pilot Nick's plane. Hope you don't suffer from vertigo (single campaign only).

Story related trophy, impossible to miss.

Sewer rat
Destroy the pump of a sect's water system (single campaign only).

To get the trophy in question, you'll need to complete the secondary "Clean Water Act" quest, which you can unlock in the Faith region at the Water Treatment Plant.

Feline affinity
Convince Puccettina to come home (single campaign only).

To get the trophy, you'll need to recruit Puccettina the puma, completing her secondary mission. For a better explanation, please see our guide at the beginning of this article.

Straight into the hornet's nest
Unleash the fury of a Messenger (single campaign only).

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. It will be awarded when you reach resistance level 4 in each region (10,000 points in Jacob's region, 13,000 points in Faith's region and another 13,000 points in John's region).

Play in "Arcade Hero" mode 5 times (Arcade only).

By accessing the Far Cry 5 arcade mode, you'll come across different modes: Solo & Co-op and Multiplayer. Play both modes for a total of 5 times to unlock the trophy.

Kill 100 enemies in multiplayer Arcade maps (Arcade only).

You will probably get the trophy in question without even realizing it. You'll simply have to play the multiplayer mode and kill at least 100 enemies. You can consult the counter through the options in Uplay Club. However, there is no counter for kills related to a single match.

Passionate about ARCADE
Complete 10 highlighted Arcade maps in single or coop (Arcade only).

Please note that multiplayer maps do not count for this trophy. To unlock it you will have to, as the same description says, complete ten Arcade maps. You can also complete ten times the same map to achieve your goal, the important thing is that, after completing one, do not choose the "replay" option, because the counter will not update. You must always remember to exit and access a new map (even the same map), only in this way you will get the trophy.

ARCADE Professional
Win in 10 multiplayer maps (Arcade only).

First of all, you'll have to realize which maps are valid to get the trophy. In this regard, you'll simply have to follow this route: Main menu > Arcade > Home > Browse multiplayer maps. At this point, you'll have to press the "Square" button to filter> Game mode: all multiplayer maps, category: HIGHLIGHT, order from A to Z. Mark on a sheet of paper all the maps useful for the trophy, because you will have to play practically only those. You can choose between Regular Multiplayer and Hero Multiplayer modes. Our advice is to switch to Regular mode, so you can vote the map before each match. It goes without saying that you will have to choose a valid map for the trophy.

The most boring part of this trophy is that, as the description itself says, you don't just have to play the various maps, you have to be the winner. Precisely for this reason, the best way to face the challenge in question is Team Deathmatch. That way, you'll be able to count on the number of kills of your team, while in the simple Deathmatch you'll be the winner only if you have the highest number of kills among all the competitors (which is not exactly simple). You can also win 10 times the same map to win the trophy, and you can also join the match even if it has already started.

Feel free to leave the game in case the match goes against you, there is no ban for actions of this kind. Also know that there is no counter for your progress. Therefore, always keep all your victories under control.

Create a strong bond with Hurk by destroying 15 vehicles with him (Campaign only).

First of all, you will need to recruit Hurk Drubman jr to your team. In this regard, we refer you to our guide on allies at the beginning of this article. The moment you have him among your active allies, all you need to do is aim at a vehicle and press "Left" in the directional cross to have Hurk destroy the vehicle with his missile launcher. You can also generate vehicles from your garage and have them destroyed, which will still count towards the trophy. Otherwise, you can always stay on the side of the road and wait for incoming vehicles. Destroy 15 of them and the trophy is yours.

Ready for action
Buy all accessories for a weapon (campaign only).

This Far Cry 5 trophy is one of the easiest to get: simply buy all the accessories of a weapon. We advise you to favour the bow: it will only have two accessories available, for a total cost of $1695, and it is a weapon that you can easily find during the game. You won't have to buy any skins and/or shaders, just buy the upgrades to unlock the trophy.

Ghost killer
Kill an edenita with a shot to the head with a bow or rifle from over 150 m away (countryside only).

To get this trophy, you need to follow a small procedure.

Part 1: Equip the AR-CL with a "Marksman Adv-X" viewfinder. The weapon is often drugged by many enemies. Once collected, the weapon in question will be added to the "Sniper Rifle" section in each store. The rifle in question costs $1,600;
Part 2: Go to the Sacred Skies Youth Camp Outpost in the Faith region. Position yourself in a high area. You will always be able to reach this location using the "Chan Residence" Fast Travel Point;
Part 3: Press "Up" on the directional cross to use the Binoculars. Press R3 to put a distance marker on an enemy, better if it is the one on the roof;
Step 4: Crouch down, zoom in with the sniper scope and take a headshot. Make sure the distance marker signals you that the target is more than 150 meters (160+ meters to be sure);

The nice thing about this Far Cry 5 trophy is that, if you fail the shot, a new enemy will appear in the turret. It will remain perfectly still, so it will be an easy target. In case you kill too many enemies, just use the quick trip to the nearest point to make new enemies appear.

In case you've already captured the outpost in question, you can always reset its starting conditions, making all enemies appear again. To do this, however, you must have already captured all outposts.

Note: This trophy can also be obtained by shooting helicopter pilots / Airplane pilots with a turret (MG).

Very ingenious
Prepare 25 recipes (campaign only).

To get the trophy, you'll need to open your weapon wheel and then press the R1 button to open the second item wheel. There are different types of recipes you can create, divided into six types:

  • Liquor
  • Oregano
  • The Fast
  • The Furious
  • Ultimate Hunter
  • Ultimate Survivor

Secondly, you will need to obtain the necessary herbs and materials. In this regard, always remember to collect the herbs around you and do not forget to search the bodies of your enemies. To make it easier for you, we recommend that you focus on the Ultimate Hunter. Its preparation will only require three herbs, which can be found in large quantities in three specific locations:

  • Jimson Weed
  • Mustard
  • Praire Fire

Elegance first of all
Buy clothes for $1000 (campaign only).

To get the trophy you just need to go to any store and buy clothes for a thousand dollars.

Crazy expenses
Spend $5000 in vehicle shops (countryside only).

Go to a vehicle store, and spend $50,000 or more. The main quest alone will guarantee you about $35,000, so you'll need to find at least another 15,000. To do this, we recommend that you complete hunting missions, so you can get more money by selling the skins of the animals you hunt. Unless you have spent all the money on weapons, you will have enough to get the trophy in question.

A happy garage
Buy 3 vehicles to fill your garage (countryside only).

Again, the trophy description gives you everything you need. Go to any vehicle shop, buy three of them and you will get the trophy in question.

Ace of heaven
Destroy 10 planes while piloting an aircraft (countryside only).

To get this trophy, you will first have to go to a Hangar or a boat shop (you will find them marked with a green marker). Once there, get a plane with a machine gun (a Carmina, Wild Goose or Clusterduck). You will get the Carmina once you complete the Air Raid mission in John's territory (Nick will assign it to you).

Once on the plane, do not take off: just wait for the enemy plane and shoot it down. This way, getting the trophy will be very easy. Once the plane is destroyed, generate a new one at the hangar or boat shop, repeat the procedure 10 times, and you're done. If in doubt, see the attached video.

Crush and run
Invest and kill 20 enemies (campaign only).

Again, the description tells you everything. You will have to invest and kill 20 enemies, civilians will not count for the trophy in question. The fastest way to get it is to go to the outposts and run over anyone in range. Also, call for backup, so you have as many targets as you can get. Two outposts should be enough to get the trophy.

New fertilizer
Kill 5 enemies with the tractor (campaign only).

To get the trophy in question, you must go to the "Nolan's Fly Shop" outpost, located in Faith's territory. It is located east of Hope County Prison. For any clarification, please see the attached video. At this outpost you will find a tractor, with which you will have to kill five enemies. Be clear: you won't have to kill five in a single attempt, but you will have to kill five in total. Set the difficulty of Far Cry 5 to "easy" and take some medikit with you, so you'll be cured when the enemies start shooting. If you've already conquered the outpost in question, you can always reset it through the "Outpost Master" ability, but you'll only get it when you've freed them all.

Death from above
Drop one bomb and destroy or disable 4 vehicles in one go (campaign only).

Although it may seem like a difficult trophy, getting it is much easier than expected. Also this case we will have to follow several steps.

Step 1: Go to a Hangar or Boat Shop and get a plane with the ability to drop bombs (the Clusterduck, the Wild Goose or the Carmina). The Carmina will be the first one you get in the main quest;

Step 2: Fly the plane and stop at any garage;

Step 3: Park the plane in front of the garage and position four quads around it. Make sure the vehicles touch the plane. This may be the same vehicle repeated four times.

Step 4: At this point, do not get up in the air, stay where you are: simply enter the aircraft and press the L2 + R2 buttons. In this way, you will drop the bomb, which will destroy both the plane and the four vehicles, thus awarding you the trophy. If you have any doubts, see the attached video.

The great occasion
Distract 15 enemies using rocks or cans (campaign only).

By pressing the "Down" button on the directional cross, you can throw a rock or can to distract your enemies. All this will be of great use to you when you have to conquer outposts in stealth mode. You will have an infinite number of stones and cans. Distract 15 enemies and the trophy of Far Cry 5 will be yours.

Machine gunner on road
Kill 25 enemies while driving or leaning out of the vehicle (campaign only).

To get this trophy, you will have to kill 25 enemies while driving a vehicle by firing your weapon by pressing the L1 button. The best time to get this trophy is during the secondary mission "Widowmaker", in John's territory. During the quest, in fact, you'll have the opportunity to drive a truck with an MGs machine gun mounted on the front, with which you can mow down your enemies. In case you don't succeed, don't worry: the mission in question, moreover, will grant you access to the Widowmaker (the truck in question) as a purchase at the various Far Cry 5 garages. In this way you can invade enemy territory and kill other enemies in the same way.

Fish market
Sell 20 fish for money (campaign only).

You will get this simple trophy by working on the "Master Fisherman of Hope County" trophy. You will simply fish and then resell 20 fish. Please note that learning to fish may not be a simple task, especially in the early stages of the game. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that you take a look at our fishing guide, indicated at the beginning of this article. Practice in the various stretches of water that the Far Cry 5 map will provide you with. Fish, resell, and the trophy will be yours.

Where's the carnazza?
Shake a bull with your bare hands. Till it dies (only country).

To get the trophy in question, go to the field indicated in the video. It is very easy that, in the field in question, you may come across several bulls. To unlock the target, you will have to take down a bull with your bare hands. No tricks or means to weaken it, you will only have to use your fists.

The easiest option is to consume the homeopathic "The Furious" from the object wheel. By doing this, you will increase the melee damage and kill the bull in one blow. If you are not in possession of the medicine in question, you'd better continue playing and collect the herbs of Prairie Fire found in nature to make it (it is located in the rocky areas and near the cliffs). Without "The Furious", it will take exactly 110 punches to kill your bull. The advice for the most daring is to position yourself behind the bull: that's one of the few points from which it won't hit you. Needless to say, the bull will try to turn around, and you will immediately have to move in the opposite direction when it does. Another important thing: you can take up to a maximum of 3 hits from the bull, the fourth one will kill you.

The advice we give you is to try this "easy" challenge, especially if you don't want to die multiple times. In any case, you will be able to try your hand at practically any time during the game.

Please note: in case you have already purchased the brass knuckles at the store, know that this will be considered as a melee weapon, and killing the bull in this way will not allow you to unlock the trophy. However, there is a remedy here too: if you can't use your fists, you can always use... your feet. Just kick the bull with your eyes on the ground and press R3. If you use "The Furios", you can finish the bull with a single well-set kick. Do this and you get the trophy.

Vile beasts
Kill a bison using melee weapons only (campaign only).

To get the trophy in question, simply go to the bison hunting site indicated in the video. You will surely come across one of these colossal animals. Be sure to have a melee weapon with you, such as an iron pipe or a metal stick. In this case, you will simply have to consume the homeopathic medicine "The Furious", which will allow you to kill the cow with a single attack.

If, on the other hand, you want to be more "loyal" and not resort to the boost in question, know that it will take about 17 shots to kill a bison. Once again, position yourself near the animal's hind limbs so you don't get hit. When the bison is turning, move immediately so that you are not within its range.

Of love and agreement
Take on 3 missions with a friend (campaign only).

Here's a Far Cry 5 trophy that will require you to play co-op. Press the touchpad and invite a friend. You won't be able to do it during the game, but only from the main menu. Remember that, in this case, there is no matchmaking, so you simply need to have a friend on your list who, like you, is playing Far Cry 5 and needs to unlock this same trophy.

Before you start, make sure that the host user hasn't already completed all the side quests and all the Prepper stations. Retrieve the trophy when you have unlocked at least 3 side quests. Our dispassionate advice is to use the Prepper stations: there are a lot of them scattered in the game, and they can be completed in no more than 2 minutes, making the work easy and fast, as they will be considered as quests.

Note: in this case, both players will unlock the trophy, and not just the host.

Is that a bird?
Walk more than 5000 m with the wingsuit (campaign only).

To get the trophy, you will have to cover more than 5 km in a wingsuit. Attention: you will not have to cover them all in one go, but cumulatively. First of all, you will have to unlock the perk of the wing suit, which will also require unlocking the parachute perk. In addition, for 10 skill points, you can unlock the "Air Arrival" skill, which will allow you to launch every time you use a quick travel point and, in fact, greatly shorten your work.

Silver Trophies

You are Wrath
You play the role of the Sin of Wrath incarnate (single campaign only).

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You will get it once you reach level 3 of Resistance, which will be reached after the mission "The Confession" in John's region.

Only you
Complete the first test (single campaign only).

Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss. You will get it once you complete the mission "The world is weak" in Jacob's region.

Save Burke from Joy (single campaign only).

Story related trophy, impossible to miss. You will be awarded when you complete the third sequence of the dream in Faith's territory.

Get a collectible item by type. It can always come in handy (single campaign only).

In the world of Far Cry 5 you'll find several collectible items, divided into six different categories. In this case, you won't have to find them all, but you'll simply have to own one of each type, for a total of six items. The categories are:

  • Baseball cards;
  • Comic books;
  • Lighters from Vietnam;
  • Bobblehead;
  • Vinyl cases;
  • Barrels of whisky;

Joyfully destroy a sect property in each region (single campaign only).

As already mentioned in our other guides, in Far Cry 5 you will come across a whole series of places of worship dear to our John Seed and companions. Obviously, our goal will be to destroy them in the way we like. Again, we won't have to destroy all the places, but we'll just need one for each region. Follow the attached video to get a clearer idea of what to destroy.

Reach level 20 in Arcade (Arcade only).

It's easy that you'll get the trophy in question simply by unlocking the other trophies in the arcade mode. This will take you about an hour and a half. If you haven't reached the level in question, simply repeat one or more arcade maps to achieve the goal.

Fishing Master of Hope County
Get all 4 fishing rods (country only).

During Far Cry 5, you will find four fishing rods. To get the trophy in question, you'll need rod #3 and rod #4 in particular, which you'll find by completing Skylar's quests and breaking the difficult mode fishing records of each Far Cry 5 region. Before you start working on the trophy in question, it's best to unlock the "King of Fishing" perk, so you can change the fly and then catch all the various fish. Follow the attached video to get a complete overview of where to find all 12 available fish.

Let's look into each other's eyes
Perform 25 knockdowns in close combat (campaign only).

The moment you get behind your enemies, by pressing the R3 button, you activate a special animation, with which you can, in practice, kill an enemy silently with a single shot. There are several of these animations, some of them won't even require you to act silently. Make 25 knockdowns and the trophy will be yours.

Explosive Surprise
Sabota 5 vehicles so that they kill an enemy (campaign only).

To get the trophy in question you must first have the perk "Saboteur". Secondly, you'll have to use a quick travel point and wait for enemy cars, which won't be long in coming. As soon as one materializes, shoot the driver and wait for the vehicle to stop, go to the hood and press the "Square" button. This will take a few seconds, but the other occupant cannot shoot you, so act calmly. Once the sabotage is complete, the car will explode after 10 or 15 seconds. For the kill to be valid, the "passenger" must die in the explosion. Repeat the procedure five times and the Far Cry 5 trophy will be yours.

Buy half of all available traits (campaign only).

In Far Cry 5 there are 50 skills, to get the trophy in question you will have to get 25. For this reason, the advice is to focus on the cheapest perks. If you want to have a general overview of all the skills of how to earn skill points, please refer to our guide written at the beginning of this article.

Golden Trophies

Together forever
Get to the end (single campaign only).

This is the final trophy of Far Cry 5, which will only be unlocked if you choose the "Hang on" option in the final dialogue with Joseph. However, even if you choose the wrong option, you can always "correct the shot" by performing the quest again. In simple terms, the trophy is not missing.

The rescue of Deputy Hudson
Save Deputy Hudson (single campaign only).

Trophy related to history, impossible to miss.

Platinum trophy

We've always had faith in you
You get all the trophies.

As usual, you will only get platinum after unlocking all the other Far Cry 5 trophies. As you may have realised, this is by no means an impossible feat, but it may take you a while, especially to unlock some of your achievements.

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